Fast Foods/Comfort Foods that you lost interest in over the years?

When most of us were kids, we loved certain fast foods/comfort foods, but as adults drifted away from them.
'Im talking about your interest level, not “I stopped eating X, because I have Diabetes Mellitus, HTN, Hyperlipidemia etc”

For me, its rare that I eat pizza. Its still good, but I no longer get the intense joy as I did when I was a kid.
Reasons for liking as a kid: Its a convenient food to eat with hands, TMNT was popular at the time, delivery to house, etc.

Burgers: Basic bk, mcd burgers. I probably liked the happy meal/toy aspect of it, and burgers places were numerous.
But nowadays, unless it something at a sitdown place, I don’t feel like getting a burger.

I still like Taco Bell… For some reason I never get tired of those.

Weird topic, but Im an odd soul.

Waiting for Million to come in and slap me for the pizza bit…

I’ve stopped consuming pretty much all the main fast food chains except for Subway. I generally eat at mom & pop restaurants or just at home.

Girl Scout cookies. Especially Thin Mints.

I mean, they’re still good, but maybe I feel too guilty about eating them now that I’m a bit more health conscious.

When I started lifting more weights and doing cardio and since I am still employed, my views towards fast/comfort food has changed. Generally I can no longer stand when you can feel how fatty something is when you eat it. I used to eat whole pizzas by myself but now at most I’ll eat 2 slices and do around 2-3 hours of cardio to get it out. Fried chicken I no longer eat. I had burgers for the first time in around a year. Waste of money. I don’t eat anything Taco Bell. I have some sweets here and there but nothing heavy but I plan to quit those too.

Having a job and working changed how I look at things. Now, it’s more like “What can I buy instead of this?” “Well that was a waste of money. Could have spent that on whatever and gotten something that would last longer and be healthier.” “This only tires me and it’s no good for working out.” Fast food and unhealthy foods are just a waste of money. You want to spend your money wisely. I remember when I brought my first fruit salad. It was amazing. Tasted better than any candy. I’m working on it but I intend to undo years of eating unhealthy garbage. And there’s owning a car which you know things can go wrong any time on the street so gotta mind what you spend.

Also, I LOVE vanilla yogurt. When I started dropping that fat and slimmed down more and more, it felt GOOD. I can’t go back now. It’s a waste of money and will only stagger my workout progress.

I dropped:
-Fried chicken
-BK/McD’s etc
-Sodas aside from Ginger Ale
-Chinese Food
-Taco Bell.

I haven’t gotten dropping ice cream though. That chocolate and vanilla Moose Tracks with peanuts and fudge chunks is a beast.

You only need to spend wisely if you don’t have a lot of money to begin with.

I’m over all fast food, but I’m addicted. I eat it out of habit, not love.

when i was a kid i didn’t get to choose what i ate

fuck you guys

Ice cream.

I’d rather have a bowl of cereal. Shit never gets old.

all fast food tbh. It just doesn’t appeal to me.

Ever since I started cooking on my own since around 15, and learned how to grill stuff.

Fast Food isn’t the same. Especially burgers.

Although there is one place where I just love the burgers, and its one of those ghetto burger joints down the street. So good.

the only foods I eat outside the restaurant are small mom and pop type restaurants since that tastes infinitely better than most food for sale on the street.

*Not sure if this qualifies or not but when I was a kid I’d primarily drink Orange soda and cheesedoodles/puffs for snacks since they were my favorites. I’d guess this period was between the age of 5 or 6 until I was around the age 8 or 9 when I burned out on them both. When I burned out I completely stopped eating cheesedoodles and I only drunk Orange soda (back when I drunk soda) maybe once a year if that. Actually the first time I had a bag of cheesedoodles since back then was about 5 months ago when out of nowhere I had a craving for them. I don’t even eat potato chips anymore (haven’t for awhile) and I stopped drinking soda a couple years ago as well.

Suffice to say it was pretty odd being hit with a craving of something I haven’t eaten since I was a kid. *

Burger King and ALL of Mc’Donald’s burgers in general…aside form Mc’Chickens

I don’t eat much fast food now a days, maybe just cause i worked at a mcdonolds. Only eat it cause thats what my parents bring home and that is all there is to eat at the time.

I’ve always been skinny and had a big appetite so no matter how much or what I ate I didn’t gain weight but about 7 years ago I got sick of everything unhealthy. Since then I’ve dropped all fast food, junkfood, anything with a lot of sugar besides fruit, and generally never eat out since I cook every night and it’s hard to find a restaurant that makes better food then me, also it’s a waste of money.

Occasionally I’ll cook a steak but that’s it, also there is a world of nutrtional difference between say a scratch made goat cheese pizza with wilted greens, figs, and beets and a greasy oily pizza you find at Dominos. I prefer to buy a few organic groceries over 100 lbs of cheap factory farmed shit. Also to all you hipster gluten free fags FYI eating some unhealthy shit like a little bit of butter or eggs and other stuff everyday is good for you.

That being said if I’m at someone else’s house Ii eat whatever theyre serving. I’m not going to be that rude picky bitch that says “I don’t eat this” because that’s just bad manners, unless its pork since that’s against my religion.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier, I’m average sized trying to build some muscle recently sitting around 175-180. I started making marinated chicken and pork, with some veggies on the side. But I still can’t kick the craving for greasy food, Wendys//BK//any kind of Pizza (except P. Hut because that crust is fucking garbage) are the main antagonists, I’ve cut back to like once ever week and a half so I’m doing better but eh always room for improvement. It doesn’t help that when ever I stay at my parent’s they keep their pantry stocked with snacks :mad:

I used to love Doritos and could at least eat a quarter of a big bag at a time. I loved all types of chips actually. Then I just decided to start eating healthy not because I got overweight (I did gain at least 15 pounds but that wasn’t much on me). I did it just because it was something I wanted to do. Now I don’t even have the taste for chips anymore.

Aside from cheesesteaks and even then that’s not on a regularly basis. I don’t eat fast foods like that anymore either.

cosign on chips.

these days they kind of revolt me. I still like the taste, but they tear up my gums, and the feeling of a belly full of chips is really gross imo. also the way they dehydrate you with all the salt i cant stand either.

I also used to really love fried food, and I cut back on that for similar reasons to chips (makes me feel like shit, oily coating on your mouth after you eat is gross and doesn’t go away).

I have to have In n Out a couple times a month tho. It’s all fresh ingredients so I don’t feel as bad.

I love comfort food and fast food. Never had much money growing up so eating at McDonald’s would have been a treat. Always ate at home ate whatever was available.

The only thing I ate as a kid that I don’t eat now are popcicles/ice cream bars. Also sunny delight/tang I drink real juice now haha.

I only eat fast food occasionally now, and even then I go to a Subway or Teriyaki if they’re around. If I get a burger, it’s usually chicken. I stay away from fried chicken.

I’m drinking a lot more water now than I used to, and I drink real juice instead of the powdered stuff. I can still do better with my diet, but…

…This. You know what they say: out of sight, out of mind.

-Balogna – This was one of my regular snack-foods back in childhood.(brings back memories… I had a Voltron lunchbox; the previous lunchbox was a GI Joe one) There’s much better options out there, and it’s no longer appealing to me.

Liverwurst – this was such an odd one. I liked this almost as much as balogna, and it was often what I brought to school as my lunch for the day. I stopped eating that probably around junior high years… and later on in college, I tried it again for the first time since grade school… this shit is DISGUSTING. I am still curious as to why I ever considered this garbage to be “good”. I’d have to be paid to even consider eating that again.

Fast food–> Burger King. When the Xbox BK games were released, it was the first time I ate there in several years. It’s tough to justify going there when, at least in my opinion, Wendy’s is superior. In terms of the burger, Wendy’s kicks both BK and McDonald’s asses, imo…it’s not even close.

Church’s Chicken–> I dropped this like a bad habit ASAP once I was more familiar with the other fast food chicken options. Once again, it’s not even close, folks… I consider Church’s to be the absolute bottom of the barrel. As long as Popeye’s, KFC, Bojangles(yep, they still exist) or anything else out there exists, including random wild animals you can kill for food if you’re that desperate… there is no reason to seriously consider Church’s Chicken.

Wendy’s isn’t that good bro

Kill yourself.