Hype, I am!

I am so. so. ready.

Fallout fucking 4. Been too long since I’ve stepped into the wasteland

Well it be more engaging and entertaining then FO3?



Need to dig up my Fallout 3 Lunchbox ASAP!

Oh sweet there goes 120 hours of my life.

War. War never changes.

Hopefully its better than 3. Skipped New Vegas entirely. Like an inferior Elder Scrolls. Fite me 1v1 IRL fgt

But New Vegas was arguably the better Fallout game. Especially since alot of former Black Isle devs worked on it.

Oh shit. Hope still has that mad max reinforced leather jacket. The only armor I wore till the end.

Trailer is up!

Boston huh? Now RockB never gonna find a cab.

YEaaaaaaaaaaaaa baby!!

Your loss, New Vegas >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fallout 3.

F3 Atmosphere + Story >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Vegas

Shame about everything else

Who here thought that this was an affinity thread before entering?

Ill try new Vegas if you guys stand by it being a better game. By the time it came out 3 had already made sure I didn’t give a fuck. Only really kept going because power fisting people in VATS, and the Chinese stealth armor

What specifically did you dislike so much about 3? New Vegas does some things noticeably better, other things arguably not so much. (I do think NV had by far the best single DLC though in Old World Blues, which is totally worth playing on its own merit.)

As someone who has beat all Fallouts, I have mixed feelings. Let’s talk about it.

First, F:NV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>F3, by far! This has to do with the old devs and the tone of the game. You see, if you played old Fallout games you know there was some crazy shit into the world. A lot of mysterious, crazy, fucked up shit. A lot of stuff was set up and rightfully delivered. Fallout 3 did not have that. Everything was shallow and the world held zero mystery. There were very few cases where they got that old magic feel and everyone talks about it, while 90% of the map was bland uninspired shit. Fallout: New Vegas was more consistent in it’s mystery and story, partially due to the fact that they took the “original” Fallout 3 ideas. The locations were much more interesting, the characters had more life and you ended up with a better experience for it.

If Fallout 3 was your first game, I can see how this game can get you excited. It is fun to explore and kill shit, while experiencing that old times feel, and by the end of the trailer I was excited as well. If they did manage to keep some F:NV writers in their team, then this game will deliver beyond our expectations I’m sure. If they’re using their F3, Skyrim team, get ready for 90% empty map with fetch quests that end up nowhere.

My problem with the game: Opening screen. “OMG F4!! YESSSSS… Wait… is this for PS3???” 10 year old fucking shit ass graphics, FUCK! I think I’ve seen better looking dogs in fucking CoD! Are they still using F3’s engine? FFS, you would think with all that money they’d improve on that shit.

Sigh, oh well, if the story is good, and that’s what we play the game for, and the locations and characters interesting, the game will rock and I hope it does.

Graphics looks decent enough.

Being a Bethesda game, the modding community will make this game shine. Fuck buying it on a console