Facing new players in Ranked Matches?

Okay… so today was an off day and I’ve been itching for a win… then comes along a noob Dudley player… that didn’t know how to use any moves at all ;( or block… I really really really wanted to beat his ass down so bad and get 2 perfects in a row… but something inside me just said… give the kid a break… he was even on the mic with me.

So I played shitty on purpose… is that bad?

What would you guys do? I mean sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do… but this guy was worse than my younger brother…

I know exactly how you feel… with my friends playing round robins i try to tone it down if theyre at something like a half-lifebar deficit :confused:
but honestly… ranked matches should be played to win and you shouldnt really be there if you suck! and if he never gets his ass kicked he
will just continue with his ways thinking its ok >_<

;((( I guess so… I get ass kicked by better players too… but I’m sure they don’t tone it down… (but I’m not THAT bad).


I honestly think they need to lose as a learning experience. Those who want to get better will strive to do so. I feel that they shouldn’t be babied and handed wins. At the same time, they shouldn’t be insulted because they lost. It’s quite easy to succumb to the urge of gloating after a win, even if they talk trash. Encourage them to get better.

Yeah I think that’s true as well… every loss I have gives me more reason to get better. Yeah I agree that you shouldn’t talk trash or anything… (I don’t think anyone gloats or talks trash after beating a noob). The correct thing is to encourage them to get better, I tried… to encourage him… but if I do a simple combo like cr.mk into something then he says I’m going to lose!

If you can’t encourage them, then just leave it alone. There’s no reason why you have to feel guilty because you beat them. There’s nothing you can do about someone else’s self-esteem. He’s gonna have to work on that if we wants to. You seem like a nice person, but not everyone can be helped.

With randoms online I just play my hardest, they have to learn that they can’t just come into a competitive zone, not even online, and expect to mash out wins against good players. They have to learn that there’s something to strive for in these games that you have to practice to achieve somehow.

With people who I’m teaching to play be it online or IRL, I generally tone it down a lot so that I can teach them as we go and give them a chance to learn to execute everything. Then at the end of a session we’ll generally play a few games where I’m trying my hardest, which serves both the purpose of them learning what is safe/what is not from experience as well as my teaching, what moves beat what, they learn my playstyle, and most importantly if they start feeling a bit confident by the end of the night thinking they’re almost at my level or something, it puts them right back in their place :wink:

I met a fellow Dan the other day and gave him the free win. This only goes for Dan’s though. Otherwise, use ridiculous combos with a load of taunts.

LOL Dan, you made me LOL so much. That’s nice though ;)! and… um sorry ridiculous combos with a load of taunts just makes me think of you doing your super taunt or something.

Thanks ;P, I agree that you have to work A LOT to become at least decent. I’m not even decent yet… but I am trying, every day.

@sektr yeah I guess they should at least spend some time to learn the moves before they jump into ranked matches. I actually wouldn’t mind in endless, I’d give them the win, as long as they are willing to learn and they learn something.

It’s ranked

/\ This. and no im not the pro Neo XD i was worried about misunderstandings and theres one from post #4!

Awww ;( I’d love to meet Neo! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s your chance to experiment. You can figure out what you can and can’t react to. Practice hit confirming. So I usually give a round to the guy.

As a new shitty player I can say that the majority will go for 2 perfects or just spam whatever move that the new player is unsure how to counter.

I’ve only played 1 ranked match and nearly won. I’ve played 100+ endless matches and won a little over 10 but not against any good players that are trying. I get close sometimes but when they realize that one mistake gives me the win they just capitalize on my inexperience and then just command throw most of the next round because they see I have trouble defending that.

I don’t blame them for not letting me win I just don’t see the point in repeatedly doing whatever a person can’t counter because that doesn’t teach them anything and it won’t improve your game by doing it either.

To give an example one match I had with a lot of lag I was getting caught with every crossup which I normally don’t so the guy just did them over and over again, nothing but crossup+combo. The next time I fought him I didn’t even touch the remote, on purpose just to see what he would do. At the start of the match he did j.hk, sweep and then then crossup after crossup for two straight rounds probably unaware that I wasn’t even playing. I bet he was so pleased with himself lol.

The only person I ever go easy on is my girlfriend because she sucks my dick. If you won’t block low, I’m going to sweep you until you die or start blocking low. I’ll send a message afterward explaining how to block low or to block cross ups or to tech throws or whatever other thing an obvious novice needs to survive, but no… I never go easy online :slight_smile:

This is some of the best logic I’ve ever seen on the internet. No lie.

When the cable guy came to hook up my internet a year ago, he saw me playing sf4 and said “YOOO THATS MY GAME, LET ME GET ON IT AND BUST YA ASS REEEAAL QUICK.” I felt bad because he sucked, so I started letting him win, until he started talking TOO MUCH shit, then I had to play for real just to shut him up. But all was good, because he still installed my cable.

But for Ranked Match? I dont understand.

If I run into someone who clearly is helpless I just use that match as “difficult” combo practice, you know, always go for the biggest most retarded combo possible, makes it more fun.

I practice the good old EX Upper Loop, Hard shit to do online

I’d say that we had the same cable guy, but that’s highly doubtful. Most cable guys wouldn’t talk shit after getting rushed down by Guile.