EVO 2019 Lineup Prediction

Well then… MK11 is official and is coming out in April. RIP Injustice 2

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doing a redo of my prediction:
Tekken 7
Soulcalibur VI
Dead or Alive 6
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Street Figher VI
Mortal Kombat 11
Samurai Shodown VII

Trolling or not you’re fucking stupid. Stop posting.

mvc4 announcement at capcup and my list will be right. :coffee:

Capcom Cup is a week away, we will know what Capcom has in store for us by Dec 17th(by coincidence its the last day of Jump Festa 2018).

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The omitting of DBFZ is seriously surprising. Most of the player base is based in Japan/Asia.
KOFXIV being there is super suspect.

Markman said that basically Toei were being dicks and that’s why DBFZ isn’t allowed to be at the event

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thats evo Japan :coffee:

the omitting of Infinite from EVO 2018 was just as surprising(even if the lack of X-Men pretty much tarnished the game’s reputation). KoF is considered to be Street Fighter’s main competior in Asia.

No. It wasn’t.

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