Evo Aftermath Vids available here!


Go check out a Duc vs Sanford match and a Daigo vs Valle match all with direct feed, crowd noise and announcers built into one!


Question, Wizard.

Can we expect the DVDs to be released within a fair time frame after Evo? With the sponsorship money, I would think there is money to help with DVD production so you guys don’t have to work with an unreliable distributor like last year. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Yes, expect the DVD to be out faster than any other Evo DVD that has been released.

sick!!! thanks for getting these up so fast


Will the DVD’s be sold as sets or distributed like the 2k5 DVD’s (torrents + isos)?

constructive criticism:
perhaps it would be better to just sync the crowd noise with the video and completely ignore the direct feed audio?
it seems like the df audio drowns out most of the crowd noise.
not sure what the majority here prefers, but i would go with crowd noise over game music.

The direct feed is a lil too loud, but it’s a good start.

dont 4get to combo evo2k5 with this! :wgrin:

second that …
also i wantbetter prices for the DVD packs :wink:


yeah it was very difficult for me to hear the crowd noise. I actually didnt know there was crowd noise until Valle beat Daigo.

My comp is mad slow, so loading both the movies in one browser was very stressful for my computer.

Agreed to the fullest.

I could barely hear people during the Daigo Valle match and I’m sure they were going nuts.

Yea, I was right there on the stage when they were playing, and the crowd noise was much much louder. It seems like the direct feed covers up the crowd noise on both videos. Especially in the duc vs sanford match because we were 1billionx louder. That place felt like it was rumbling!

Make a 2K5/2K6 combo pack please. I had not downloaded the 2K5 videos yet because I don’t really trust PayPal and I don’t want to download without paying like most people; I would imagine anyways.

For those who don’t mind viewing a very low-quality version of the videos on slower computers, check out these YouTube links:

Duc Vs. Sanford:

Daigo Vs.Valle:

  • James

They should lower the game noise (so we can hear bits of it) and higher up the crowd noise

The audio mix is locked: it was recorded as one audio line, so there’s no ability to be more granular. Wizard said this was something they would work on for next year.

Still, hey, crowd noise!!! :tup:

I’ll take anything over nothing. You could still hear the crowd noise anyway. I can’t wait for the dvd

Crowd noise and big beefy announcer :wink: