Fast Foods/Comfort Foods that you lost interest in over the years?

Man… I might have a long list or there’s just no way for me to really remember everything I’ve stopped eating granted most of my diet was relatively simple.

With fast food, the first restaurant that I stopped eating at was McDonald’s. I stopped eating there maybe about 3 years after high school because I started to pay attention to how the food made me feel afterwards opposed to just what it tasted like. I never had an addiction to it, it was just convenient and what I had most during high school. Occasionally, I’d go to Wendy’s, but again, it just gave me that same feint feeling that this wasn’t the greatest thing I should be putting in my body. Places like Church’s and KFC seemed a bit more difficult to back off from, but I was taught how to cook my own chicken, and granted the fast food places had their own flavors, I didn’t value it over what I could make myself. If I lived in the south, I would have probably been all over What-A-Burger for some time (best… double bacon cheese burgers… ever), but I guess it’s a good thing, as I would probably not be able to see my ab muscles if I was within 2 hours of one.

In-N-Out Burger is the only place I still eat at, but I have a problem with their food. I know I can’t be the only one who feels like this, but in spite of the fact that their ingredients are of better quality than the average burger place, I CAN NOT GET FULL FROM THEIR FOOD. That bothers me. I’ll have a 3x3 with 2 orders of fries and a pink lemonade, and just feel kind of hollow from the food even though I know it’s in my stomach and it’s not bringing me down. I know McDonald’s and the rest is literally designed to be addicted and taste good, but I question In-N-Out’s quality, and consequently, I’m eating there much less. Went from a few times a week to a few times a month and I haven’t had it since January of this year, I think. I’ll take the non-fatal inconveniences of making a homemade burger any day.

Subway. This is the most recent restaurant I started eating at and the most recent restaurant I stopped eating at. As I’ve gradually leaned towards eating better, processed meats are not healthy and certainly are not fresh. I’m gonna miss the Italian bread they serve, but I’m not going to miss paying a buck fifty for their avocado.

Sodas. I won’t drink it unless it’s something like Hansen’s but this liquid candy. I’m not a huge fan of sweets, and drinking this never made me feel like I’m in some coke or pepsi commercial.

Commercialized cereals. More sugar. More corn.

Commercialized juices. Mostly due to their sugar and corn content like Ocean Spray (which has improved over time) and Sobe.

Fruit snacks, Red Vines & Gummies. Some of the best tasting shit ever, but not worth it after early-mid 20s. However, occasionally I will hit up Trader Joe’s for their Mango Mango gummies because they’re not made of the bones of dead animals.

Cow milk. I don’t believe that the benefits outweigh the side-effects.

Bottled water. BPA.

Tap water. Fluoride.

Movie popcorn. Salt is what I love, and seeing as I rarely go out to movies, I would only indulge on this on an even rarer occasion.

Chinese takeout. I’m gonna forever love it and choose the best places with an emphasis on quality that I can taste, but a lot of food that I’d go for based on taste, I just don’t so much anymore.

Supermarket chicken. Just declared this today. I’m not a fan of chicken companies fattening up chickens because you are what you eat and I don’t want to be a product of genetically modified food thinking it’s okay to be genetically modified.

Commercialized microwavable dinners. Same reaction to fast food, basically. Tons of chemical ingredients, tons of lost energy, tastes good, but it ain’t right.

Cheap spices. Corn.

Corn. It’s bullshit.

Bacon. As a salt fan, I can see why bacon is so loved, but realistically, it’s just fat and salt. There are pigs in heaven, looking down at people taking meds, laying in hospital beds getting cardiac arrested, high fiving each other like revenge is sweet.

Slurpees. Sugar.

Vitamin supplements. Expensive and overrated.

Salad dressings. I eat significantly less of this and just substitute for vinegar.

White flour. Enriched.

White bread. Gave this up as a kid.

Commercialized wheat bread. Enriched. Corn.

Commercialized cheese.

Canned food. BPA.

Commercialized snacks, chips, popcorn, etc.

Alcohol. Shit was not cool for my lifestyle at the time and my waistline, lulz.

And last but not least…

High pesticide conventional fruits and vegetables. Better organic.

I believe I am on level 4 now.

if you can eat a 3x3 and 2 orders of fries and not be full then theres this gig called “professional eating” you should check out. classic #1 always has me feelin satisfied

either way burgers and fries, no matter how fresh, aren’t really fiber rich food

Mcdonalds i get sick of every once and awhile,but I come back to it.Lately im sick of this local spot called Wingz,for the month of Febuary,I was eating there at least 2 3 times a week.I’ve tested nearly everything on the menu and it was addicting.Best chicken ever i thought.but now its like daaaaaaamn wingz?!im sick of eating out altogether tho lol