FATAL FATE: Children Of The Storm


Fatal Fate: Children Of The Storm - Second Trailer

Hello, I’m Deric Row, Creator of the fighting game “Fatal Fate: Children Of The Storm” that’s currently in production. I’m are currently looking for feedback. Questions or anything you will like to see would be grateful

Fatal Fate is a fighting game with 2D gameplay in a 3D world. Experience it’s tag team mechanics, 2-on-2 battles, combos, tight controls, hyperfast animation and more. The game is inspired by the legacy games like Xmen vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom. Lastly, making the game fun and enjoyable to both play and watch is the utmost important thing at the end of the day. At the same time introducing unique abilities for each character, giving the players the tools to discover and dissect the game to the fullest extent of a long time period, giving the player options, the freedom, to do what thou wilt.

The game is set in a corrupt world with characters from different walks of life. They step out as the world begins to fall into a struggle, ready to fight for their lives, not for the greater good, but for their own survival. There are ones trying to play god and they have opened up both visible and invisible portals, they will soon regret. No human being is a saint, even if he/she has a good heart, pride will always rear its ugly head into the mix, especially if they are granted with power that can’t go unnoticed. Still, what makes us think those who are willing to do good deeds are powerful enough to defeat, the bad, the evil? But, that’s the beauty, in Fatal Fate, the negative ones are still a threat amongst each other, and things are about to become a power struggle.

There will be a campaign held on kickstarter to help with the development of Fatal Fate. It being funded will allow me to add extra modes, assist (types), get quality voice actors/actress (not have to use voice packs), add option for 4k ultra hd resolution, which will speed up the development cycle.

Also, there will be a tournament thrown for the backers. I have a Geforce GTX 760 and Geforce GTX 970, I will be giving away to the winners (more info on how the tournament will work, once the campaign has launched). Other rewards and contest will follow.
If you are not able to support, please share with friends.

Again, thanks for taking the time to check out Fatal Fate, it’s much appreciated.

FATAL FATE - Messing Around In Training Mode

FATAL FATE | trailer (2016)

pics will be posted regulary on twitter and facebook


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Already looks better than Injustice, just hire some random japanese dude to work on the most important aspect that being the tiddy physics, and you are guchi.

The characters look too small when the screen is zoomed out

Better-looking training stage than anything Capcom came up with. Can you make it color-cycle?

Hey, I’m more than willing to throw a couple of bucks at anything that looks even remotely like a fighting game. Plus I like the boxer chick in yellow and how she’s a rather non-standard design even for a tough girl archetype.

lol don’t worry about that, angelpalm. Those will be tweaked once the game is polished.it will.

Thanks for pointing this out. I will definitely take note of this.

umm, come to think of it, that’s a great idea. Give players the options to change the color. thx, for that, I will be sure credit you in the in-game
credits for this.

A color cycle, is a good idea. And come to think of it, might actually be easier on the eyes for certain people. Threw up something together right quick, lighting will have to be tweaked accordingly to color scheme, depending on the selected color. This, is a rough draft, just messing around with colors, just to show something visually it’s nothing final.






Thanks for willing to support, Kecka, I’m very grateful. If you have any questions, etc… please be sure to let me know.

Looks promising. Definitely something worth keeping an eye out for after watching the previews to this. best of luck to you on this project.

Thank you, FoxBlaze

Looks really kusoge.


Don’t be disparaging already!

Update #2

Added Super portrait / FX, new stage and it’s music from the OST, fix camera distance

will be keeping an eye out for this.

i hope there is a diverse cast in the final product…

This looks cool but could use improvement in anatomy. Mainly that the have male hips/shoulders. I like the non stereotypical women but even manly women still have female anatomy

I’d say figure out what you want the thesis of the game to be (conflict between good and evil, the struggle of the human nature to be good or evil, power and corruption, whatever) and then find ways to tie that theme into all aspects of the game, such as backgrounds, character backstory, theme music, character design. There’s a rich history of music, artwork, and literature that has addressed these themes, I’d love to see a fighting game draw on some of those works as an inspiration.

king of fighters 14?

thank you, keo.

As more characters surface, hopefully you will see a difference.

thank you for that. The models art not final as well as animations. I will take this down in my notes, and while polishing the final product.

Big thx for pointing this out. Just to give a heads up as far as story, all the character’s background stories are complete, from beginning to end.Just the matter bringing it to life. It looks colorful, but the story itself has a very dark twist, and I don’t mean that lightly. It won’t be like the every waking moment of coarse, that would be depressing and boring. It will of coarse have it’s comedic side as well as it’s moment emotional side. Think of it as it being more of a thriller, not so much as horror. As more characters began to surface, things will/may not start to make more sense visually, giving people something to guess where things may or may not go.

The story within this Fatal Fate is more of an deep introduction, while still getting knee deep to the point where things s**t bout to hit the fan, I don’t want to give away to much, but Eve and Ada, both are wearing their casual gear at the moment, they are not suited in the battle gear yet, sure it looks a bit plan, but trust me, there battle gear are night and day compared to what they are wearing at the moment. I want the story to show how/why their transformation came to be (heroic-like and/or supervillain-like). Their designs (secondary costume) are finished and ready to go, but I like give the player something to look forward to, other then everything being thrown on the table and calling it a day. Another quick example. Zo, is wearing her battle gear, but her casual gear will to be an unlockable.