Evo West!


What you talking about Willis?

Dude, the East and West quals for Evo. A first chance to qualify so you wont have to at Evo. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

No thank you :tup:

Will the EVO west qualifiers be on the EVO 2k6 DVD along with EVO east??

Or are you just going to be filming the final main Evo event?

A sticky for an announcement that something is coming soon?

I assume the first post will be edited with details when they’re available?

Hopefully the actual dates are announced soon so that people can save up as much as possible and request time off work long before the actual event.

Hopes shot high, only to be shattered in a few seconds :[

one month notice would be nice.


Sorry to sound like an idiot, but what time does it start and end (Not date, actual times)? Also, is there an age requirment, I might be taking my cousin and/or brother.

Evo West is just a 30 minute drive from my house (if there’s no traffic), but I’m considering getting a room since the price isn’t bad if you split it 4 ways.

I’m curious why a qualifer is running 4 days. FMJ, can you verify some information for me? If not, I understand… but this is seriously hurting players like myself in the money department.

  • Are you only running 3-4 games a day?
  • Are there going to be finals for the qualifiers…?

For GGXX Teams, I can’t imagine more than 30 teams TOPS… and top 8 qualify? Or how will this work? Please explain this in better detail, if you can.

Regarding the qualifier, it’s not ‘just’ a qualifier, it’s actually another evo tournament. Ponder spoke on this elsewhere i’ll quote:

So evo west is a seperate tournament, with seperate fees and winners and everything, the bonus is that if you qualify in west, if you enter finals you get to skip pools.

I do not have info on the schedule or whether they are really going to be 8 ggxx teams qualifying.

hmm… imo it might be difficult for some people to take the two days off from work for evo west and take more days off for evo in vegas.

go register…

If we win, can we still compete in the pools?
Pools are funest part about evo imo.

Correction, Evo West is a two day tournament.

The Evo West tournaments run all day (10am to midnight) SATURDAY and SUNDAY July 1-2. We will open the doors Friday night for casual play.

I think you can do what ever you want after you placed in the top 8 Potter which i know you will. Yeah pools are fun get to play a robust amount of people.

I have a question about the registration fees. It says that Early Bird Registration (May 11th ~ May 30th) is $10 cheaper, so the cover charge is $20 right? Then it says after June 13th, it’ll be $30 to register. So what about May 31st ~ June 12th?