Evo widescreen

As most of you know, last year’s evo was set to be 4:3 format instead of widescreen.

I’d like to lobby for consensus to change this to widescreen format. Here are my reasons:

  • Myself, and almost everyone I know, prefers widescreen
  • Widescreen is the default format. This means that new players and newcomers to evo are familiar with widescreen
  • Widescreen looks better
  • I spoke to Dave Sirlin in December about this, and his view is that HDR is designed for widescreen tournament play. He wants it to be the tournament standard.
  • Regional ranbats and majors are in widescreen. Evo should conform to this standard.

I honestly can’t think of any good reason to play on 4:3 ratio. I don’t even understand why evo 2k9 was on 4:3.

If you agree that widescreen should be default, please post. I’ll then compile this as a petition of names and create a thread on the evo forums to get this changed.

If you have a good, TECHNICAL reason why 4:3 should be played, other than “It was that way last year”, or “ST is 4:3”, then please post it.

Technical Reason for 4:3… ummm… well… the only thing I could think of is that alot of people don’t have HDTVs so they may set their TVs to 4:3 because widescreen isn’t an option. I myself do not have an HDTV so I’m pretty sure I play on 4:3 but I don’t imagine it can really be that different can it?

AfroLegends, the winner of HDR last year at EVO, also prefers widescreen. And last year this same poll was started and the majority voted widescreen. Not only that but widescreen was the format of EVO for most of the weeks leading up to the event before it was changed because of the opinions of a few people. Hopefully one or two peoples’ opinion don’t completely override the votes of the majority of the community unlike last year.

My vote is widescreen obviously. If both Sirlin (the designer of the game), Afrolegends (the defending grand champion), and most of the community want widescreen then I don’t see how 4:3 can be chosen again.

You guys know I’m down for widescreen! Here’s to hoping that 2010 is the year we move into the future.

I’m with widescreen all the way.

I’ve heard from players who were pro 4:3 say there are those who don’t have HD televisions. An understandable argument.

But as was said by Vintage (I think, LOL) evo runs it’s tournaments on PS3. I personally don’t have a PS3. Is that fair to me when the majority plays HDR on Xbox 360 and I have to buy a stick for a console I don’t own? Who knows.

All I know is that I had to get a custom dual stick made so I can play on any of the popular consoles tournaments are run on (Xbox 360, PS2, (PS3 with Inpin converter). I had to adjust.

As Sirlin said, widescreen is good for the spectators. It makes it look like a new game. There are some players who play SF4 that are slowly starting to come around to HDR. I’d like to see this trend continue. SF4 is the devil! :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally prefer 4:3, but that’s just me. I now play on an HDTV, but still on 4:3. And my main argument is that, as Snake said, not everyone can play on 16:9. But unlike the “evo runs on ps3” argument, a good stick/dual modded stick is less expensive than a new HDTV. Not by much nowadays, but…

[/my crappy argument]

Well my dual stick cost around $300.

I bought the Asus 23.5 inch HD monitor for $200. There are smaller versions of that monitor that are even cheaper. Not that far off from a TE SF4 stick price. :looney:

I know you’re not going to collect the votes for those who prefer 4:3, but I’m posting this in case the Evo people look at this thread and think that they’re is unanimous support for widescreen - there isn’t.

One man one vote!

I know you’re not going to collect the votes for those who prefer 4:3, but I’m posting this in case the Evo people look at this thread and think that there is unanimous support for widescreen - there isn’t.

One man one vote! (Except for the forum double post bug!)

4:3 what year is this 1998? :wgrin:
Ever since I got my HD set back in 06 I haven’t looked back.

I voted 16:9. As stated it’s the default and most common, and I think it would be nice if the tournaments would run with default settings (including turbo speed and number of rounds). IMO it’s a better use of screen space and I’d rather have the larger, more detailed images to look at for stuff to react to, than a slightly smaller one with miles of unused sky space. I appreciate EVO is mostly an American thing, but I think a good percentage of other European players will also vote widescreen. Fortunately for us, we had widescreen TVs way before HD. In fact the TV I play on is a 16:9 CRT.

Why is it run on the PS3? From what I’ve seen it’s the inferior version.

What I heard was that Sony donated a bunch of PS3s to Evo. So that’s why Evo has PS3s. But yeah, every non evo tournament I’ve been to has been run on xbox 360s, because that’s what everyone has. So usually a bunch of people bring xboxes and thats how it is run. I’d be scared to lend my xbox at Evo, given the number of sheer assholes there that randomly steal people’s shit. Hell, I didnt get an evo shirt last year because somebody stole a box of shirts and posters. Who does that??

I play on 4:3 at home and am slightly more comfortable with 4:3, but have played at many tournaments in 16:9 with no problem. I won’t actually vote because I’m fine with either.

Don’t think I’ve ever missed a reversal or a link due to aspect ratio.

Can’t say the same about input lag… even just 1F of it.

Im in the same boat as Thelo.

I normally play at 16:9, except when I’m recording. Playing as Chun Li, especially against Vega, there can be a good bit of action off the top of the screen in 16:9, though, so I kind of prefer 4:3 in just that one matchup.

I thought this was another one of those things that Ganelon debunked? That there was in fact no vertical difference between 4:3 and 16:9 and if its off screen in one it should be offscreen in the other? Or maybe I’m putting words into his mouth… I know he’s worked to debunk so many myths… It’s hard to keep count!

I wish I had a widescreen tv :sad:

The widescreen graphics setting in HDR’s config seems to do some cutting - I don’t recall which way it goes. Changing the aspect ratio of the display will just squish the image.

Has it been confirmed that HDR will be at EVO? Just wondering.