Evo canceld?

was it o-o http://evo2k.com/live/

It says 364…

yeah it’s cancelled, now go away

You must be high man its tomorrow.

What time does the live feed start?

I lol’d. I don’t think a time has been announced yet. I’m just gonna wake up at 8 like I normally do and start monitoring this stuff.

I definetly just logged on to post this xD

It sucks that I got stuck working extra this weekend. Oh well.

thread of the year nominee

time for a serious question… can i asume the timezone of the schedule is pacific? i know its a dumb question, but me being tired and waiting for the clock to reach 0 has had my mind wandering many different ways… now im just confused on simple shit

I’m pretty sure it is…

Man, I have to take some placement test till 1. -.- I’m sure the whole tourney starts @ 8. The live stream might start early to show setups I guess. I’ll still be in time for the last portion of the first pools. Maybe…

Mine still has 1 hour left.

This is what I was trying to tell everyone!!


24 min!!!

What sorcery is this


It’s meant to deter retards from actually watching the live feed by making them think Evo was canceled and they have to wait another year until it ACTUALLY happens.

Better latency

Timewarp imo


that clock was never accurate from the start… lol

We have to pay thanks to the f*****s at ign

If your talking about the live stream, then no you don’t have to pay.