Information and hotel info is available at www.evo2k.com

I think a better date would be April 20 - 22 if possible. It gives more time for the players to practice and a lot can change within the time frame of little more than five month.

a few questions so the address has been corrected right?

i registered the first time for evo south when it was put up and paid $10 via paypal and now do i need to register again? do i get a refund back?

is it really true all games are single elimination? one loss and your out of the tournament?

how is transportation from hotels to evo south gonna be worked out? on our own? (prolly) so gotta walk or use taxis?

thanks mr. wizard :slight_smile:

WOW YOU’RE A GENIUS FOR THINKING OF THAT!@~$#@ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You can also use public transportation if you’re downtown. Check http://www.capmetro.org/index.asp for maps and schedules. I’m sure the hotel you book would be able to tell you the best way as well.

why does it lead you to the paypal checkout and since its free, paypal doesnt let you pay anything less than zero dollars. I just press checkout later and printed that confirmation page. Would i still have to pay for anything at Evo South?

What do you mean by Free? Free registration entrance and Free tourney entrance?

the (normally $20) registration is free, but i think you still have to pay $10/game

edit: nevermind… i probably should have looked at the site first :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem: there isn’t a single 3rd place in a single elimination bracket

placings: 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 9x8, 17x16, etc…

and single elimination is a terrible format anyway, without initial seeds. The person deserving 2nd place could finish last just because he had to face the best person in the first round. Everything but 1st place is pretty much invalidated in single elimination…

Is it possible to do pools then get your seeds from there and do a single elim bracket with the final 16 or 32 or whatever is chosen?

Everything is free!

cool! but why do you have to go through paypal to complete registration as paypal won’t accept $0.00 dollar amount?

it’s not very hard to have an extra match to determine 3rd/4th… hopefully there will be decent seeding.

the tournament-results may be a little ugly, but given the time constraints, i’ll choose single elim evo south over no evo south…

being dq’ed for being in the middle of another match sounds scary though :wasted:

What can I say? I am a genius at stating the obvious. Though, you sarcastic remark was superfluous.

Its been fixed.

So do we need to re-register now if we couldn’t “complete” the registration through Paypal beforehand?

Only reregister if you didnt select pay later on the original page.

so theres no possiblity of double elimination? cause single is a lil…you know lol

wow. ive never seen people complain for a free entry to the biggest tourney in tx. if your good then single elimination shouldnt be a problem. ill see you guys there at evo!

free to enter, sure… but travel and housing isn’t free. people who travel to tournaments are more concerned with travel costs and prize pots than entry fees.

rather, if you’re the best and you never have a bad game it’s not a problem.

in single elimination, anyone who loses to the 1st place finisher, could potentially be deserving of 2nd place. If 2 people in a tournament are orders of magnitude better than everyone else, but have to face each other in the first round, one of them will end up placing dead last, even though he’s capable of destroying everyone else there. So everyone who gets knocked out by the 1st place finisher is potentially deserving of 2nd, and everyone who loses to them is potentially deserving of 3rd, etc.

in a 32-man single-elimination bracket, that means you have 5 people who might really deserve 2nd, and 10 that might deserve 3rd. In a 128-man bracket, these numbers increase to 7 and 21. 4th place is pretty much a crapshoot

everyone nut rides jap players here in the US, single elim makes it one step closer to be like japan. whats the prob? /sarcasm =)

I don’t really mind whether it is single or double,
but for this situation where 4 qual spots are given out, a more accurate system needs to be in place.

I’d suggest single game/double elim, rather than double game/single elim.

you stick hsien3s/mopreme/calipeepz/aznhitler/jwong in the bracket early on, and one goes home after one round? if you are the BEST person at the tourney, then there is no problem. if you’re GOOD, but maybe like the true 2nd or 3rd place person, there is a good chance you’ll be going home beating off and crying like a little fagget.

Normally no one would give a shit, but since there are pretty valuable seeds on the line, i think a more accurate format needs to be in place.

just my 2 cents.