Evo General FAQ

I made one last year so I figured I’d update it. I’m sure the Cannons, S-Kill and Wiz will edit as they see fit.

What is Evo?
Evo (short for Evolution) is the worlds largest fighting game event. Going on for now over a decade, Evo is the must-attend event for fighting game fans and competitors all over the world. Over three days, Evo hosts a variety of fighting game tournaments, exhibitions, and a free-play area where gamers can compete, meet up, and generally have a good time.

Who?s in charge of this mess?
Joey Cuellar (MrWizard), Tom Cannon (Inkblot), Tony Cannon (Ponder), and Seth Killian (s-kill).

Where is Evo this year?
This year Evo is at Caesars Palace Resort. Here is a link to the reservation site: http://events.signup4.net/EVO2010
The link also includes the hotel?s address, and room rates. Please note you must be 21 and have a debit or credit card to book a room at Caesars Palace

When is Evo?
This year Evo is July 9th-11th

Once I arrive at the Las Vegas airport how exactly do I get to Caesars Palace?:
Good question. The Las Vegas airport provides 24 hour Taxi and Shuttle service to and from pretty much any hotel in Vegas. For Caesars Palace, expect a cab fare of around $20 each way.

The ?Showtime Shuttle? is available at $6 one way or $11 roundtrip. You can find the shuttle at door 13 at the airport.

What?s the Schedule?
The detailed schedule will be released a week before Evo. The tournaments will run from Friday through Sunday. Expect Super Street Fighter IV to take a very long time.

How long does Evo run each day?
Usually each event day ends from 9am ? 11pm. Friday and Saturday are all the pools play for each game, usually 3 games each day. The Finals for all games are on Sunday, and usually run to 11pm.

What games are at Evo?:
There are 6 official Evolution games. They are as followed:
Super Street Street Fighter IV (PS3)
Super Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
Tekken 6 (PS3)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PS3)
Melty Blood: Actress Again (PS2)
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (Wii)
SSFIV Female Only Invitational! (PS3)

I’m going just to watch, or to support a friend. Do I have to pay the cover charge or any fees?
No, the whole weekend is FREE to watch and use the BYOC area. Other special events, like beta test games however will require a badge to play.

But Evo Staff! Why isn’t said game in the line up.
Easy. BlazBlu scene volunteered dropping out of the Evo line up since everyone has moved on from Calamity Trigger to Continuum Shift, thus it was replaced with MvC2.
3rd Strike is not in the evo line up due to the evo staff felt the end votes weren’t accurate due to several reasons. Although it didn’t matter because Melty Blood: Actress Again and Marvel still had substantially more votes.

Why is there a Female Only SSFIV tournament? That’s stupid.
I agree. It’s absolutely stupid to try and widen our scene and fighting game interests as a whole. Quit thinking like a 5 year old. You aren’t going to get cooties.
Not to mention this is NOT an official game in the line up. It is a invitational SIDE EVENT. So it doesn’t take away anything from Evo, if anything, it adds even more hype.

How are the official tourneys run?
In general our tournaments are double elimination brackets. Check our Players? Guide for details including how the pools are run and game-specific rules. This is a must read for tournament players.

What If I cant attend Evo, can I get a refund or transfer my entry?
The Evo Registration Fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. Please be very careful before registering. Also all registrations are final. This means once you submit your registration, there is no editing it. If you wish to register for additional games, you must register again and pay the cover charge again.

Sounds fun! Where can I register?
Registering site is not up yet. Will edit when registration is open. Along with registration and tournament fees info.

I just registered, how do I know my name is on the list?
If the money is deducted from your credit card or paypal account, you are on the list. Just to be sure, we will release the brackets online about three days before the tournament. You can reconfirm then, and you can contact staff if you aren?t on there or have any concerns. And for tournament organizing purposes you will be given a lanyard with your name on it as well so we can keep track of you.

Is the BYOC section free?
Yes. You don?t have the pay the venue fee to play on the casuals-set ups. You?re more than welcome to bring your own system. The tv?s are provided but keep in mind they are in limited quantities. Try not to have a setup where you?re alone playing the cpu when there?s 20 people on a single setup waiting in line. From time to time people bring their cabs from home or supergun set ups as well.

Do you win money?
Yes. The prize money is split 70-20-10 (changing it to a setup that gives a smaller amount to the top 8 has been discussed lately but I doubt it went through).

Can we use d-pad controllers?

Are wireless controllers/arcade sticks allowed?
As of now, no. This rule might change due to TvC: UAS since madcatz made arcade sticks for the game and would only apply to TvC: UAS. Evo staff will be able to answer this question further.

Is button mapping allowed?

Is Rapid Fire/Turbo allowed?

Are converters allowed?

Is there a XBOX360 to PS3 converter?
There is one that I can think of but it?s nothing worth mentioning.

How bout PS2 to 360/PS3/Wii?:
Yes. There are lag free converters out for all three systems now and readily available.
SRK Member Laugh’s website. He has PS2>Xbox 360 and PS2 > PS3 converters readily available. He ships worldwide from Korea and shipping doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

SRK Member Jinxmitchell’s trading outlet thread. Also has PS2 > 360 and PS2 > PS3 converters readily available. Domestic shipping

PS2 > Wii/GC converter from play-asia.

Are custom arcade stick allowed?
Yes as long as they are not wireless or hacked.

I?m bringing my arcade stick. Any suggestions?
Yup. Most people including ourselves bring our stick(s) in our carry on bag to prevent damage. Sometimes peoples carry on is their arcade stick. But if you want to pack it in your luggage make sure it?s well padded and well secured. You know how airlines can be.

Can you sell merchandise on the evo floor?
No. Outside of Evo, sure. Just not in the rooms where Evo is being held.

Are Drink and Food allowed on the floor?
No, Caesars Palace prohibits outside food to be allowed into the ballroom at any time. If Evo staff decided to cater the event, then you may only eat the food provided, and please CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. We aren?t your mom.

Can you smoke in the ballroom?

Is there an age requirement for Evo?
No. But you will need your parents to sign some paper work if you place in the top 8 of the tournament.

Can you record matches?
We allow recording to the extend that you don?t upload the footage. Please keep it to yourself and for your own personal use. We produce a lot of the footage and dont want any of the footage on the internet before we have a chance to release it.

Nominated for article.

Thanks for the nominations and thank you evo staff for publishing it and posting it on the front page.
Just trying to help in anyway I can. :china: See you guys in, Vegas.

Nominated again. Will there be a DVD for this year’s Evo? Last year there was just the IGN vids.

EDIT: Didn’t realize it was already on the front page. Sorry.

Not to take credit away from Stu but I think he just took the faq we made last year and made the necessary modifications. He might have forgotten to change the part about Evo DVD’s, although who knows, maybe the Cannons decided to switch back to Dvd’s this year. No official announcement has been made as far as I know.

I even put at the top of the page all I did was edit my old one. I don’t know about the dvd’s. So I just kind of left it. :lol:
Like I said in the op. Evo staff will edit as they see fit.

Oh and one rather big request. Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put in the FAQ the reasons why the dustloop forums turned down Blazblue and Marvel got put in over 3rd Strike at Evo? People are asking about that shit every other page and it just needs to be in a FAQ so people stop asking. Explaining why the women’s tournament doesn’t replace the spot of another event would be cool too but not really as necessary. If you could tell people to stop crying about it that’d be completely unnecessary but also welcome.

I tried asking this in another thread with no luck, so I will repost:

Will BYOC will be closing at 9pm every night again? That really caught us off-guard last year, and made running side tournaments a lot more of a headache.

byoc closes when the tournament ends for the day, we finished early last year =)

Not to beat a dead horse, but can we put in the faq a section on people needing to use deodorant?

No. You can’t control the fact that certain people have shitty oral hygiene/common sense.

Translation Stu doesn’t want to put any on :arazz:

just avoid anyone wearing anything ICP-related and you should be fine

Thanks for the response Mr. Wiz, I’ll keep an eye out for the schedule and plan accordingly.

Does EVO use ASUS VH236H monitors?

Attendance for people outside USA

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine, very skilled at Tekken 6, wants to attend EVO2010, but we have a minor issue… we live in Brazil. The guy’s nickname is MetalManiac, and some of his work can be viewed in this video:

Well, are there any specific rules for people who come from a country outside USA? Do they have to pass through the qualifiers and stuff like that as everybody else?

Besides that, how can we find information about hotels or places for people from outside USA that are attending to the event as well, in order to divide the costs - which is going to be huge? : (

Thanks for now, people!!!

evo is open for the entire world to come. no qualifiers. look through the evo faq thread please. hotels, stay at the ceasars, if you cant, then there are tons of options that would deserve its own thread, so just use google. if i get the free time, since i live out here, i will maybe make a hotel thread, but who knows, or maybe ill make a vegas faq thread to help people. until then, look in the sticky threads for answers, and since you can use the net, use google.

Don’t worry, I’ll have a can of Axe with me. If someone smells I don’t hesitate.
I had to spray someone at evo2k8, and at EvoEast2k6, I unfortunately had to spray a semi well known marvel player at the time because he decided to skip the shower. buncha bums out there I swear.

Anybody local has super soakers we can fill with soap?

  1. Anyone can attend EVO, there aren’t any qualifiers.

  2. http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=221196 This thread you can see if anyone would wanna share a hotel room. I would suggest staying at Caesars Palace.