Favorite Virtua Fighter?

Okay, I don’t live on these forums, so if it’s been done before, I’m sorry… however, with the new VF5 out, perhaps it’s time once again to ask which one is best? I thought for sure VF5 was going to be awesome… so sure, in fact, that I sold my naomi set up of Evolution. Now, I wish I hadn’t. I still think evo/final tuned is the best one. I even bet some people will say VF2, because they don’t know better… heh.

Anyone think that VF5 is the best, or do I have some people that think Evo and/or Final Tuned is still king?

For a second, when you said “new VF5,” I thought you meant there was an announcement for a console release of VF5R.

Now I am sad cause I’m not playing R :sad:

Speaking of which, has anyone here played R yet? Since I wasn’t hog wild about 5, I wasn’t too hyped for R, although a karate practitioner does interest me a great deal. Could care less about Sumo, still.

When VF4 came out, I felt it was the best 3d fighting game ever made. I still feel that way really. I’ve gone back to playing 4Evo lately. It just seems so much more exciting than 5, even after all this time and all the play I’ve given 4. Hard to believe there were so much time between 4 and 5 - they came up with almost nothing to enhance the experience.

I started with 2 and never really grew up from there.

VF2, it was teh real shit in those years.

VF2 for sega saturn is the only vf i’ve ever played so i gues that one

VF5 Ver. C for Xbox 360 for me and VF5R shouldn’t be too bad. I want to play Jean already.

VF4Evo was probably the most intense vf. That said, I kind of wouldn’t want to go back, it is way more stressful/brain crushing to play than vf5! But that’s what made it good.

VF4 Vanilla and VF4:Evo are the deepest fighting games ever made. They will never be topped, deepest fighting games period, 2D and 3D.

VF4 could be played by all skill levels, anyone could play a character and perform the easy combos and perform a single throw escape etc. but the more advanced players could perform extremely difficult combos (Akira’s knee, knowing open vs closed stance) and perform triple-throw-escape-guards out etc. but everyone could have fun playing the game.

VF5 was a step back for the franchise, the new characters are terrible (Eileen and El Blaze…), and the game is way more flashier as opposed to the emphasis being on deep, difficult, and intellectual game play they just took VF4:FT and added shiny new graphics.

Perhaps if VF5:R ever comes to consoles I’ll pick up VF again but I’m done with Sega’s franchise as they just dump off an old version in the states and never update it. We didn’t get Final Tuned, I doubt we’ll get 5R.

So now I’m stuck with ST:HDR and SF4, of course Metal Gear Online eats my time up as well.

LOL @ thread and dumbass posts except falling edge who brings teh LULZ for a different reason.

H… heartbreak. :amazed:

Yes, great way to contribute to a thread, asshole. Very insightful, thank you.

I rode on a bigger high with VF4 & VF4 Evo than I did with VF5.

So I vote for VF4 Evo

VF4 evo. It was the only one I was decent at. Played high level players in VF5. I never beat them but I could hold my own and one of them played Jacky too. Never felt so helpless in my life.

Evo was crazy. Loved it. VF5 I wanted to play well… because it was the latest VF and that’s it.
Shame I fell outta contact with those VF players. It was fun playing them.



Hey there! I’m one of those guys. What’s up, man?

I’d say 4 Evo was favorite too. As much as I still enjoy 5 and pray that we get 5R, 4 Evo just had that magic that can’t be replicated. I’ve played and followed the series, but 4 Evo was the one where me and some friends got started and played every Thurs. and I got really dedicating time to practicing and improving because of it.

Awesome times. :woot: :sad:

I didn’t know you still post here! I’m really bad in VF now. I’ll add you to my AIM contacts so we can chat if you feel like it.

I’d also go with VF4EVO because this is the first VF that made me put into it so many hours of training. I didn’t have an arcade version somewhere near me, so I played the PS2 port all the time.
I really think that Evo’s training/tutorial will never be topped. What these guys did was just something that we may never see again.

So yeah, that’s what really got me into VF and I spent endless hours in dojo mode, just trying to improve my input skills and the use of advanced techniques. I never managed to do stuff like evading 4 throws while doing ETEG, but still I became much better in understanding how to play all the games of the genre thanks to this console port.

I never played FT so I jumped straight to VF5. It was fun while it lasted and I still prefer it over any other 3d fighting game, but to be honest I believe that they didn’t improve the gameplay at all. Offensive moves weren’t enough and I think that the whole bounce-combo stuff is a terrible mistake. Of course the lack of a proper tutorial didn’t help the newcomers to the series and my friends never got into the game, although they played Evo.

I even played VF5R because when they were doing the first location tests in Shinjuku etc, I was lucky to be there. It looked ok, but the damage from some combos (wall combos especially), still seems ridiculous.

Of course I am buying it if a console port comes out but I don’t think that AM2 will ever achieve something similar to Evo/FTuned.
Imo they achieved something that was almost impossible to improve, so they just “tweaked” the formula a bit. Eventually they made it more accessible but less fun.

Actually VF isn’t fun at all. As Dandy J said it is stressful / mind crushing. That’s the “fun” part of it if you consider this to be fun.
I always feel exactly like this and there are times that I like it, but yeah sometimes I might just not be in the mood for such an experience.

I gave up VF5 just before summer and I won’t be getting back to the series anytime soon, unless VF5R comes out for X360 or sth.

Oh I forgot to mention that Evo felt way more balanced than 5, although they are both much more balanced than almost every other fighting game out there.