European SF2HDR Double Elimination XBox Live Tournament - Sunday 11th April

Well, we’re back! Following on from the Euro fortnightly pools, I wanted to run a one-off event to see how this did, and also so we will be able to get some video coverage of some of the matches. I want to see how popular various kinds of online events are to see what’s the best to do going forward. As usual this is only open to European XBox Live players. If you’re in America and are interested in playing something like this, please check out the WWL instead! :slight_smile:

When: Sunday 11th April, 3pm (15:00 GMT) start. This could take a good few hours, so please be committed to play all afternoon and into the evening if necessary due to numbers.

Location: XBox Live


Signup by Thurs 8th April by posting in this thread to participate, or also by commenting on the duplicate post of this at my website here, or by messaging me over XBL. Please do not signup until you are 100% sure you can play on the date/time above.

Some late signups over the weekend or on the day MAY be allowed, but I cannot guarantee it at this time, it will depend on number of entrants.


Standard Double Elimination format. The number of signups will decide the exact nature of the event. Assuming we get 16 players or less, there will be a 16 player double-elimination bracket with first round Byes assigned as necessary by seeding according to players’ previous performance in the HDR Fortnightly Pools.

I will post matchups for the first tournament round prior to the event, and also send an XBL message each round to all players as to who they are to play next. Tournament rounds after the first will be arranged by XBL messaging. Ie: You will receive an XBL message each tournament round as to who you are to play next.

Each match will be a single best 3 of 5 rounds game (ie: the standard HDR “Ranked Match” setting). All settings must be on default. Akuma (Gouki, Demon) is banned. You can pick any character to play (ie: the standard HDR blind pick). You are free to change character between rounds if you wish.

I recommend using a private 2-player match room on XBL. I will attempt to add all participants to my my XBL Friends List (which is visible) and also to the SF2HDR EU account Friends List so you should be able to find each other and invite each other into games easily.

Reporting Results:

Once your match is completed, BOTH participants must report their results over XBL message to me. All results will collated and later be posted here. (I will attempt to update this thread in real-time if possible too).

As usual, I only need to know who won and who lost, but if you want to report game-round scores or characters used etc, go ahead. If I only get a single report I will consider it accurate (eg: only the winner reports).

In the event people do not play, or their are discrepancies and disagreement in the results reported (or not reported), or any other kind of complaint reported, I will attempt to manage that. Worst case scenario I will have to void the whole event if players do not co-operate, but as hopefully most players will know each other from the HDR Pools, so we won’t have any problems.

Each tournament round (especially if I am not participating due to numbers, or due to having being knocked out!) certain matches will be highlighted to be observed by me, or to be videoed by ScarGfx 360 (ie: I will create a private player room with either 3 or 4 slots, and invite the participants in). The final will definitely be observed and videoed! I will post all results and links to videos later. The videos can be found at the SF2Europe youtube channel.

Good luck and good games!

Remy77077 (provisional, I will drop if it helps numbers)
ScarGfx 360
o Chromium o
Stellar Zero
dav 35
Th Gimp
Bad Worry

im in =)

Count me in too :tup:

I’m up for it.

I’m in too!

Im in too!


is smq back to playing on his old account?

Good to have everyone! And some new players from XBL.

SMQ is going to get his Gold access back by next Sunday he tells me.

I wish you luck with this, it looks awesome. I won’t be around on Sunday, but this is the first tournament I wouldn’t mind entering.

If you need any info regarding video conversion/compression, let me know.

I can’t make next Sunday I’m afraid. Maybe next time.

Thanks Zero1 and 05pro. :slight_smile: Hopefully if this goes well I plan to run more of them!

Im in =)

Im in too.

Great to have everyone! That’s it for signups now, unless someone drops and sends me a replacement for them. I will message you all over XBL to remind you what’s happening.


ScarGfx 360
o Chromium o (bye)
dav 35 (bye)
Th Gimp
JoeDaRipper (bye)
Bad Worry

No shows:


13 entrants

LATE ENTRIES: Entered into Losers Bracket Round 1

Stellar Zero
Averse Bliss

1st Round:

1: dav 35 BYE
2: Tschesae v iLinkin. Winner -> Tschesae
3: JoeDaRipper BYE
5: Bogeuk vs BadWorry. Winner -> Bogeuk
7: o Chromium o BYE
8: WandFeuer vs Th Gimp. Winner -> Th Gimp

Note: Instead of an extra round being entered into the Losers Bracket (2 people have to play an extra round) as would normally be the case for a 13 person double elimination, I allowed 2 latecomers to enter into the Losers Bracket Round 1, and awarded one BYE in the losers bracket to even the numbers.

Oh fuck i thought it was later tonight.

Oh well.

Losers Bracket Round 1:

9: Stellar Zero vs iLinkin. Winner -> iLinkin
10: Averse Bliss vs johnnyrainbow1. Winner -> johnnyrainbow1
11: Bad Worry vs Remy77077. Winner -> Remy77077
12: WandFeuer BYE.

Winners Bracket Round 2:

13: dav 35 vs Tschesae. Winner -> dav 35
15: Bogeuk vs watSMQisCookin. Winner -> watSMQisCookin
16: o Chromium o vs Th Gimp. Winner -> Th Gimp

Losers Bracket Round 2:

17: Tschesae vs WandFeuer. Winner -> Tschesae
18: JoeDaRipper vs Remy77077. Winner -> Remy77077
20: o Chromium o vs iLinkin. Winner -> iLinkin

Winners Bracket Round 3: