Evo West!

Sorry, that was a typo on the website. Here’s the registration schedule and associated costs:

May 11th - May 30th: Early Bird Registration($20 cover)
May 31th - June 27th: Registration($30 cover)
June 28th - June 31st: Registration CLOSED
July 1st 8:00 AM, Marriot: Emergency Registration ($45 cover)

$45 cover is fucking BEASTLY, I LIKE IT! So many gamers don’t understand how important pre-registration is and how much time it saves tournament organizers to know who is going to show up, and to be able to pre-make the brackets BEFORE the tournament, with only minimal adjustments after that on-site. Good work!

I’m disappointed that after numerous emails and conversations/ATTEMPTED conversations with more than half of the Evo staff, that despite being staff at Evo 2004 and trying to help out wherever I can in many other ways… not one of you guys were able to tell me before you posted it up here that qualifier dates coincided with the Australian nationals. Courtesy, guys.

Hrm I asked for a email and never got it from you. You didnt follow up anything with me on aim, so I dunno what to tell you.

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So, the nationals only overlap the west qualifer, right? That’s not necessarily a big deal, how many people were planning to come to the west qualifer and not the vegas one? They’re like, what, over a month apart?

i wonder if there are people attending all 3 tournaments. that would be hardcore.

An SRK member named Faight said that he would be flying back to the US to attend all 3 tournaments.

I’m totally new to Evo, so excuse my ignorance on these things. So the actual Evo LA event (specifically for MKDS) is June 30 - July 2.

you only receive prizes for top 8 in the respected games? the top 3 of the games don’t get cash payouts as well? no regular 70/20/10 shit?

rico will be going.


How do we know what games will be on what day? I’ve got some stuff going on through those days, but I’ve been looking foward to this all year.
I’m planning on entering MvC2, so I’d stay only long enough for that section of Evo West. Anyone?

All games will have qualifying events on saturday at the same time, going all day long. Each games final 8 will be sunday, taking turns on the big screen.

Just an educated guess, but pretty sure this will be how it is.

Friday night will only be open for casuals, saturday the tourney will begin.

Evo West takes place on a Friday and Saturday. Hope the same holds true for Evo east.

No. Evo West qualifiers are on Saturday (all games). The finals are on Sunday (again, all games).

Dont get me wrong, I still can give 2 shits about AE. Just a lost cause fighting for true ST.

Its just a shame that their can not be equal prizes for all major games.


June 30-July 1 are on a Fri and Sat.

What are the chances that a relative schedule will be posted any time soon? I understand that these tournaments take time and that often times the schedule will fluctuate. I ask because I need to let my team for Guilty Gear know whether or not I can make it to the tournament, and it will depend heavily on what time the Guilty Gear portion of the tournament will take place.

Considering the fact Im living in Cali now Ill def be here regardless if I have a team or not. I just want to play people in casual :slight_smile:

It’s on July 1-2.

Sat. and Sun.

Well, I’m fukked over again, it seems.