Fat old bus driver is bullied by high school students


fat old bus driver made fun of by high school students for being fat/old bus driver. one kid said “youre kids killed themselves because they hate you so much” (her son had actually suicided years ago). video goes viral. outpouring of support, tons of money raised so she can go on dream vacation.


well i’m glad to see she’s being treated well, but i will not be at ease until those kids are found by 4chan and their addresses/emails/contact info released so people like me can make craiglist ads such as “GIVING OUT FREE BJS” and “FREE STUFF AT MY HOUSE LET YOURSELF IN” so that they can get robbed and raped in the ass.

I find it strange you’re so offended even though you didn’t do anything about getting tasered in the face.

taser in face was accident. i happen to like my coworker. medical bills paid and i get free drinks for a long long time. its all good!

THIS INCIDENT HOWEVER is much more sinister. words cut much deeper than tasers to the face.

edit: also the DA or whatever is pressing charges against coworkers wife so it looks like there will be some form of punishment. hopefully nothing too bad cause i like my coworker, he’s a database pro!


Would be a good name for a band.

Also, kids are jerks :l

Poor bus driver,

Here, have a banana



We all were kids once…Somehow we seem to forget that :slight_smile:

it was a bus monitor. if she was the bus driver, she would’ve stopped the bus and told them to get out.

I actually raised my eyebrow from this.

We all weren’t pieces of shit though

Parents don’t seem to do a good job of teaching kids a very simple fundamental: Treat people the way you want to be treated.

And don’t post yourself being a dick over the internet. You and your family are gonna wind up in a place where the cops can’t dig up. We got enough people putting their family in danger over getting high off some bullshit.

Once again, no black people involved, although I didn’t see the entire video. :encore:

See yoou’re basically playing the relativity game, kids for the most part are jerks ya some more blatant and jerkish than others but nonetheless we were all brats(most of us anyway).

This thread is just gonna turn to “Hey someone who was worse than me as a kid Ima point fingers at them so that my childhood seems innocent”.
But carry on GD, I expect nothing less than your baseless self righteousness that rests on such a slippery foundation that holds no weight or validation.

Yeah, and I didn’t act like such a asswipe to others, unless they provoked it. Your point?

Minor correction. The kids are middle schoolers

I wonder what these dumbasses expected when they uploaded this footage on the internet. According the dad, internet hate machine is already on full force. Kids deserve it

Whiteknighting already bothers me.

4chan whiteknighting bothers me even more.

Meh, I remember teasing the bus driver cause he had a limp. He would tease me by not dropping me at my house and picking me up first in the morning. Fuck that guy.


he should have teased you by dropping your ass 2 miles away from your house

These dumbass kids have awakened the hate machine.

reminds me of first dates

Just heard they raised 300k for her! :tup: