Ever get harassed for fighting games?

What a coincidence Arturo and Keits talk about getting physical because of fighting games in today’s community cross up…

I was at CF today in NYC, and I almost had some guy pummel my skinny ass down today because I anti-aired him 3 times in a row using back roundhose with Dhalsim. He was using Akuma, and lost a chunk of health (it was the beginning of the round) and got pissed and started screaming at me. He called my a pussy, banged on the machine, and left his game there. Some Zangief player just picked it up and owned me because I don’t know how to play Sim. :sweat:

I wonder what would have happened if he knew how to block and I grabbed him for the kill. :confused::sweat:

Anybody else experience anything similar?

i dont know the exact title of the thread,but there was one a while ago about peoples old school stories of fights and the like while playing video games growing up, and stuff. yes it happens, and has happened. it was a pretty big thread if you feel like reading it for your own personal interest. do a search for it. maybe something about the golden era, or something, i forgot

I almost got into a fistfight at Holiday World (an amusement park in Santa Claus, IN) after I raped some scrub in XvSF in 2000. I was using the comination of Sakura/Gambit to really add insult to injury. Dude had to be no younger than 20 (I was 15 at the time), and was asking me to take it outside.

this story is full of lies. xsf using gambit and sakura eh? sakura isnt in xsf =/

this is nothing new. It’s much more rare these days since there aren’t many arcades left for it to happen in. This was common, EVERYWHERE you went, back in the early 90s. It came with the territory. If you were good, you got beatdown some. Even I make a little mention of getting jumped by a gang, in my srk interview.

My friend and I frequenly exchange shoulder punches for doing certain tactics in fighting games. Usually things that aren’t really cheap or broken, but just very annoying. But it’s all in fun and none of us takes it seriously enough to hurt each other.

It’s more of an “omg, stop stalling the match out by running away” boof

or “stop mucking around!” (me playing Xianghua in SCII and taking every chance to get on the ground and spam her temper tantrum attack combined with rolls, even if it always causes me to lose the match.)

then who the crap did i use? i remember getting harrassed, i just can’t remember the exact team yet.

pretty sure gambit was on it though.

may be chun/gambit. that was also the last time i played xvsf. i actually miss that game.

i remember some guy was throwing a tantrum cause he was playing me in T5DR and i kept catching him with lee’s u/f+4. he kept telling his friends “this game is fuckin broken as hell, no way i can get caught by that crap that many times”

now since T6 arrived, alot of people (especially SDT) shows alot of respect and stuff, even to a horrible miguel player like me

Here’s what you do: Go to CF on Fridays. The good players don’t complain.

yeah on vacation i almost got into a fights cause of a fighter. mainly cause i asked them nicely to let me play the game by my self and finish it, after that we could play 2p any time. without listening the guy just shoves his coin in the machine. i actually own the neo and KOF97 (the one i was playing at the cades in 97/98) and started fucking shit up (in the game). after asking nicely again him and some other smaller kids actually kept on doing that shit till i flipped and almost really fucked somebody up. alsmot got into a fight with the guy and 2 of his friends for this BS, and Turkey isnt somewhere you wanna be arrested for a fight (or anything).

Oh my god, I get harassed all the time for playing fighting games.

A dozen hot girls screaming: "aaah it’s deadfrog he plays ST!!!"
Me: "whoa whoa, calm down ladies"
Hot girls: "is it true that you totally destroy scrubs on ggpo??"
Me: "i… no i’ve been trying to tell you i’m really not that good"
Hot girls: "deadfrog show us your fireball trap!!"
Me: "for pete’s sake a lot of guys play street fighter, and i’m an ugly one"
Hot girls: "do a crossup deadfrog we love youuu!!!"
Me: "this is going to be a problem"
Hot girl: “also fuck smash players.”

Jeez, do hot girls ever like guys who play video games too much and too seriously. You know how it is. :smile:

turks are fuckheads even offline


A couple years back i played this cocky ass korean guy in cvs2 in an arcade somewhere in some amusement park somewhere in California (thats how bad my memory is). He was with his dad and was beating the shit out of the computer (wow O.o) and saying some jibberish to the machine while acting like he was the shit. Me naturally, i love playing good people (anybody really >.<) so i got on with him. He smiled and said something to his dad who smiled back. I think i picked iori/terry/ryu and started the match with terry. This guy had sagat, joe and i can’t remember the last guy, didn’t matter cuz he got raped. He beat terry in the first round, didn’t know wtf happened there, but he beat him. After that, i rape him with iori all three rounds back to back. This guy’s dad walks away and then he just flips out and starts swearing or some shit at the screen. He hits the screen and starts flipping it off and then leaves the arcade while looking back at me all pissed off and shit. I play a little while longer and beat the game and leave. Whatever place this was, it had two arcades so i seen him again at the opposite one, this time playing mvc1. So i decide to hop on mvc1 with him again and play him. He’s with his brother or cousin or whatever, so i try to not lose. His brother says something to him and he’s smirking. I guess mvc1 is the game he’s good at because he seemed confident. But luckily i was better at mvc1 than i was at cvs2, so i scrape him in front of his brother. Now this guy gets pissed off and walks off but comes back, and just stands there while i play. I wasn’t scared cuz he didn’t seem to want to fight me but he was frustrated. But i notice they kept getting happy everytime i almost lost against the computer, lol which cracked me up everytime i won. So what i did was get all the way to the end and lost. I walked away and the guy hopped on so he could beat the final boss. Dumb ass nigga didn’t know that i set his bitch ass up, he wasted two fucking quarters on one fight that he actually lost.

Needless to say, i lol’d on the way home. :rofl: Oh, and nobody is stupid enough to fight with me about a fucking game, just not worth it and i won’t partake in it either.

EDIT: LOL someone actually neg repped me for not having paragraphs or indents. What is the internet coming to? ^O^

I take it outside all the time, especially when I win, I like to pummel my opponent’s face in for real, the nerve of them, blocking my Raishin Mahaken.

Playing T4 I once got sucker punched in the mouth for winning a match by spamming Paul’s d+1.

This was console though. : \

…I’m not friends with that guy anymore.

…unless you’re saying you actually owned the cab you’re talking about in this instance, its YOU that’s the douchebag. they don’t put coinslots on arcade games so you can sit there and play by yourself undisturbed.

I’ve had a guy try to beat me up for even picking Dan against him. After winning, I thought he was going to kill me.

Some guy online threatened me with I don’t know what because I double perfected him in st :X

Fighting Gamers who are Bi-Polar usually get pissed off at me…lol I Just laugh, knowing damn well they wouldn’t last a minute with me in a fight.

I went to a local arcade (that closed not too long ago) and played some 3S there on a random Sunday. The people there were good, but I guess I was just on a kick that day (especially seeing as how I play Q).

Well this one Chun-Li player came up to play me and lost. So then he waited his turn and tried again. Lost a second time. Noone wanted to go after him so he went a third time, and well, lost. He played more two more times and lost five times in total. After the fifth loss he literally held his fists at either side of his body and screamed, then promptly punched the right speaker for the set up (it was one of the large screen set-ups with ample room for either player and the monitor attached to the sticks a foot or so infront of you). Then he walked out, leaving a dent in the speaker.

Suffice to say that the dent was there until the end of the arcade.

Not exactly being harassed, but hell that could have been my face.


I fully approve of this topic and will be adding my own story after I link to it in the Arturo Interview.

Okay, so I’m playing MvC1 a lot in Cincy. We have it for my import DC at this time, so we are starting to own the arcade crowd pretty hard at Forrest Fair Mall. I go there with my friend Brian, who is something like 6’2" 240, built pretty well. Strong and intimidating guy. Me, im 5’11" 145, so, not so intimidating.

There is this guy who we play at the arcade a lot on a short win streak with Gambit/??? (i forget), and its my turn. I drop in my quarters and pick Commando/??? (again, i forget). I basically perfect Gambit with my Commando, and he hits the machine REALLY hard and goes out into the hallway (about 15-20 feet from where the machine is, tops). Mind you, he had an entire character left to play against me as, but instead, he went into the hall and started saying “you want a real fight, you little pussy?” and brandishing a knife. This guy was smaller than me, too. I would have kicked the shit out of him. But as he is waving this knife around, my friend Brian steps out, somehow from behind me, and just shakes his head ‘no’ at the guy. Thats it. The guy puts the knife away and leaves. LOL!