Execution heavy?

Within my short period of time being on SRK, I have heard the phrase “Execution heavy” being used a great deal when it comes to the validity of a fighting game being “good”. But first off, what is the definition of execution heavy? Is it the ability to be able to take control of that one character who everyone wrote off as crappy, but has more viable tools then the supposed top tier character? Is it the ability to space that one good c.MK into Super that everyone thought was impossible to land?

What do “execution heavy” based games offer over games that might have intermediate level combos but put a focus more on strategy,footsies,mind games and etc.?

Execution heavy would be something like MvC2, where you have to learn alot of stuff like triangle jumps, unfly/refly combos, infinites, etc. to be competitive. Off course, the point is, once you do, you can do some pretty amazing things.

I think this pretty much defines execution heavy.

That really depends on the game. Usually the higher your execution, the more options you remove from your opponent, and the higher your damage output gets.

There are a class of fighting game fans who absolutely love execution, love spending hours trying to perfect combos. Many, but not all, of these guys absolutely hate strategy, footsies, mind games and there’s nothing they hate more than losing to scrubs who can’t do fanciful combos but actually know how to block and how to control the match.

execution heavy = requires lots of execution skill/ability

Execution heavy usually applies to games that have 15+hit BnB combos. MvC2,Arcana Heart 3, and Melty blood come to mind.

To put it simply, an execution heavy game is one that requires a high amount of dexterity (more so than your average fighting game) to utilize the system mechanics and characters at a high level. Games that commonly carry the term are the Guilty Gear Series, the Virtua Fighter series, and the Tekken Series to name a few.

Hit counts aren’t a good indicator of whether a game is execution heavy. Some game can allow you to put out that many hits with relatively easy to pull off combos.

stuff that requires a lot of inputs or inputs with very tight windows to pull off successfully is what i would call execution heavy.

i disagree with who said the higher your execution, the more options you remove from the other player. technically parrying in SF3 is like the lowest barrier of execution since its only a single button press, but its knowing how and WHEN to use it that defines how many options your opp has. if you were able to parry EVERYTHING (which obviously is impossible) then your opp would have zero options, but parrying is less about execution and more about just making really good reads of your opp.

Getting a 10 hit with a solo no-meter Sentinel in MvC2 is 20x harder than getting 40 hits with a solo no-meter Magneto.



s.lk, s.lp, xxffly, lk, hp, unfly, hp, s.hk, sj.lk, ffly, lk, hp
s.hk, sj, [lk, ffly, lk, hp, unfly] until 10 hits…


Rom until 40 hits…

F/UC. Your wrists will hate you for playing it.

many but not all hate strategy, footsies, and mind games??? You are very, very, very retarded. Im sure ur one of those who think fighters should be dummed down so that every idiot in the world can do ggxx/ I-No combos so that it all revolves around “mind games”. What u and the other idiotsl ike u dont realize,i s that it IS ALL ABOUT THE MIND GAMES. The only reason this execution heavy combos are done is to maximize the damage or punishment for ur opponent lossing a specific mindgame vs you. If u were a mind game master, a mind game god, and couldnt do combos for shit, u would still win vs everyone with ur awesome footsies, spacing, and strategy.

In Street Fighter 4, I’d say Viper is an execution heavy character. I think if you can play Viper, you can play an execution heavy character.

Execution heavy = A3 V-ism ToDs and CvS2 A-Groove shenanigans.
Execution not so heavy = A2 Valle CCs

That really depends on the game.

I’d second this, because in SF4 Viper is “execution heavy”, but probably not compared to… fucking anything in high-level MvC2.

Try playing Slash I-No for an execution heavy character :). I for example tried… and failed misserably :frowning:

@smoothjazz101 and @J.Scogz

Because you have the execution of Desk or the like…

Oh, sorry, I disregarded that because as a whole, SF4 doesn’t require heavy execution.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Dio’s and Jotaro’s Bnbs come to my mind.
Also, in Jojo’s Ground tech canceling certain specials can cancel a ground tech at certain frames.