Fan Art Challenge: METAL GEAR SOLID

full-blown finished illustrations are fine, as are sketches. It’d be great if everyone could knock out finished work for the entire 9-week duration, but it’s not a must – the demands of real life tend to interrupt even the best-laid plans. Part of the fun is seeing all the characters done in everyone’s individual style (and some artists can do more than one), so it’s actually more important that ppl participate regularly instead of focus on producing 1 or 2 fantastic pieces and then drop out because they can’t sustain it.

Primary subject material should be the MGS1 character for the week (or the artist’s take on what the Midnight-Blissed version would look like). If you want to draw Solid Snake sneaking up on, say, Pikachu – well, I guess that’s up to you, but do keep the focus on the character of the week.

added Midnight Bliss section to 1st post. Forgot to mention it earlier on.

liquid was piloting rex at the end of the game right?
was he wearing his jacket? I cant remember

No, he took it off and went crazy when he fought snake.


hey, thanks for pointing it out, the feet were in wrong position, i actually didnt notice that when i drew it…

I mean when you fight rex, is he wearing his jacket during that fight?

there are actually some uploaded cutscenes from the game itself that i’ve come across on youtube. in fact i ended up watching the very one you guys are talking about… and i haven’t played the games… ^^; but they make for great referencing as well.

Who cares, just draw him.

You guys sure are being pussies with the whole “accurate” thing. He has a mullet, looks exactly like snake, and is crazy.

There you, the Liquid Snake Recipe.

lol,yea just remember to draw his mullet because i didnt when i drew mine then i had to go back and add it on him, it suppose to look perfect but i screwed up…

about halfway done with mine. it wil rock your socks clean OFF!! by that I mean I have a deep respect for this game and want to give it 100%

but Im sure I cant compete with many of the artists on srk

here’s mine. I’m really rusty and it shows :stuck_out_tongue:

would like to draw more but work is just too much for me at the moment :frowning:

that is awesome pic rook, i wish you could draw his entire body too…

I actually really like that one Rook, something about it. I think I’m digging the sketchy blacks, it’s not like some of the more polished things you put up. But it’s working for me.

Okay, another question. Can the focus on the character be “indirect.” As in: there are a lot of things going on in the picture, but this one character is doing the most important thing (winning a fight or something).

I’m asking because if I enter this (against all odds, seeing as how I suck at drawing), I have this idea for an illustration when we get to Solid Snake. In the back ground, there’s a close-up of Big Boss doing his salute from the end of MGS3. Somehow, I’m going to make one half of his face look good and one half look evil. In the fore ground, there will be Solid Snake upper cutting Liquid Snake off the top of Rex. Liquid will have whatever attributes I used for the “evil” face, and Solid will have what I used for the “good” face.
I have absolutely NO idea how I’ll pull this off, seeing as how that would be too much for one picture. But I want to know if it’s OK within rules seeing as how Solid is winning the fight.

looks good, but you need to rock the mullet HARDER!!!
that mullet is weak. (no offense)
its an anime mullet. (offense)
do I see a hint of sideburns? tsk tsk.

liquid looks like he just got out of prison, the federal pound me in the ass prison, prison can do things to a man…makes him cold…makes him mean…

I’ll finish him up soon, usually don’t post sketches but I wanted to get some more art up on here so more people would join in. Hopefully finish it up late tonight or tomorrow.

really you can do whatever you want as long as the right character(s) are in the work. like multiple characters in a fight like you described is fine, even gets more than one character out of the way.

LOL, that’s awesome.

don’t worry too much – just go ahead with what you’re planning. You’re over-thinking the whole guidelines thing :slight_smile:

and regarding my crappy Liquid Snake pic – I totally accept whatever crits I get on that one, it’s a bit of a mess. I had a real difficult time with Liquid… stuff just wasn’t clicking together. Especially the mullet… I don’t “get” the mullet :slight_smile:

Not done, heres my start, I’m almost ready to start painting it, he kinda looks like the boss.
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Awesome work guys.

I lol at yours Bandit chain, funny stuff.

A class posh work as always Rook.

Now I gotta toss up wether I draw Metal Gear or another Duckie with the tiny bit of spare time I’ll have over the weekend.

tough call.

Nice work guys. Rook, that looks exactly how he is supposed to look. I’ll try to do mine during lunch or something. Great work guys, hope to see a lot more.


Well here is Liquid Snake.