Everyone needs to start playing in private servers

Omg it fucking blows everything away in terms of lag. Last night I hosted a 2 man server and we both put it on lan setting (60 keyframes) just to try it out. I’m on long island and he’s way up in upstate NY about 6 hours away. We had like no fucking lag, when we pressed something the shit came out instantly. Very rarely we got a little frameskip or something but it was better than anything I’ve ever seen in online fighting games.

I tried the same thing with a doujinishi_2001 and he’s from florida and we had like no lag for a little while but it started fucking up and we switched to excellent. There was very very small button delay but extremely playable. Way better than playing in one of the regular servers.

Anyway if youguys get a goof host with a nice amount of upload (me lol ) and your not too far apart from eachother you should be able to get very very very good speeds. It’s definetly the way to go and people please don’t pass this up. I almost shit myself when i pressed jab and the shit came out at the exact same time i pressed it. If theres some button delay at all it’s not even noticable.

Just want to say for some reason ST is a little more framey than any of ther other games that run on kaillera. All the games seem to have a slight frameskip online but st seems to show it a little more sometimes. Still at least you can react to shit on screen.

WoW. Someone from US finally learned how kaillera is. Anyways, for better performance, don’t make your server public. Or you’ll get pinged by 100 different people every minute.

I took your advice on hosting a private game and it worked great. Random lag spikes were reduce dramaticly. It’s crazy how many people ping your server in just a few minutes lol. I had 4 people in a game last night playing a2 and it was like playing with frameskip 1-2 without the hinderance of the insane button delay. I’ll take a 1-2 frameskip over button delay with no problem. The delay is what lets people get away with all the BS.

This only works for playing people you already know though. GodWeapon offers a wide variety of players, that’s why people still frequent it despite its problems.

Yeah but you could always grab peeps out of the godweapon server and tell them to come to yours or just post up on srk that you want to play. Most people that know what they’re doing post at SRK anyway right? Why even play all the random people in godweapon? I dont see why people cant just post up that they want to play and create a server. It takes like 2 seconds. This is the matchmaking forum right? Instead of meeting up in godweapon just make a server.

Everyone should start keeping in touch on aim. I’d much rather put a little work into finding people to play instead of jumping into a game with lag that makes it so people can scrub out wins on you. It’s not even fun playing like that. Imo this is the only way worth playing.

Everyone that I got in my games so far are just fellow posters on srk. I just hit them on aim and say lets play and bam. Shit I’ll play the same 3 or 4 people everyday with minimal lag before i play 100000 different people with lag that destroys the play mechanics of the game.

Shit 4 people at a time in a game is all you need. You get a decent variety and can just switch games whenever. If we build up enough players that like hosting small private servers they’ll be tons of people to play.

The wide variety of players also have no idea how to play.

QFT… Please people! Private servers!

How do you make your own server? Can you do it if you’re behind a router with a firewall?

You would have to open the right ports or just set the pc hosting the server to the dmz host.

yeah…the lag was very very playable. I would even go as far as saying it was better than xbl

Chem I don’t like you :mad:

lol firewall. WoW. There are newbies in this forums too? never mind. I guess kids still go to random porn sites and get themselves infected.

There is nothing magical about hosting a server unless you are behind a router. All you have to do is edit the configuration file and make sure its not public. If you are behind a router, you’d have to make sure that the router forwards all ports to the machine running the server by default. Thats about it. And get rid of your useless firewalls and those bullshit. The only thing they are good for is slowing your system down. All you need to do to protect your system is clean it up and not do random. It worked for me for last 5 years.

I am on 256/64kbps adsl connection and it laggs whenever I have more than 3 people with one being me on the same machine as the server. Which makes sense. Of course, if you are thinking about hosting server for more people, you are better of consulting with those professional hosters with proper server machines and better than 64kbps upload speed.

That’s the thing though. You need to play people like that to learn how to deal with random/strange shit. Otherwise you could easily lose to something stupid even though you have good footsies and combos and whatnot.

Yeah but basically your playing random people that have no idea what they’re doing (in lag) Instead of playing with people familiar with SF in a really good connection. Forget that man, you should come play in my server sometime.

Just do what I do. Keep your connection on excellent.
When people join, hit start and let them see the error message.
They’ll either leave and make their own game, or change their connection and rejoin.

But they still don’t know how to play. Why should i have to worry about someone being random, if I want to play someone who knows how the game works??

I have a question. when making a private server when you have a router, what type of program do you set it too?

and the port is 27888. right?

what do you mean what type of program?

All i do is forward port 27888, rename there server, set the limit to 2-4 people and that’s it.

I’m guessing if this random-ass somehow got into a tournament, then you wouldn’t have to worry to him.

If all you know how to do is fight players who play carefully and pay attention to what you do, I can almost guarantee you’ll lose to someone who spams jump-ins or something.