EVO 2010 Combo Project

After messing with the combo system in TvC and seeing a lot of creative stuff from both western and Japanese sources, I was thinking about putting together a video to debut at EVO. However, there are a couple of potential issues with that. The first is that EVO is quite a ways away and tons of stuff can and will be found in the months leading up to it, thus, most of the stuff we do right now will be eclipsed by then. Not that big of a deal, however. The other issue is community involvement and/or interest.

I don’t really see much posting on this board, perhaps partly due to people thinking TvC isn’t a good game, partially because online is hit/miss, and partially because the majority of the more dedicated fighting game players play on 360/PS3. Who knows. My real question is: “would you think it would be worth making a big combo project for EVO entirely based around TvC?” and also “is anyone interested in contributing!?”

There are a ton of smart and creative people on this board and I’d love to collaborate on something special for our big tournament this summer. I’ve already gotten the OK to play it before TvC finals, which would really give it some exposure and get people hyped for the game… so now it really comes down to “interest”.

Who’s interested?

- Overview-

Alright, so the idea is to showcase crazy TvC stuff. Combos, set-ups, resets, glitches, and anything else we can come up with. Any character, no rules, anything goes. I’d prefer if we could have at least 1 combo per character, but it would be great to have multiples for every character in the game.

I’ll use this thread to collate all the suggestions and crazy techniques. We don’t need to list every combo that is going to be showcased, but keep track of the weird techniques or glitches or anything else that we plan to include. It could be as simple as “Batsu jump B loop” or “Roll inf against Tekka” etc. This way, we can go for as much variety as possible.


6696 Dash Combos



Combos using multiple j.C
Comboing full-screen after 46C
Interesting Reset Options


Corner Dive Kick Loops
Coast to Coast (4x Dive Kicks)
Jump B Loop


Corner TK L3 > 623PP Super…


OTG Insanity
Anti-Giant Combos


Weapon Switch Combos


Tekka Inf


“Spin” to Relaunch / Tag In etc.
Unblockable / Reset Options


Issen - BRQ - Loop
Combo Into Oni Mode - Loop
Rampage Stun (623PP first hit only)


Red Hot Kick BRQ Combos
Desperado Super -> Juggle etc.


Zero Rekkoha DHC Pop Up Glitch
Zero Rekkoha Invincibility Frames
Zero Buster Shot Corner Loops
Zero Sougenmu Infinite (?)



Tree Loops (?)



Joe the Condor:

Shuriken Loops
Bird Missle Combos (?)


Lightan Loops!


Lance Throw © > Tek Win (A) > DHC Voltekka to Karas

Tekkaman Blade:



Reset Madness
Corner Loops (if still applicable)


Damage On Level 3 Mash Super

This sounds pretty cool. I know Joe the Condor can do some ridiculous combos in the corner with air shuriken, that’d be something good to add for him. Also he has a few very specific assist combos into bird missile which are pretty sweet.

And I think it goes without saying that frank’s 100% combos need to be in there.

Personaly I’d love to see something like this an put fourth anything that I can come up with (although I doubt much will be useful).

Well I’m not nearly experienced enough to make any use of this but with the introduction of scaling reset on the VAR, any character with an arial move that can make the opponent spin in the air can tag in, do that move land before the opponent and continue with less scaling, so far I’ve only been able to use it to unscale certain ground level 3s bt there may be some more application to it.

(In fact I think that you could dash in after landing with Chun as a partner and DHC into her kicking super that launches for a relaunch, really should’ve tested it earlier when I was recording the characters whos level 3s worked with it but I was a bit frazzled at keeping dashing into Saki’s level 3 rather than her beam or just missing the dash altogether and the idea of it was completely flushed out of my mind)

So far the character I’ve been attempting it with is [media=youtube]lr2lIgU5kW4"[/media] since I don’t know anyone else with an arial move that can make the opponent spin in the air.

Great idea trag. Here are some ideas for yatterman-1 from it’s own thread


Crazy resets and combos

2A, 2B, 3C, j.B, j.B, j.623A, TK j.623C, ground dash, 5A, 5C, 3C, j.B, j.B, 623C, 623C, airdash, j.B Or airdash j.C 17k

2a2b3c j.b j.b dp c dp c airdash j.c 13k

low reset
the gap between the dp a and dp c needs to be tighter otherwise youlll get a ground dash.
2a2b3c j.b j.b dp a dp c airdash j.b 12k

tons of possibilities off of this, alot of it depends on your assist.
mashing assist when you are about to land is a good idea, if they are this low you can call them right as you touch the ground.

yatterman #2 polymar and karas work particularly well right here, roll and any anti air assist are also excellent choices, but anyones assist could work here pretty much.

2a2b3c j.b j.b dp a dp c airdash wait for uncombo j.a

Corner loops

Corner loop (ryu assist):
j.C, P, j.C, dj.C, 2C, 6C, [214A > A > B, 5C, 3C]x4, 214A > A> j.B, j.623A, 2A, 5C, 3C, 214A > A > B, j.236A, 2A, 5C, 236A, P, j.B, j.623A, 2A, 5C, 236A, 623A+B

Hope it helps.

Lightan loops dawg!

Zero Rekkoha DHC pop up glitch.
Zero Rekkoha invincibility frames (looks funny when someone tries to super you and misses lol).
Zero buster shot corner loops.
Zero Sougenmu infinite.

Combos utilizing the 6696 wavedash.

Stuff like dat, yenno!

I’m not sure if it would help very much, but I’d be happy to contribute my Polimar combos if they seem fit for a combo video. I use Polimar as a real point character and tend to refrain from getting easy damage from the simple grab reset.

With Chun, with your back to the corner and your opponent next to you:
Tigerknee Chun’s level 3 super - when it finishes and you land perform her 623+2 attacks super, this’ll corner juggle and launch the opponent… and let your creativity shine after that. A pretty variant is to perform an variable aerial rave into Saki w/ her 22C shot charged to get a relaunch combo.

I really like this idea. As for my suggestion, the video should show some Rock combos that make good use of his weapon changes.

Here’s one I found with Tekkaman and Karas

use Tekkaman’s chargeback lance throw (c version) midscreen and then use the A tek win to grab the opponent. Immediatly VHC with Voltekka as the starter. The opponent gets blasted to the other side of the screen, then Karas’s super finishes and sends them right back over to Tekkaman, who can then hit them to continue the combo.

I haven’t been able to re-launch but I’m sure it’s possible somehow. If you could relaunch it would lead to some incredible damage.

Don’t forget to post how to do the stuff you want to see. I’ll use the top post as sort-of a reminder, but I still need to know how to recreate the stuff you are suggesting! =D

Feel free to use any of the Tekkaman combos listed here: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=224622

I’ve been wondering about the activity on this forum myself. The game seems really popular sales-wise and there was a decent amount of hype for it earlier, but the forums here are largely inactive.

At any rate, I’d love to see this at Evo. There’s always some kind of awesome combo video madness going on there, and TvC is the perfect game for it.

purify, yea… there isn’t much chatter on the boards for TvC. I don’t know if the game is any “good” or not, but I do know that there are some fun ass combos in the game! From what I’ve read about CGoH, and the changes they’ve made to UAS, it sounds like they really took a step in the right direction. Perhaps people are still caught up in the stigma (if one exists) about the JPN version… who knows.

At any rate, I think we can really show off some stuff and get people interested. MVC2 is on its last legs… and wasn’t even going to be at EVO this year until BB stepped down. The community needs a new versus game. The real question is… how broke is it? Then again, how broke is MVC2? LOL!

I would be SUPER excited to see a TvC combo video for Evo. It will then show the community how fun this game really is.

I would like to see Doronjo’s Tree loops.

Here is the vid http://dic.nicovideo.jp/v/sm5707264. This is in CGoH though and the tree’s properties have been changed. I will see if I can find a way to do it.

Puff, sweet! Let me know if you can get it to work in UAS.

Put the notation for yatter-1 combos.
Thank EmptyShiki for the reset madness and stuff.

Kick-ass Bauer!

here’s what I meant with Joe the Condor’s bird missile combos


scroll down, it’s the last video

Not really combo related but Saki is on the Capcom side rather than the Tatsunoko side.

Anyway thanks for taking her stuff into consideration.