Favorite Mirror Match

I just watched a Tager v. Tager off the leaderboards and that was one of the most entertaining matches I’ve watched in a while.
Despite that, I’d have to vote Arakune as my favorite mirror match. It’s like a game of tag with the curses and then a little bit of HOLY CRAP BUUUUUUUGS! I’ve seen a couple of defensive Aras face off and they both basically put up a cloud, a bell-bug, and then stared at one another… Truly a test of will and endurance. :rofl:
Haven’t seen one but I’m guessing Nu v Nu would be pretty sparkly as well, full-screen shootout old-west style.


Also, Rachel vs. Rachel is dumb as hell if you’re both using costumes with projectiles of the same color :looney:

Nu mirrors are pretty hilarious


+1 for Rachel dittos.

Is that my pumpkin or your pumpkin?

Rachel for sure. I’ve only played a few of them, but damn they were fun as hell.


It’s always pretty tactical, with a lot of footsie’s.
Both people are trying to find an opening in each others defense, I love it.

I’d love to see a Lichi Mirror with both somehow using the exact same colored stick.


I gotta say, I have a love/hate relationship with Tao mirror matches. Its fun if both people know (mostly) what they’re doing, as there’s a lot of really great combo action and defending/looking for an opening in large attack strings is fun. But at the same time, Tao doesn’t have a decent reversal, so its pretty easy to be relatively locked down by even a crappy player.

At least, for me.

Nu mirrors are the most rofl. Counter spam :stuck_out_tongue:

Tager v Tager

Double magnetism is funny as hell.

Tager vs Tager is pretty stupid lol.

I’ll go with Bang mirror, and if they both go Fu rin ka za, lmao.

Jin vs. Jin is a pretty great mirror match, although I think people would be loathe to admit it…

Tager vs Tager

Worse than Potemkin vs Potemkin and thats saying alot.

I’ve actually never seen a Tager/Tager, but I can imagine it can get pretty dumb.
Jin/Jin is meh.
Too much Fubuki spamming, whenever I see someone with a Jin card I just pick Haku-men to punish those ice cars.

And when ever I see someone pick Hakumen I just stand back and throw ice swords

BTW… as a Jin player I love the mirror (if they are good) turns into a great defensive match up where both players are waiting for an opening

v-13 mirrors surprisingly get upclose and personal quick. the couple ive played it was more aggressive then defensive, very little sword spam

i like the carl mirrors

And then I counter those too

Ara mirrors are too silly… Easily my least favorite matchup, and I main Arakune >.<

I had a Arakune mirror match today that involved both off us jumping in the air and simultaneously pulling off 214214D Distortion drive. BUGS EVERYWHERE. Need to upload that video :smile:

tager vs tager. When tager is magnetized and back dashes, and the other tager does D attacks, the original tager will instead dash forward instead of back, leading to all sorts of shenanigans.