EVO 2019 Lineup Prediction

i’m not sure if its a proper discussion for this forum, but since the announcement of EVO 2019 , i thought what could be its lineup of games:
Tekken 7
Soulcalibur VI
Dead or Alive 6
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Fighting EX Layer
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy
what is your prediction?

Tekken 7
Soulcalibur VI
Dragon Ball FighterZ
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
Street Fighter V - Arcade Edition
Super Street Fighter II X


Street Fighter V
Tekken 7
Soul Calibur 6
At least one Smash game
Hopefully not two

After that I don’t know, there’s a lot of new and old titles that could make the cut or not.

Will Samurai Shodown be good enough to make the list I wonder / hope!

usually the lineup is announced 6 months before the event itself. so i don’t think Samurai Shodown will make it to EVO 2019. it does have a chance of making it to EVO 2020 though.

tekken 7
smash ultimate


melee (one smash game is enough tho)

I want to see:
3rd strike (will never happen though)

Dbfz had the highest turn out at evo this year. It’ll be back.

SFV will be there due to numbers and prize money.

Smash ultimate is a given. So is melee. The numbers for melee are consistently some of the highest at evo. It’d be dumb to turn away that kind of money

Sc6 will probably be there.

Tekken 7 will probably be there.

with Soulcalibur VI and Cross Tag Battle being a part of EVO Japan 2019, i won’t be surprised if they will be a s a part of EVO 2019 aswell.

See 2nd post of this thread…

Super Turbo is not going to be back into the tournament rotation. Stfu.

and Melee will most likely be dropped from EVO 2019 altogher. not to mention the Resurgance if 3D fighting games will mean some companies(eg. Netherrealm) could not have a game in the main lineup this year.

That video is garbage. It’s just a bunch of what if’s and yeah buts. Tekken is an amazing game but still gets some of the lowest turnouts in tournaments outside of EVO, Soul calibur will likely die out by next year unless it’s consistently updated with actual good content, DOA has always and will always suck and I wouldn’t get my hopes up about a new virtua fighter. Sega renewing the license doesn’t mean anything l.



2018 -> 2019

  1. SFV -> returns, 100%

  2. T7 -> returns, 100%

  3. IJ2 -> most likely replaced by MK11. If that doesn’t come out, the game is phased out entirely

  4. BBTAG -> probably returns. It’s had a strong showing for a first year with over 1000 people

  5. DBFZ -> returns, 100%. Hopefully there’s another World Tour for it next year and they don’t take an eternity actually kicking it off

  6. Xrd -> 50/50. It’s a part of the Arc World Tour and EVO 2019 is included in the schedule but this would also be the game’s 5th consecutive year at the event. They might limit it to just BBTAG

  7. Smash Melee -> returns, 100%. It’ll never leave as it brings a shitton of money to the EVO orgs

  8. Smash WiiU -> replaced by Smash Ultimate

  9. … -> DOA6. New game, it’s gonna be featured at least at one EVO. Although chances of it making into the main lineup are real low, the community isn’t big enough

  10. … -> Soulcalibur VI. This one’s absolutely getting in. It’s been a while since a SoCal game was featured at the event (in fact it hasn’t appeared since like 2012), so guaranteed it will be in for at least one year. Depending on Namco’s plans for this game it might even see its own esports league to add another incenctive for people to compete and take the game seriously

So ideally that leaves us with 8-9 games in the lineup. I don’t know if they intend on limiting it to 8 still like last year, but I feel like they should expand it back into 9 or even experiment and go to full 10 games. Imagine if UNIST got a main lineup EVO entry?

And you reply with an incredibly shitty article. :+1:
Also lol @ you thinking melee isn’t going to be at Evo. That’s really funny. That game brings so much money to evo. They’re not going to abandon it

with Samurai Shodown announced to come out in Q2 2019. it might be in the lineup of EVO 2019. so that thankfully throws SNK Heroines out of the window.

SNK heroines was never in the running to be at a Evo. It’s silly to think it even has a chance.

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neither of those two will make it to be a evo main title.
the competition is way to big.