Fan Art Challenge: METAL GEAR SOLID

In the tradition of the Character Select Fan Art Challenges started by CHAiNwhore, SRK artists are invited to participate in the next round where the theme will be characters from METAL GEAR SOLID. Post all pics and comments in this thread, I’ll archive it somewhere when the challenge is over. This way the comments are all in one place.

To quote Ron (CHAiNwhore):

One character a week, until all 9 are done. A new character will start every Sunday.

19 Aug - 25 Aug: Liquid Snake
26 Aug - 1 Sept: Vulcan Raven
2 Sept - 8 Sept: Meryl Silverburgh
9 Sept - 15 Sept: Cyborg Ninja
16 Sept - 22 Sept: Psycho Mantis
23 Sept - 29 Sept: Sniper Wolf
30 Sept - 6 Oct: Revolver Ocelot
7 Oct - 13 Oct: Solid Snake
14 Oct - 20 Oct: Metal Gear REX

or you can click here for a more graphical representation of the schedule:

The “Midnight Bliss” Option
here’s a chance to have some fun with the character – artists have the option of turning said male character of the week into female versions. As for female characters – artists have the option of either turning them male, or (in keeping with what Demitri’s Midnight Bliss actually does to female characters) uber-feminize them.

Sheng-Long has graciously made it possible for 2 winning art pieces to warn their creator 1 month of Rapidshare premium each.

The first will be awarded to the artist of the pic that is voted the favourite piece by the end of the MGS fan art challenge.

The second winner will be decided upon using this criteria:

*Prizes are sponsored by Sheng-Long, and in a case of a dispute he has the final ruling on how the prize is to be awarded.
EDIT: more info

REFERENCES: (EDIT: more references added)
Metal Gear Solid: the unofficial site – there’s multiple pages here… don’t just stop at page 1!
–> take note of stuff from page 91 onwards a bit small, but there’s good pic refs here

also check out the MGS1 artwork – kindly contributed by sdfjkln

thx to Sheng-Long for all these links too!

McFarlane Toys’ MGS series

Metal Gear Solid Storyline: for those who haven’t played the game. Since its the gameplay storyline, there will be spoilers.)

Metal Gear REX 400,000 Polygon 3D render from Puckducker of DeviantArt, part 1 (WIP) and part 2 (final)

Metal Gear Solid PSP Digital Graphic Novel

Metal Gear Solid graphic novel from IDW Publishing

Aww man, this’s sweet. Just in the nick of time too. I just beat 3 like a week ago for the first time. I’m so in this!

cool ill try to draw everyone as i can

Really nice order there Rook!

And prize! Alright! That month of Rapidshare could come in VERY handy!

I know my REX is gonna suck. I can’t draw robots to save my life.

Since this is one of my all time favorite games, I can’t back down from this. Can’t wait to see everyones work. Been a long time.

Interesting. Count me in. :wink:

liquid! this could be good mullet practice

If the nice artworks are considered not useful enough reference for drawing/difficult to discern, then is there a design book that shows the underlying character designs, perhaps designs that would have been used by computer modelers to create the characters’ computer graphics in the game–or something like that? maybe its the line art on the above mentioned page?

The McFarlane Toys’ MGS series link above should provide enough details info. If not you can just wait until people submit stuff to start your own drawing :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont really think it matters how accurate they look compared to the game. these are covert assassins/agents/ninjas. they can be interpreted to the artists preference.

looks like im the one to lead off

More references:

Metal Gear Solid Storyline: (for those who haven’t played the game. Since its the gameplay storyline, there will be spoilers.)

Metal Gear REX 400,000 Polygon 3D render from Puckducker of DeviantArt:

Metal Gear Solid PSP Digital Graphic Novel:

Metal Gear Solid graphic novel from IDW Publishing:

I’ll give this one a shot.

no one post yet beside me? i guess everyone want their stuff to be perfect or something…

lol, or no one is doing anything.

I will draw Liquid soon.

then i will take the price by default…that was easy lol

I have a question here…

Since full-blown illustrations are allowed, could you show an MGS1 character fighting a character from another MGS (or even another series), as long as one fighter is from MGS1?

since the character is liquid I guess it would be best to make him the focus of the picture

I’d like to think that there’s always some room for creativity. But please note that the whole point is for us to stretch ourselves a little and create new art for this challenge, not to unearth something MGS-related that was done long ago.

btw here’s more reference material, contributed by sdfjkln:

I’ve updated the first post with all the additional references posted so far. Good job guys.

DanSC: you’ve fired off the first shot! :slight_smile: Cool pic, but I think we should be seeing the soles of Liquid’s boots. I don’t think his feet/legs should be able to bend that way.

let’s see who’s up next. I’ll be working on mine over the next couple of days.

So, full-blown illustrations are allowed, but keep it within MGS1 confines?