Evo Noob Questions

Hey, i’ve been searching the Evo 09 page to find out a few things but can’t seem to get what i’m looking for.

Basically i’ve never been but would love to attend this year. Here are a couple quick questions that i can’t find an answer to:

-Is it open to the public? (i assume so)
-How much is it to attend?
-Do you have to register before hand?
-Can you go to just watch?
-Can anyone sign up for the tourneys?

Thanks in advance!

Yes it’s opened to the public
If you just attend without participating it’s free.
We don’t know yet if you have to register before hand but last year you had to.
Yes you can just go to watch.
Anyone can sign up.

registration will remain the same for this year as well, it is mandatory if you are playing in our tournament.

spectating is free.

Nice, posted the exact same questions I was looking for.

I’m pretty stoked that Evo’s in Vegas… too bad it’s at the Rio, that’s like the furthest hotel from me, lol.

-I heard there’ll be plenty of playing on brought consoles and what not, are spectators eligible to play in that area?

-Are there good times to come and hang out casually?

-Also, where in the Rio is it going to be held?

What is the usual cost if you are a participant?

Last year registration was $30 to enter and $10 per tournament.

That was if you registered way in advance.

Hi, I’m new here too, so I’m a little lost. Is there any information yet about when sign up will be? If not, how far in advance has signup begun in the past?

Dont worry it will be release pretty soon.

Hotel booking is now available at the evo rate and Wiz and crew is good about getting the signups started months in advance.

Just keep checking this area or evo2k.com or the srk mainpage.

What is the intro song to the evo2k7 and 8 dvd? Please help.

07 was “Learn to fucking read” and 08 had “learn to fucking read - the remix”

Damn couldnt find learn to fucking read the remix >< oh i found another song though “Go suck my dick so dry you choke on it” :smiley: hope you enjoy it

Ok, thanks Humbag for the info, I have another question, I know the Evo Championship is in Vegas, and I just read a thing about an Evo North tournament near Chicago in June, are there other areas that they do tournaments in? I’m from Oklahoma, so I’m looking for something a bit closer, maybe between now and the one in Vegas.

Can Canadians be part of this tournament? If so, I want to be a part of it. The Legends will be coming to EVO 2009 if we have the chance. The Legends will be true Legends there. See you later amigos!! Sayonara!! (Oh new one!!):rofl:

Glad i found this topic. These were the exact questions i had too

Yeah, people from all over the world can play at Evo. Not that there’s that many visitors from outside the U.S, but there you have it!

Does Mr.Wiz like McRibs?

does anyone know the schedule for evo? ie when and where the events will take place?

That will be released later. Though I can’t remember if it’s better pre-registration or after.

Gave him McRibs and you get inside the tournaments for free.lol. UMMM McRibs.