Evo World: Welcome to Green Valley Ranch (Schedule Live!)

This thread will be updated with important news for the event at Green Valley Ranch.

Registration is live, go to www.evo2k.com/finals/register to secure your place in history.

Book your room before the 23rd to get the discount!

See you all in Vegas!


Here is the schedule page!


I told myself that if I somehow managed to qualify for anything at Evo North (luck or otherwise), that I would do my best to find a way to Vegas. So, I hope to see you all there.

Regarding seeds from previous evo tournaments do we get a PM or email letting us know we’re officially invited. Or do we just show up at Worlds. . . .

Its a open tournament, so you can just show up ( but make sure you register online!).

Well I was asking because I took 3rd at Evo North for Super Smash Bros. Melee but I was wondering how you guys are going to be able to recognize me. Because without some sort of identification anyone could walk up and say that I’m so-and-so and made top 8 somewhere.

Oh, thats good info. Thanks Phil, I appreciate it. When and if you find out about the above, let us know, please.

If you want to add new games, you have to repay the cover.

Okay, so Id online register to pay the cover, and the fees for CvS2 and 3s, but not sign up for ST at all (because I qualified), and when I show up, I just let you know im there and my ST entry is taken care of?

Im still not sure if im going to be able to put this trip together. The lowest air fare I can find is 320 dollars. Anyone have tips on finding cheaper? I dont travel often, so im a total newb at all this.

At Evo East i tied for 9th in MVC2 and i was wondering if i still qualified for world since Justin, Sanford, Brandon and Erik already got a spot at Final Round. I had to play sanford to qualify in top 8 at Evo East, It isn’t gonna effect if i come to Evo World or not but im just curious as to how this will be handled. Will the 4 that tied for 9th get the spots or will the spots be given up? Thanks for your Time.

~ Nelson aka Remix

I will look into that for you.

Hello Mr. Wizard,
This is Randy Lew. I remember last year at evo2006, I qualified at EVO WEST but I still paid for EVO WORLD. Anyway I can get a refund and not pay this year for just MVC2 (only game I want to enter). Thank You.

According to Seth at Evo North, all the empty qual spots for people who double qualified will be filled at Evo World. So, 9th place ties do not count as seeds if someone in the top 8 already qualified…you’ll still have to go to EVO World and battle it out through pools. However, I think the chances of qualifying in a lot of games are looking pretty good, because a lot of people have been taking up multiple spots…

If you guys miss the registration dead line for your room. Fiesta and Sunset Station are really good choices, and they both are cheaper than GVR.

Just a thought, Wouldn’t have been better just to charge $40 (overall charge), and be able to enter as many games as you want? Since all the other tournaments have been free?

South was free, and West is gonna be free.
Only because they ran them side-by-side with sponsoring events.

What are the rates on those 2 hotels?

Just wondering if Slash is official at Evo World. I know that the last thing that was said by inkblot was that he was “continuing to evaluate the situation as more information about AC becomes available”. Just wanted to know before I register.

as of right now Slash is still official, until something is “officially” announced to the contrary.


I think that’s the radio show regarding it. The summary is that slash will definately be used for west, while bugs/glitches are being researched.

If it’s deemed that nothing gamebreaking is around, GGXX might be switched to AC, and the announcement would come around the time for west.

If we are going to World, do we have to be there Friday or Saturday to start? (For 3s/CVS2/MVC2)

Friday 9am start time.


I can just make my hotel accommodations, plane accomodations, and show up, pay there, right?

i ask, because i don’t know if i actually want to compete. I know i definitely want to come and hang out though :slight_smile: