Evo Joystick Thread

Evo is a console tournament. So we have to use a home stick. My question is how do you hold your stick and keep it from moving all around and still have good hand position?

Based on past Evos, these seem like the only options:
1: Sit on the floor
2: Sit on a chair with your stick in your lap
3: Sit on a chair with the stick on another chair.

How do you guys keep your stick from moving all around. The best I can come up with is to sit on the floor with the stick in between my legs, but it still moves around when I’m playing. A chair seems more confortable, but I can’t keep a MAS stick steady on my lap and actually get moves to come out.

What works for you? Discuss.

since I’ll respond first, how about 4: Do it Florida style, hook them shit on milk crates… biatch!

I dont understand why Evo staff wont just add another row of tables in front of the TV’s… they did this couple of years back and it was great… you didnt have to put it on chairs, floors, laps, or whatever…

I really hope they decide to put an extra row of tables in front of the tv’s so people can place their sticks on it.

Just a suggestion


I remember Kris Grytebust once stole a little girl’s jumprope and used it to tie a MAS stick down to a bench for a Philly tournament. :lol:

I play on my lap, but you already knew that, considering we only played a week ago. :slight_smile:

two chair method works great. just put two chairs together then put the stick against the back of the front chair. The trick is to sit in the middle of the two chairs, that way the stick is wedged between you and the back of the front chair

two chairs + two bungee cords = win

The table IMO doesn’t help too much, they aren’t really garunteed to be at a good height, and they could get scratched from ppls sticks. Chairs vary in height, but you at least know your sitting at the same height as the stick, so it’s the same effect everywhere.

You could always weld together a stand like Graham Wolfe’s:

I just put the stick in my lap. I got used to it. It’ll depend based on what happens at tournaments whether or not I’ll decide to do a table thing for future ones.

thats true, although i still don’t get excatly what it is, are there any fullsize shots of it? how is it different than some sort of metal tray table, or something like : http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4213051

nah fuck that,just do that shit florida style and hook them crates up.it works for us:tup:

This man speaks truth. Thats what I do. Just scoot up in your chair so this way stick is at normal height and is between your legs and the back of the chair little movement. This works great for big monster custom sticks and works just as well with Horis and Tekken sticks.


Well, I put a good layer of foam rubber on the bottom of the sticks I’ve made , and they work alright whether they are in your lap or on a table. I recommend getting an 8 dollar TV tray from target and using that. Thats what we do at my place. anyway, if you have a Happ based stick, you are probably more likely to put stronger pressure on your stick movements, moving that thing around if it is in your lap, so I’d say the TV tray thing is your best bet.

DevilJin 01, how is that stick holding up? I’m working on a new happ one if you think you’d like to trade up. I’ll PM you when its done.

two chair method works the best imo. oh and kinda off topic but my stick is kinda broken, anyone have any idea where I can buy a mas where I don’t have to mod the parts myself?

What kind of mods do you do to it? I know dreaded fist on the trading forums/tech talk can do a happ stick for a really good price that is custom, I’d prefer those. He does quick work, too, if getting soon is an issue.

sitting in a chair with the stick on my lap.

the wolfe stand r0x0rz…patent pending…

FMJ. The difference is how sturdy the stand is. If you buy any cheap one, it tends to be flimsy. One made of metal will have a certain amount of weight to it which stablizes and absorbs movement. Of course, that depends on how you use the joystick. Some move a lot, some move a little.
Anyway, to stay on topic. I play either on my lap or a dinner tray table.

I play on my lap. But for games like 3s or CVS2 you definitely need something sturdy. btw tables would be great IMO

That’s the real winner right there, 2 crates, 2 bungie cords, 1 winner… the holder of that creation… FLORIDA!!!

Potter can sit on that, and twist… haha

anyone have a solution for something you can carry on a plane and lug around with you all day?