Evo Noob Questions

me be a noob… need help

Hey all; I’m going to Evo – principally for fun - and I have a silly question. The ruling says that wired controllers arent allowed and controllers must have a card. I don’t have a fighting stick or anything. I always just play with standard PS3 pad, but that’s not allowed… Do I HAVE to have a stick, or is there a controller I can use? I cant afford a stick and, as there are no arcades near me, I havent ever played any SF game on a stick. So… what can I use? I dont mind buying a stick - but not at the hundreds of dollars that they all appear to be. Can I use a custom built one?.. etc. etc… thanks in advance for help.

you are more than welcome to use a ps3 pad, but it has to be accompanied by a usb cable plugged in at all times. furthermore, you have to turn off the pad as soon as your matches are done, or you will be disqualified.

…to prevent [media=youtube]dAsUqN1KPjw#t=1m42s"[/media] from happening again. Someone in the audience caused this apparently. Just clarifying for those who don’t know what happened.

Do you mean side tournaments like Mizuki’s yearly Melty Blood tournaments or DG’s 10 man KOF tourneys, if so the differences are

  1. prize money
  2. organized just by random people who felt like it
  3. no big screen time therefore not on the dvd

noob question…

Can I bring my own pad or stick?

Yes you can.
If you are going to compete in one of the tournies…make sure they are wired.

You better take your own pad or stick. People running brackets hate it when they call people up and they go around “Yo man can I borrow your controller?”

Also some people don’t lend out their controller for fear of it being stolen. Which happens a lot. So definitely bring your own controller.

I’m using the Madcatz SF4 Fightpad, it’s cordless…does that mean I’m screwed?

Unless it has a usb port to hook it to the system I don’t think you’ll be able to use it.

Yes it does, the USB post is the receiver to receive the signal…

Does the tournament have any dress codes; chain wallets, studded belts, ripped or torn clothing, etc.

Will EVO be selling any t-shirts (particularly interested in SF3:3s ones…if they exist)?

regarding the BYOC room:

Is it free for spectators to play in?

Do you have to pay for power to use any outlets for consoles?

Will TV’s be provided? Any idea of how many?

Can you have food/drinks or smoke cigarettes in the room?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant USB Port so you can hook up a usb cable.

I don’t think so but I’ll let the admins answer this one.

Usually they have the tshirts of which you get one free if you registered.



TV’s are provided. I can’t give you an exact number but last year had what? 30-40 tv’s?

Eat and drink yes. Smoke, no.

You will be in a casino in Las Vegas so you should dress accordingly. Also keep in mind you will be representing EVO/SRK. And didn’t chain wallets go out in the 90s?

I wish. It would be cool to see vendors be able to set up booths at evo and sell stuff (I remember this happened on a small scale at the EVOs in Pomono) but it hasnt been the case in Vegas.

Judging from past years, “room” may be too generous a word for the BYOC area. Generally its just a bunch of tv’s scattered around the main room that have various games running on them. The last time there was a seperate room for BYOC (which was great) was again in Pomona I believe.

Well, with those answers, it leaves me only one conclusion to arrive at…

…EVO is going to be extremely awesome on an epic scale.

Hi this will be my first year attending and had a few noobish questions:

  1. Will there be no controllers provided for any of the games? Cause I have SF IV for the 360 and not the PS3.

  2. Are we allowed to configure the control layouts before the match? Or do you have to use the defaults?

  3. Will all the characters be unlocked for all the games?

  4. I signed up for Multiple games. They’re not gunna overlapd are they? Like I’ll be able to play in them all? And if they do will I get the entry fee back?

  5. Deadbody infinites are allowed to gain a positional advantage, but not to delay the game. From the MvC2 part. Does that mean Mags infinite is not allowed?

  6. Double Elimination means you have to lose 2 “Matches” and not rounds right?

Thanks for your time

You can always ask someone to borrow their controller

you can configure whatever you want - this isnt gamestop


you will be able to play them all

if you are referring to mags dead body infinite, then it is only to gain positional advantage. if you are referring to launching the helper repeatedly until they die, of course it’s allowed


Thanks for your time

Thanks a lot for the help.

Outside food and drink is prohibited. You must either get the food from us, or dont get it at all.

As far as a dress code, anything that could potentially harm someone else is not allowed (ie) dog collars with spiked, belts with sharp objects etcetc.

So there’s going to be food provided in the ballroom this year? Every other Evo tournament allowed people to bring in food from the food courts at the hotel. Long as it tastes good I guess. I didn’t really read the thread so if there’s some obvious answer to this that I haven’t read you don’t have to respond. :lol:

Food brought into the ballroom has NEVER been allowed. If we decide to cater the event, that will be the only food allowed in there, otherwise you need to eat in the food court.