EVO 2015 lineup announced

EVO Lineup announced:

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U
  • Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN
  • Killer Instinct
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Tekken 7 (arcade)

MarkMan mentioned that Namco will bring a playable version of Tekken 7 to various events this year for players to try out before EVO.

I’m kind of bummed out that there’s no KOF this year.

So what are your thoughts with this lineup?

It’s a good lineup.

kinda would have wanted blazblue instead of persona arena…especially since they added some new characters…other then that really good line up

blazpoo not returning is a shame for the weeb acolytes, game had a good showing last year
Marvel, melee, and sf4 were givens
smash u getting in is kind of lame, but it’s not all that surprising
KI is a goddamn disgrace
MK x will die in a few months probably. It’s pretty dumb how they add games to the lineup that aren’t even close to release. For all we know, MK x could turn out to be trash.
Tekken 7 - sure
Poosona - Probably controversial putting this over blazpoo, but I guess Mcribs has to limit the amount of animu
X Turd- Sure

Good lineup. KI shouldn’t be there; we all know why it is. KOF not returning isn’t surprising consider how wiz didn’t seem to want the likable KoF commentators on. He probably doesn’t want the game back.

Great lineup, IMO.

I may go for MK Ecks. Would be cool if they also have SFV at EVO this year!

Well I said if Smash 4 was there I’d finally make my way back. It’s happenin’ baby!

Having two Smash games is disappointing. It could have gone to a different game. Either that or expand the time of the current roster on the main stage. I just don’t see the point of two Smash games. To me, it’s akin to having Marvel 3 and Ultimate Marvel 3 at the same tournament.

IMO Smash only should have gotten in once. Either Melee or the wii u version. With the extra slot then going to BlazBlue. They had great support last year and I know the community is disappointed they won’t be back this year.

Smash runs for a very long time and usually goes into overtime. I really wonder how they are going to handle finals day this year.

Just like how MK9 died in a few months, right? Not like that game was on Evo for three years or anything.

BB might have made it in if it wasn’t for the fact that not many care about 2.0, both in the States and in Japan and elsewhere.

Why is there two smash games ?

Where’s War Gods?

Only reason MK9 died is because they released Injustice

Just to let everyone know, the registration is live now.


wonder if anyone will enter the MKX tournament at EVO who are not from Europe, South America, or North America…

Hey,does anydoby here knows what’s the match rules of Evo 2015? Because it’s my first time using shoryuken since last late December and Gonna enter Super Smah Bros Wii U tournament. :confused:



might as well start making smash boards the hub for evo. who thought they’d see the day when ken is in less evo games than mario??