Fat Bottomed Girls You Make the Rockin' World Go Round: Fat Princess Thread

This is just a general thread for talking about Fat Princess, combos matchups and whatever.

Meter Info from UltraD’s Thread:
–Fat Princess
-----Lv1: 150
-----Lv2: 250 (400)
-----Lv3: 275 (675)

Move Info:

Squares : Basic wand hits semi quick, decent range
Square, Square - Basic two hit chain, does a mini launch on hit range is pretty decent.
Square - Charges up to unblockable and has a long stun on it, can cancel the charge into roll
S+Square - Dashing attack launches, you can follow up the launch, it can work to cover horizontal and vertical space
D+Square - Sweeping Launcher, long untech time, can combo off Square, Square
U+Square - Launcher can combo after into a variety of things
Air Square attacks are mostly the same except for Neutral Square is an attack that smacks people to the ground who are airborne. and Air D+Square puts them in alot of stun similar to a charged N Square

Triangles: Special Attacks with a variety of uses
Triangle (can Mash) - Princess spins around in a circle, has 3 stages, first stage does 1 hit, 2nd stage does 3ish hits, 3rd stage does a bunch of hits that ends in her falling over
S+triangle - Princess runs forward punching… can press triangle again for a follow up that launches and can wall bounce
D+Triangle (can be charged) - Princess jumps forward and sits, causes sitdown stun
Up Triangle - Princess jumps and spins, last hit causes wall bounce, has some super armor

Air Triangles: Only Up Triangle doesn’t change
Triangle - multihiting jump kicks, can combo off of
D+Triangle - Butt Bomb, causes stun, very slow, long recovery
S+triangle - Forward flying attack, can’t act afterwards, causes wallbounce, or knocks opponent away

Circe Attacks: The Assists
Circle - Summons a wizard that charges a fireball than shoots it, its useful for a variety of things
U+Circle - Wizard shoots fireball straight up, can combo into and off of in the corner, with a harder variation midscreen
S+circle - Princess puts down a knight that slashes forward with an attack that causes sit down stun - Basically free anything
d+Circle - Princess summons a bomb dropping helper - Bomb explodes a short time later, should get actual timer. Good for runaway and covering butt drops.

Air Circles - All the the same except for S+cirlce cause the solider to go at a 45 degree angle, and it is DAT JUICE as far as combos are concerned

Level 1 = Princess makes a path to some cake then runs to it killing everything in the way. Pretty easy to dodge, very easy to stuff. Can get multiple kills, easy to combo into.
Level 2 = Princess rides a big chicken square turns into a new dashing attack or a jumping freak out. Chicken isn’ that fast can be hard to kill people who aren’t right next to you, but can actively run.
Level 3 = Princess summons a bunch of crap. If you are on the right stage, you can get lots of kills with this killing some people more than once.

Combo Notation (using Spooty System tm)
U = up
D = down
S = side


Easy Ways To combo into Super (lvl 1)
Any ground or air S or J.S+3 that hits a grounded opponent
Any N1 hit on grounded opponent - N1 also combos into pretty much whatever so plenty of ways to build AP
J.D+2 - hard to hit with consistently but you can combo to super off this. Don’t whiff though recovery sucks

Basic Combos:
Great Video by J8slim with some of the basics.

Spooty Combos
– 1, S3, 1, 1 (combo), S1, U1, Jump, Air S2 ----- 140 AP

– 1, S3~Jump, Air D2 (2 hits), 1, S3~Jump, Air D2 (2 hits), S1 ---- 130AP

– 1, S3, 1, D1, S3, D1, U2 ---- 130 AP

– Air S3, Air D1, S2 (with follow-up), S1, U1, Jump, Air S2 ----- 156 AP

– [1, D2]x5 – 130 AP (Opponent against wall only)

FMR Combos

– 1, s3, dash J.D+2, xn = 130 ap on full loop put a super at the end and its -70
–1 s3, dash j.d+2, 1,1 u+1, J.S+2 = 130 - 140 ap. Not sure why it randomly builds 10 extra AP

Please discuss any other stuff you have and I will update this with more info later.

You can combo into her Level 1 Super off of a grounded Square. It doesn’t have to be charged. Just check it out in Practice mode with attack data and auto-block on.

It doesn’t, but you would be able to see the dummy go into the block animation.

I’m assuming you know, but for the sake of other people: Even a blocked Charge Square will combo into Level 1. The guard-break animation is long enough for it to work. You only have to charge until the cane glows blue.

Hmm I’ll check it, so just 1 square? Seems weird though, autoblock doesn’t work for checking super combos since they are unblockable

I’m really not sure what notation people are using, but the easiest one I have seen (and the one I will use) is:
1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = Circle

S = Side
U = Up
D = Down

Princess’s netural 1 has a ton of hit-stun. This makes 100+ AP combos easy for her. Some quick mid-screen examples:

– 1, S3, 1, 1 (combo), S1, U1, Jump, Air S2 ----- 140 AP

– 1, S3~Jump, Air D2 (2 hits), 1, S3~Jump, Air D2 (2 hits), S1 ---- 130AP

– 1, S3, 1, D1, S3, D1, U2 ---- 130 AP

EDIT: And a combo that doesn’t include neutral 1, just for variety’s sake.

– Air S3, Air D1, S2 (with follow-up), S1, U1, Jump, Air S2 ----- 156 AP

She has a couple of really tight links that just happen to combo into each other and make an infinite loop (untill 100 AP) when against a wall.

– [1, D2]x5 – 130 AP (Opponent against wall only)

I’m not going to lie though, they are both tough links; there are much easier ways to hit 100 AP.

Hmm I didn’t look into links off of N1. Im def going to check this out. I’ll add your combos for sure. Thanks Spooty!

Here’s a good combo into Level 1:

– 1, S3~Jump, D2 (2 hits), 1, Step Forward, D1, S3~Level 1 — Negative 70 AP. Gains 70 AP before the super is activated, and 10 more AP from the S3 after activation, but before super hits.

Well, I guess “good” is going to depend on how punishable neutral 1 is on block. I currently haven’t tested that part. If neutral 1 is terrible on block, then maybe we shouldn’t start combos with it (except punishes).

even if its punishable, you can chain to the second hit which I believe is safe… soooo not such a big deal!

The (D1, S3~Super) combo finisher will also work for Level 2 Super. The timing is tight, but if you do it right, then you will be able to combo the S3 into a Chicken Attack (doesn’t matter which button, as far as I know).

EDIT: You can also link (1, S3~Level 2), against a grounded opponent, if you are not too close to the opponent. As long as you are about 1 character distance away, then it should work.

LOL I can’t wait to get home and try these out. She is looking like a monster, I wish I would have tested links off just N1. I didnt’ think it was possible.

LOL spooty this combo is dumb!
too bad its hard to do ajump in into it. But still your
N1,F3,J.d+2[xn] is so nice.

I’ve decided to not use N in the notation, because we don’t use 5 in fighting game notations.
I’m not able to combo Air D2 into super. Are you sure that this works?

Hmmm, I thought it did! I actually forgot to test it with AP turned on. If you aren’t getting it there is a chance it doesn’t. Not that it matters since air d2 combos to 1. Haha

And, of course, comboing into 1 means that it combos into Super 1 and Super 2 (if you add S3)! FP is so boss. Though, it seems like we might be the only SRKers using her :’(

I’ve been trying to find more reliable AP burst combos (100 AP) because (S1, U1) isn’t all that consistent, but I’m having issues. You have any luck?

the combo I use just for AP is

Im not sure about combos off S1 as you say its very inconsistent. Most Ap at the end of a combo seems to be from j.s2, but maybe j.u2 would do more if you get all the hits?

either J.d+1, or 1, s+3, 1,1,U+1, J.S+2 = 130-140 ap (you can also start from J.2, then link a 1 but it is hard.
I was also working on 1,3,s2, (fireball hits) U1 blah blah but its not consistent.

So far my feeling about Fat Princess is that she is very good, but not in the settings for ranked match. Her slower movement and normals means that in the get the most kills environment it doesn’t work as well as she has to be kind of deliberate with everything, you can’t just go ham on people.

Random strats ive been using, are pestering groups with random 1 while they are enganged and if I see it hit go for a combo otherwise I place a bomb and run. In general if you aren’t sure whats happening you can just place a bomb and camp it as an interrupt, I do this alot on the stage with the glow ball for AP. I just place bombs all over the platform and camp it with super armor moves.
If you don’t have soldiers cause the bomb guy is out you can always go for

1,d+2,1,1,U+1+3, J.S+3 (needs to hit them backwards into the fireball for most AP gain)

I thought of two more ways to combo into Super 1. They aren’t anything special, and probably won’t be used by anyone, but:

A deep j.D1 will combo into super 1.
Neutral 2 can combo into super 1, but it is difficult to set-up. The first hit of Neutral 2 has the same stun as Neutral 1, but the second hit has hardly any stun. If you get the spacing right, then you can cause the second hit to whiff, leaving the opponent in a long stun. After that, you just have to get a tight link into Super 1.

It depends on the jump-in. If you are using j.S3: You can go straight into the normal combo [1, S3, j.D2]xN
If you are using j.D1 (this only works if the j.D1 is kind of deep): You leave off the first 1 and go straight into the rest. Ex – j.D1, S3, j.D2, [1, S3, j.D2]xN

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention comboing off of her Up-Throw. You can jump right after she starts falling back down from her little hop. This gives you enough time to combo into either j.1, j.U1, or j.S2. While j.S2 gives the best AP, the other two might offer a positional advantage.

Spooty, I added more crap above. And yeah j.s3 is the best jump in and if you are high you can always act after it to change momentum or avoid shit.

I don’t know the how or why, but I do know which part is causing the discrepancy. The j.S2, when used in a combo, will sometimes only give 20 AP. It normally gives 30 AP. Maybe it is a “clean hit” kind of thing?

j.2 has gives two different types of stun. If the last hit gives the backward leaning stun, then you cannot combo into a 1. If the last hit gives the forward leaning stun, then you can combo. Unfortunately, most of the hits give the backward leaning one.

As I mentioned in the “bug and glitch” thread, there is something wrong with the hitbox of S2. The first part can do 3 hits, but many times it only does one (which ruins the combo). It doesn’t matter if you are using it in a combo or just by itself.

Ah okay, I hadn’t noticed that. Thats good to know I wonder what determines that stun.

I finally got a chance to play online today (before now, I’ve just been practicing), and it was semi-pleasant. I like 2v2 much more than FFA, but the issue is disconnects. I feel lucky if I go through a single match with no one disconnecting part of the way through. My guess: it’s due to Vita players and Wi-Fi.

The best game I had today was when I was matched up with another FP. The opposing team was Radec/Raiden, but we dominated them. 6-0 in kills. They were on the mic (we were not), and it was hilarious.

It’s so easy to get double kills with FP’s level 1 right now because everyone stays together. Just jump and throw out random j.S3 until it hits both players. Then you land and hit with a neutral 1, which combos into super on both of them.

Lol yeah thats my game plan as well… Pester with J.S3 and 1, see it hit, go for super. Just watch out cause her recovery after super is ASS so in FFA you could get fucked.