European Plexi Cutting (SE very soon)

Hey all,

Had to tidy my first post in this thread as it was a mess. So here is my list of current services…

Standard TE Plexi Plate:

12 for one.
21 for two
5.50 For Precut art supplied by you.
2.50 Next day recorded delivery with Royal Mail

Extended TE Plexi Plate:

13 For one
22.50 for Two
6.50 For Precut art supplied by you.
2.50 Next day recorded delivery with Royal Mail

Full TE Plexi Plate

14 for one
25 for two
7 For Precut art supplied by you.
2.50 Next day recorded delivery with Royal Mail

Countersinking of the plates is possible too, leaves a totally flat surface so you dont rub your wrist or whatever across the dirty big things that stick out of the top. And they dont rust.

Add 1 for this (includes 6 Stainless Steel bolts with same hex size as originals).

Cant make your mind up? All 3 sizes for 30.

Overseas shipping is entirely possible. Just ask me for a quote as I have discounted account with

Trading thread here.

Coming Soon!

SE Plexi Plates :

And custom dust washers with art.

Lookin good man, I’d totally get one if I had a TE, and well, were in the UK lol.

looks a bit thick. is that 1/8 inch?

Just under, 3mm to be precise. Thats a prototype and does indeed fit tho, a few turns with the bolt still happens. I have anything up to 12mm, that was just a bit of scrap hence a few tiny blemishes.

Real intentions are to make a full stick, a mix of aluminium and acrylic but these will do for now whilst brain slowly engages.

First part of stick complete, tomorrow I get my CNC’d rebated MDF tops to slot the acrylic into, which will match the shape of base nicely. The four rounded corners will have rubber feet with bolts through which will hold all 4 layers together (MDF, Alu, MDF and Acrylic). You can get into this thing with a 6mm key in 5 seconds., plenty of working space.

I will be welding a bracket to fit the stick as acrylic doesnt tap too well, its possible but not long lasting. There will be no bolts on show on top surface nor bottom, bar the phillips bolts in the center of feet. Will be powder coated eventually, and MDF thermoformed.

More tomorrow (if you give a shit :stuck_out_tongue: )

More pics…

Picture of top, with scrap acrylic. Will lay in the bevelled edge done by the CNC. Just under A4 size so even I can do the art without shelling out money for an A5 printer.

The lid is exactly the same as the bottom, so art on the bottom is possible, or if you smash your stick against the wall you can swap them over. Altho this thing will be on the heavy side and will probably smash any wall it hits.

Lid off, as said earlier thing will be held together with 4 bolts from the underside on the rounded corners, may rebate the top so it drops in physically or use locators.

Any ideas with colours for the sides? I’m thinking Sunburst orange with nice white graphic, top and bottom is thermoformed black.

Wow, neat design. I like it!

i’m not a fan of big sticks, but i really like the case you are working on. also the button hole plugs are pretty neat!

Thanks for the comments guys, I have more photos.

Acrylic inlaid into the rebated , vacformed top.

With buttons… These were borrowed from a VSHG, will be contacting Gremlin Solutions for button + stick hardware when I get around to it.

Box shot, will be doing a bit more work tonight quite a few pics coming later.

looking really good!

Very nice work there doomy. I live in the UK and was wondering will you bee selling these plexi covers? I would be looking for one if you are.

I sure can sell you one! If you can hang on till monday I should have some concrete details about pricing and the alterations to the prototype completed, buttons fit now but I want it to sit perfect :slight_smile:

Thats great mate. No worries at all. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. :slight_smile:

Are you going to be making a shop out of this? That case looks very nice. Looking forward to it, and great plexis!

Would not call it a shop as such, at the minute im hording plexi off-cuts at work to fiddle around with but should interest get higher I can run full sheets through.

I’m thinking of using my webspace to get the plexi’s on a webpage and a few other things that I might be offering.

Anthing I should be mindful of before I carry on, beer has impeded my process the last few days so before I fabricate a stick mount tomorrow, being my first proper stick do I need to look for anything obvious?

Looking at button placement for the Start/Home buttons etc - sides or back? I really dont like reaching over the back of my TE to press start and seeing as I may be able to make a few, would be worth knowing.

My electronics skills arent too hot either so I hope to make this just PC compatible, would I need a Cthulhu board or is there a cheaper/easier way to do this myself?

Answers on a postcard please :smiley:

TE plexi for me when you’re ready to sell them yea?

1 - depends on where you like your buttons. i like mine on the top of the stick itself unless they can be flush mounted onto the sides of the case.
in you case, it looks like you might not have enough clearance for top bottoms, so sides or back might be your best bet.

2 - best bet for a pc compatible stick is using the cthulhu board. simplest board to setup, especially if you get the non-solder version.

question - how did you make the case itself? did you just get some aluminum pieces at a store and some round pieces they slide over? cause that’s pretty badass

Just spoke to the powers that be and I have been OK’d a sheet of 3mm acrylic to commence with, just need to alter the .dxf file a smidgeon. I have just under 20 posts so I’ll need to work on that too and I am not into spamming so just beAr with me a bit. Will have 30 or so so feel free to post interest and I’ll answer here.

Pixel, yeah it’s an extruded aluminium from here at work, two types to be precise. All locks together with no welding so breaks down for easy access too.

I’ve hap a few pm’s regarding plexi’s but want to stock to the rules unless there is a way out :slight_smile:

I must say its all coming together now. Looking good.