Fast Fly/Unfly combos

Fast Fly/Unfly combos (including multiple RP comboes)

Alrighty, the Sentinel fast fly combo thread! I’ll get things started:

With Captain Commando:

s. fk (launch), sj. lp, sj. lp xx FAST FLY, f. lk + Commando, f. fp xx fp Rocket Punch

Just a reminder: To fast fly, go into flight mode, move the joystick to neutral, press the stick into the direction of your choice, then complete your combo of your choice.

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w/ sent, cyclops
in corner: Hk /\ lk FLY f+lk+cykeAAA, hp diag. rp.
in corner: Hk /\ lk FLY f+lk+cykeAAA rp.
in corner: Hk /\ lk FLY f+lk+cykeAAA hp charge super otg…
in corner: Hk /\ lk FLY f+lk+cykeAAA lk down forward rp lk uf. rp

there is a lot more but eh I’ll post them later on try to use unfly to help extend the length of the combos

Here’s a Sent/IM one I used in the corner:

Launch, sj.LK, fly, sj.LK+IM-b, sj.FP, unfly, land, wait for IM to stop hitting, c.LP, c.FP, Rocket Punch xx HSF, dash, launch, sj.LK, fly, throw, sj.LK+IM-b, sj.FP, unfly, land, wait for IM, c.LK, s.RH, air combo.

That kills somebody most of the time.

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sent/cyc(aaa): launch, lp., fly, lk., RP, call cyc., lk., lk., RP, cyc beam hits, fly up to opp., lk., RP. (if in corner fly up after beam, lk., RP, lk., lk., RP. throw)

sent/mag(proj): launch, lp., fly, lk., RP, call assist, lk., FP., mag hits, RP. (same wit cammy aaa too)

too many, ill post more later…

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Sent with Spiral - A

s. HK + Spiral, lk, fly, lk, hp, lp Rocket Punch.

1337 (Can’t be done in the corner though) :stuck_out_tongue:

I HaVe a Combo Ill posT laTer

CARNEVIL!!! Go win a tourney!! lol jk jk.

People don’t realize that fast fly combos are far more effectively when you use it w/o a lauch rh, b/c usually by this time damage scaling nerfs a bit the extra damage.

Easiest example I can think of with an accompanying video. Sentinel v Sentinel. Sentinels loves to fly around. But a SJ Sentinel’s jab or short should usually (depending on spacing or “pyschic” frying pans) beat the flying Sentinel’s frying pan or RH. From this sj jab/short you do a fast fly.

To see this in action watch the Evl 2k2 dvd: the 2nd game of amir vs jackson chen. The first game amir loses with MSP, then choses sentinel/cable/mag vs Jackson’s team scrub. Amir proceeds to do three fast fly combos, all within a second of each other. It’s rare to see Sentinel’s life disappear so rapidly. =):stuck_out_tongue:

Any worthwhile fast fly combos with Storm’s assists or BH aaa?

My sent. is garbage. That’s the bottom line. But in training mode I found out a cool little combo… Dunno if it’s on a vid or what… More than likely somebody will say that it is…

w/ Magneto AAA, launch sj.lp,, sj.lp,, hp throw, lk, lk, fly, hp throw, lk, mag AAA, fp, AAA hits, lp rocket punch.

the fp to rocket punch should be pretty quick… the hard part is timing in the magnus assist.

Welcome to early 2003.

You can use Storm’s Lightning Attack assist. Launch -> short xx fly -> short + Storm -> fierce -> fierce rocket punch.

You have to delay the fierce rocket punch a tiny bit to give the character time to fly up after the lightning attack.

mmmkay… what was that supposed to mean?

fast fly+unfly , in the middle of screen,lk,fly,lk,hp,unfly,lk,lk+up RP (yes it connects not jus in the corner)

it worx and is hard to do, im pretty sure its in a vid but good to kno if u wana impress


Random Sent/IM/Mag combo

Launch, sj.LP, sj.LP, fly, sj.LK+Mag, sj.FP, wait for Magneto to hit xx Hard Drive xx Proton Cannon.

Been connecting this more consistently now. Launch Sj light punch rocket punch, sj.short, fastfly short wid magz proj assist, sj. fierce punch, light punch rocket punch. Does pretty good damage.:smiley:

Do you gotta tap direction with the Short after the first RP to get it to connect?

Oh yeah, sorry forgot to add that tap up/forward for the fastfly short.:smiley:

what am i doing wrong when this happens:

I do,
launch, sj lp,lp, fly, lk…but they’re able to block??

is my flying not fast enough?

Hi you all…A quick question…and i know how “Hard” its supposed to be explaining timing on these boards, but couls someone please take some time to explain to me the timing on the sentinel fly combo?
you all know how in order to do a fly-grab you fly bring the joystick to neutral then simply grab…well is it anything like that?
what the easiest or the most common?
I tried doing a search but nothing specific came up…
i sometimes do it, but i feel is most luck…
Ok i do launch…as soon as possible lk, fly, small pause, lk…
i heard you are suppossed to wait a few pauses after you launch them tio hit that lk…the fly, and follow it…
some help please…

dunno how to explain the specific timing, but one main thing that you need to know is that right after you fly you need to pick a direction then press lk. If you don’t pick a direction, then it won’t work. I usually pick upforward or forward, but whatever floats your boat. Hope this helps a little.:smiley: