EVO2011 Discussion

Any Kens go to Evo? I read on twitter that someone named GT Fruit was in winner finals of his bracket, wondering if its our GTF.

Also BananaKen tied 8-8 with Poongko’s Seth during casuals last night. Things are looking up for the Ken Army.

ImagineVC is in top4 winners of his pool!

Is Dr Chaos still playing as Ken these days?

very nice, cheering for our bros! Feel bad about Chachi gettin’ that Guile treatment. =/

I was dropping combos like crazy in that set, which caused me to go into a bit of a shell.

I’m also not happy about the match against the Chun I faced later on. He was solid, but he loved to crouch tech and I failed to exploit that.

Yeah I hear ya man, if I drop too many combos in a tournament setting I’ll get complacent and purposefully drop combos and constantly reset into throw. Or just do the same thing over and over.

Also, I have trouble exploiting chun’s cr.tech anyway, seems like her cr.lk just beats me before say far st.strong can come out.

Good job to all those Kens that made it out of their pools, I saw a few names I recongized, like CP, lilsicx et al.

To my knowledge, Banana Ken was the only Ken to make it into top 32. He was coming in from losers. He had to fight Shiro, unforunately that was never shown on the big screen/stream. That match would have been so hype to watch. IMO this years top 32 wasn’t as good/hype as last years. The abundance of Feis and Yuns doesn’t help, and having to sit through the button checks sucked too.

Huh, I thought the top 32 was probably the best I’ve seen out of Evo since watching it from 08 onward.

Guess just a difference of opinion. Funnily enough, I thought MVC3 would be more hype than AE this year, but I enjoyed AE more. There were of course incredible moments for both.

I don’t know if it’s online, but if anyone hasn’t seen Banana Ken vs Poongko the night before Evo, you should scout that. Pretty back and forth. Banana Ken is amazing

Top 32 wasn’t my favorite this year, but top 8s were undeniable godlike. Blow ups everywhere.

there’s footage of banana ken beating tokido 3-2 on the evo after hours stream, still looking for it.

ruff evo for ggs to anybody i played. pretty dissapointed in my performance tho gotaa get back in shape

For those of you that went, any chance you can put your thoughts forward in this thread.

Maybe you learned some stuff on match-ups.

Maybe you picked up some tips from some of the many players there.

Even if you just put some of your experiences into words for us guys who couldn’t be there.

Just give it a “Ken” slant of course!!!



I missed a chance to talk shop with Joon, but I did see him show off some Playerjun technology during casuals. If anyone is qualified to give insight on Evo, it’s him.

Missed Banana Ken as well, would have loved to get some feedback from him. Somebody from French Guiana mistook me for him when he was watching me play during hotel room casuals. That was kind of flattering…

my first evo experience…
i had a great time at EVO. got to meet and chill with joonthebaboon. super chill guy.
i was in the same pool as Poongko. i won my first 2 matches then lost my next 2 matches. sucks cause if i had won my 3rd match, i wouldve played poongko on stream. wouldve been a great experience but i just wasnt good enough. its an eye opener as to where your skill level really stands on the totem pole. i hope to make it out again next year and try again :slight_smile:

I’m seriously considering making the trip next year. Any of you locals willing to help me out, say meet me at the airport, go halves on accomodation etc etc? I’d certainly return the favour, perhaps if anyone needs somewhere to stay over for the olympics next year…



Bananna ken did fight Poongko during EVO after hours but it became a Seth highlight show. Poongko also went to work on Alex Valle shortly after.

I’ll be going over for next year’s as well. Is registration easy?

Joon the Baboon vs. a zangief at EVO2k11

i have one more match of Joon at EVO which i will upload later tonight