Excellent players you played offline

This seems like a much better topic for true 3s fans. I know that some of you don’t have the means to play people offline, but for those that did or still do, that’s what this thread is for. Arcade 3s discussion is preferred, but offline OE and other console versions are acceptable I suppose if those are the only experiences you have.

The best players I’ve played are:

Pyrolee - Super quick, always the most unpredictable mix-ups, and always hits you with max damage combos.
5 Star - Seems to know exactly what you’re thinking at all times unless you’re above, at, or near his level. He’s very quick, pressures you at all times and gives you very little time to think/react. He’s also quite possibly the biggest narcissist/asshole I’ve ever encountered in my life.
Vinny - Does pretty much everything that Ken is supposed to do in each situation. Very consistent and precise player.
Adolfo - Always beasted everyone I saw him play against, but I rarely saw him play the big boys. He seemed to have a natural talent for everything in the game and definitely would have accomplished more if he cared. But I think he played the game more for fun than for competition.
Frankie3s - Super strong 3s fundamentals, and his ego of wanting to parry or pull off something sick is both his greatest strength and greatest weakness.

All of my matches against these guys happened either at Denjin or FFA between 09 and now.

Unfortunately I had an obligation the weekend of Sunroute Cup so I never got to play against MOV profound sadness. Who are the best players you’ve played offline? How, when, where, and why? You can talk about individual matches if you’d like or just speak generally about a player that you’ve played from time to time, it doesn’t matter.

I think this could be a pretty interesting thread for local heroes that played in arcades but never were captured on video.

I gotta say my favorite is Showtime (GO). He’s one of metric’s friends, and I think there might be a little compilation vid of him metric put up. Man this guys got some killer execution and plays flashy as fuck. -LA

Also Honsol (YU), he’s got some nastiness to him. What is it about faded Korean Yun players that is so good? -LA

Another one of my favorites is NNNN (UR), not because he’s good but because its always an exciting match :tup: -SD

Lastly Juicebox (AL). I actually don’t know what this dudes name is but I always used to see him drinking a juice box while he played so that’s what I started calling him. I swear like 4/5 times I visited Kaikan since first going there in 2009 he was there. He’s very deliberate, calculated and straight up which is a rare quality for Alex players here in California. If I didn’t have a lot of experience vs Renic I’d be hopeless against this guy, but he’s still really tough for me and I mostly lose. He’s also one of those dudes who always plays in a suit after work and thats a really sick look. -Tokyo

JuicesB name is “Q”

Arnel, end of story

  1. Boss - words can’t even describe what it’s like playing vs Boss. His knowledge of 3rd Strike, reactions, and decision making is unbelievable.

  2. Rikimaru - people always like to talk shit on Rikumaru because he mains Chun but his sub characters are also top in Japan also. He will make you feel like you are an idiot who has no idea to play. If you happen to get a lucky win he will go out his way to embarass you the next match.

  3. KO - he is a 3rd Strike god. His offensive pressure is frightening. He can do whatever he wants and it will work.

  4. Nuki - Nuki is so good it’s not even fair to everyone else. His ground game and fundamentals are the top of the top level. Rarely will make mistakes. Mentally strong.

  5. Kuroda - what can I say about Kuroda? When he plays serious he’s unbeatable. He’s the best with like 3/4 of the cast in the world. Revolutionized 3rd Strike with his Q back in the day. He can tech every throw and block everything. How do you beat that? He knows more about 3rd Strike than any one else in the world.

  6. MOV - its MOV. Enough said.


Emphy aka Mr. Naps - the most underrated player in the world. His Urien is probably 3rd best (including Japan) even at the present day. He only will play 3rd Strike once or twice a year and he’s still just as strong as ever. I’m his biggest fan.


Marko - Marko is basically a Japanese Chun player. He understands Chun-Li at high level. Always scary to play against.


Ma Junior (Japan) - I don’t think he plays anymore but I remember this one time he was playing vs me, Pherai, vinny, and bean and we couldn’t even come close to beating him. I think he was on 45 wins before bean finally won. Super sick.

I really could go on for hours…

The only player worth playing, CPU.

Chris G

The single most talented player to ever play the game.

Most exciting guy to watch everytime he played. You never knew who he was gonna pick and what he was gonna do.

Revolutionized the game with Sean and beat all the best EC players both in tournaments and casuals with him.

Nobody alive past or present can accomplish such a feat. Does it all without tier whoring too.

He is Jesus Christ Incarnate.

I want to add TM.

Holy shit. He is the sickest!’ How can someone hit confirm jab dash punches and st mk so consistent. He is a literally a robot. Not to mention his ability to use Q’s throw invincibility so well. Plus Kara command grab and HJC… So fucking sick.

I asked him before, “how much money have you spent learning Q?” He simply replied, “Too much.”

He can beat any American in a ft10 with Q. I’d bet anything on that.

Chris G, c’mon dude we are trying to have a serious thread. jokes aside please.

He showed up at super arcade and played one game. My protege Vince beat him off real quick. Why he thought cr rh was viable is way over my head.

I will second the claim to adolfo. And lol at beat him off.

Did you read my comment? All seriousness bro. =)

The single most talented player to ever play the game. He might not be the most talented in his own state, your statement is just crazy and nonsense. lol

Oops, Meant American player-wise.

I think he just sees the game for what it is and doesn’t pretend it’s any higher than that. Even having said that, though, the creators/designers all had their own inspiration of what it is and was to be and so you can’t discount it’s implementation the way you could a particular person’s delusion.

It reads like a fanboy spiel, like it goes in BEST PLAYERS thread you know?

You must add lots more on what happened when you played him.

He raped me with basketballs. Fakes a shoot, cross up under, and dunks over me.

How do you fake a basketball offline? Are you like leaning on the joystick or mashing before something even comes out? I don’t get it.

I bet you’re just kidding, though. But I’ll admit, it’s apparent that the guy is talented. He’s like that boxer that has things set up for him in a way that allows him to retain his inner-child and so can go the distance like a kid with no inhibitions, no pressure, all fun. I think a lot of boxers used to live that way. Probably still do.

I, personally, for real, for real, think that the best player I’ve ever played offline has been Yi. I played Nuki once but that was on console and besides the obvious proof that he is the best, exposure can make or break a tournament and skill can be forgotten but talent is timeless. American players it has got to be Yi. Fierce understanding of the whole thing, with not a single bit of ambiguity in there to help you doubt him. Pyro would be tied with Yi if I didn’t think he got lucky some of the time but even then, as they say in poker, it’s better to be lucky then good. Or than good. I forget. Maybe I’m just missing something or I’m under some ancient chinese genjutsu whatever the chinese word for it may be.

Chris revolutionized Sean with his unorthodox play. Created the basketball mixups.

Bodler was impressed.

For those that don’t know lemme interpret what he just said:

GGPO, ggpo ggpo ggpo Chris ggpo ggpo Sean ggpo ggpo ggpo g( delay = 2) -g -( oh shit input drop ) -o. Ggpo, ggpo ggpo basketball ggpo.

GGPO was impressed.