Evo Noob Questions

…Is there a correlation between duration of Evo every year and limited time release of McRobs at McD’s? Hmm…

Damn, I didn’t know it would be close to $30 for entree and $10 for registration. That’s pretty expensive by itself, and even more expensive if you’re going to be entering for multiple games. I thought it would be $10 like the example used in the prize explanation on evo2k.com

Anyways, does anyone know exactly how the games are done with the dates? Is it all the games each day for different sections; quarter, semi, finals, OR is it certain games on certain days played all the way to the end?

If you think 30$ is too much, I paid 50$ last year because I didn’t register first chance. 30$ is totally worth it (hell 50 is too)

I don’t know the exact game schedule but general version is
Friday-saturday: games up to semis.
Sunday: all Finals.

that’s crazy. Well, money-wise, if you’re within the top 3 places, then ur profit is a well-considerbale percentage, but I myself am pretty nub to fighting, and just recently got into 3s, so i expect to get out in the first round since the ppl there will probably mostly consist of ppl that have been playing for years, BUT IT WOULD BE NICE TO AT LEAST GET PAST THE FIRST MATCH, U KNOW? :bluu: not just because the price, but because it would feel great to know I didn’t come to the competition, and lose immediately. Aside from all that, it’s gonna be AWESOME to be able to watch a ton of skilled players.

That’s pretty organized sounding. Thnx. :wonder:

Hey I paid my 50$ last year to go 0-2. And it was damn worth it :rofl:
Plus you got a free t shirt.

and the memories!!!:party:


30$ is expensive? You’re probably not getting to Evo by plane, ha ha :lol:

And yeah, last year it was

Fri: Matches up to top 8 for Game A, Game B, Game C
Sat: Matches up to top 8 for Game D, Game E, Game F
Sun: Remaining matches for all games

You going this year? Did you get your tickets from MTL already? I might have gotten mad lucky and caught a break. Qc-Mtl-Vegas for 400$.

I’m unemployed n live in Vegas.:woot:

I got an Evo Noob Question.

Does Wiz expect anyone to enter MvC2 while the console is TBA?

Damn Valaris, I just bought mine for 560$ (CAD). I need to learn from your elite bargain-hunting skillz.

[]I’m guessing he’ll announce the console that it’s going to be run on today? With the rest of the rules and stuff.

It’s not skills, It’s a compulsion to check Expedia 5 times a day. I once got screwed. In a matter of 30 minutes my tickets to Chicago jumped from 200$ to 800$. I swore I’d never let that happen again.

another noob question where is evo located

It’s at the Rio Suite Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Should I plan on arriving thursday? Does the tournament start early on Friday? What time does evo end on sunday? Is it safe to say I’ll need a room for sunday night?

tournament starts 9am friday, and ends around 10pm sunday night.

I am flying in from Honolulu, to compete and just as well play with alot of you guys in person. Oh and i want the shirt…or many of them lol. I dont remember what year it was but i saw a guy with what looked like an XvSF coulda been marvel EVO shirt. Was pretty bad ass.

So is 3s $20 per team? Do both me and my teammate have to pay $20 or just one of us?

Actually…there’s something that I was wondering:

What makes the side tournies different from the regular evo lineup?