F.A.N.G. Beginner Thread

You’re just starting to learn F.A.N.G., and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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NuckleDu is currently streaming playing F.A.N.G and he’s also dropping a lot of knowledge for newer players. This character looks really fun and I’m considering trying him out when I get the game.

Okay, I like FANG enough as a character (dat flap flap) that I wanna get good at him. However, that means properly braving a charge character for the first time since I dabbled with Oro back in 3SO. And that demands a different mindset than the quarter-circle/DP-motion characters I’ve been playing all SF4.

Now, we already know that charge characters don’t mean downbacking. And this game seems far, far less downback-friendly than SF4, too. So, here’s a question for us charge noobs: What are good things to be doing with FANG while you’re charging?

Like, which normals are good for standing your ground while you’re charging? Which are good to follow up with after a jump, to keep up the pressure until the charge is ready? How lenient is the game about briefly letting go of down if you want to try to do standing normals into vial tosses?

Im still a noob but I used to be a balrog enthusiast online and so-happen to like fang.

I’ve notice that you dont need to down back/charge all the time in this game. but you need to manage your charging effectively.

for example, st hk is a great move because it is safe on block (+1). you can start charging before the actual move hits, and be able to use a charge move after the combo ends.

you can space out your jumping attacks into ground combos just a TAD to further extend the charge(even crossups which is very nice of sfV to do as it was harder in USF). try practicing the same combos while holding a back charge is good practice. I usually start charging right before my first move hits, durring dash and command dash, and right when i leave the air. those couple of frames will make a special move come out

Pretty much remember to hold back during your normals, or downback during your crouching attacks. And remeber to always go back into charging when you walk forward or jump or perform a charge-move.

After a jump in you can do c.mp into lunge punch or poison bomb. Or you can do hk (while holding back) into the same combo. (this is imo the best “go to” combo and punish.)
If you hit C.mp into lunge punch you can cancel the lungepunch into his Critical art for good dmg and some awesome bird action.

Holding back while using his v-skill is great because you can do an upball right after so the opponent now has to worry about 3 poisonballs at the same time.
Also remember to hold back when you get a knockdown. You can place an ex-poison bomb that they will have to take on wake up, then you can either ex-Lunge Punch while they are in the air or jump over and do a crossup hk into a combo.

Just a note. F:A:N:G’s Critical art doesn’t just do dmg is it hit’s the opponent, if you miss and fly over them he…reign’s down a firey inferno of poisonous birdpoop on the opponent

why do i keep jumping when doing his fireballs? perhaps the second orb hasn’t dissapated yet?

I’m guessing you didn’t charge long enough

Been having the same issue. No problem with the horizontal charge moves at all but the vertical charge is giving me hell. I keep getting jumps.

Its like the charge for the vertical is way longer than the other two, and the imput is super strict.

Been playing charge since sfII and never had an issue. Gonna try bisions stomp and see if its a sfv thing or if its just an issue with fang.

I had that issue for a bit until I started watching for when the fireballs actually connect. If you try to throw another too early you’re going to jump every time. Once they both start to dissipate you’re good to throw another one.

Vertical charge (to my knowledge) has never been on a move that didn’t actively move your character before (ie Flash Kick, Butt Drop), so the timing takes some getting used to.

How do you deal with ken’s and them just hitting buttons, I don’t really know what to do when people get on me and just keep the button pressure up.

Charge buffering is the way to go. The scariest way to play a charge character is by never letting your opponent know when you have your charge. I think PR Balrog demonstrated it the best in SF4 because it seemed like he was ALWAYS moving so it was hard to tell and on top of that his reactions were godlike.

Yeah fang has issues under heavy preassure. Karin and Laura are rhe worst. Just try to v reversal I think is the best option

I’ve kinda given up on FANG for the time being. The triple-whammy of learning how to manage a charge character, learning how to deal with more beginner-friendly characters’ pressure (where, as mentioned, he has a hard time) and learning his downright weird moveset is too much at once.

V-Reversal seems like the only real GTFO move he has. I’ve experimented with his EX moves and his dodges, and they get stuffed like nothing on startup.

I was having a hard time finding good antiair normals, too. Cr.HP looks like it’s supposed to be one, but it seems to get beat out by just about everything in normal jumpins, unless I’m timing it wrong. Maybe a crossup-stopper? At least it links into orbs when you DO land it.

Once I know the rest of the game, though, I’m comin’ back for ya, FANG. You’re too trolly to ignore.

Ya, I’ve mostly been saving my v-meter for reversal or if I have enough/feel like it a combo extender with vtrigger.

I’ve been trying to anti air with s.mk, but I suck at timing it/it seems hard to do.

Is it just me or is FANG’s ex command dash invincible?

Was playing FANG at my locals yesterday and was using it to get out of pressure pretty reliably (don’t think it ever got stuffed or punished) but I’m aware that it was day 2 so I might have just been getting lucky with gaps in it.

ex command throw does have invicibility on startup and during the first half of the animation. however it can be thrown or command grabbed at any point,but you are right; not many people are expecting it right now XD

F.A.N.G AA are situational. Cr.hp works when your opponent is directly over you. Remember it’s special cancellable .At normal jumping ranges st.Mk is really good. In between the cr.hp and st.Mk range, st.LP and j.hp are the better options. If you are stuck in a corner ex duck will avoid the jump in and give you a whole stage to work with.

I hope I helped

Cr.mp is really good in the MU. I mean really good

I’ve had no luck at all with standing mk. At best it trades. Maybe I’m not spacing it right I dunno.

cr.mk is also an excellent AA btw.