Evil's joystick designs

Started designing my joystick a few weeks after console release of SF4
gone through many different designs now and hours and hours of work.
This is my first time designing a joystick so there may be aspects of the
joysticks general design that i may miss. I would like your input. This is a
personal joystick but i plan to improve my designs as i receive more input

This is the design im going with for now, the graphic was just a place holder.
im not sure what im actually putting in there quite yet.
Materials:** Acrylic glass (ie plexiglass)
Very basic construction as this is more of a design build. Additional
steps will be taken into the construction as time goes on. the pieces are
lazer cut then laminated and finished with a router, sand blaster, and a big
buffing wheel with rubbing compound to polish


Joystick: Sanwa JLW - White - Balltop
(was suppose to be a JLF but my order had a few confusions. But not to
worry i have a few design modifications to hopefully improve its overall
performance. Eventually i will get a JLF)

Buttons: Sanwa 2x OBSF-30 - Black, Sanwa 6x OBSN-30 - White

Board: PS3 DS3 w/ ShinJN’s AXISdapter

ok, enough of that. now remember these are all renders the case it self is being built right now, ill have progress photos when i have them.



this is the actual design im going with right now. much more space and mass.


let me know what you think

all comments and critics are welcome.


I like the first and third. The second seems a bit small :confused:

yea the second i was going for ASAP (as small as possible)… :lame:

just need to get it out of my system. after playing with the TE, SE and spending
time at the arcade its pretty obvious that you need the mass, especially a laptop

thanks for your input

pretty interesting stuff, what did u use to render out the sticks?

Im actually designing my own sticks as well, and one thing i would say is that the first stick is aesthetically nice, but I wonder how my wrist/arm would rest on the slant…the slant on the fightsticks seem to relate a lot like how some keyboards have the slant infront of the keys…http://www.virtual-hideout.net/reviews/microsoft_4000_kb/image26.jpg

the middle stick i think ive seen before, and the third looks like the TE stick…overall though I’d like to see ur final prototypes, keep up the good work :smiley: if you combined all 3 i think the stick would be pretty sleek and practical

The second one would be ok if you ditched the extra two buttons and moved the whole lot over to the right a bit so there was more space for your left hand.

I like the third design too.


I use Maxwell render to do these renders.

i also like the first design alot, but that is more of a table top design where the wrist would actually use the slant for support. the second stick again was just one of those just need to do it so i know what it looks like type things. And yes the last one is very TE like only because of the use of blacks and whites as well as the chamfered edges. But design wise the variation of such should not be judged. But i do agree very TE

hopefully i will have more knowledge once the first one is done. Prototyping is difficult especially when its done all in spare time…

thanks for your input

I like No.1, seems ergo for the wrists.

I really like the first one. Good stuff.

Love the first, second look too easy to toss across the living room and the 3rd just looks like a mini TE.
Although did I mention I really like the Sakura one?

I like the third.

Really liking the 3rd one.

awesome, thanks guys. i will definitely look more into design 1. and who doesnt love sakura right?

cool. thats wicked sick yo nice job:tup:

First and third are my favorites, props on the renders.

first one = win.

Absolutely LOVE the 1st one. Second one seems odd, and the third kinda fits in with how most cases/sticks are. The 1st would give you a design that people could actually identify with your name(IE Finkle, Norris, Kaytrim). Just my humble opinion.

Wow those renders look really good! I think the First one has it’s own style and would stand out from the crowed. Although I might lessen the angle of the front panel just a hair. might look a little more comfortable for the wrists. I have to admit I am a little drawn to the last one for some reason ??? :wink:

i really like the first one, but i dont think ill be using it, because the space to the left of the joystick is too limited, its hard to move when the space is too narrow, if you widen the space out a little bit like the 3rd one, it would be perfect…btw your graphic skill is amazing, i thought that was a real stick!

The 3rd one is my favorite, but I think you need to move the joystick down a bit so that its in between the LP and LK buttons. The screws that you have on there need to countersink into the panel otherwise it will be uncomfortable.

1st one is actually cool though, but I kinda think the joystick is too far to the left and theres no palm rest area.

If you’re going to make your own joystick and this is your first time I highly suggest that you spend less and learn more with your first build. You learn a lot on the first and second builds.

like the 1st and the 3rd one. id buy the 1st one if it was a lil bigger. maybe its just the angle but the stick would look better and feel better imo if it was moved in more. overall just make it a bigger