European Plexi Cutting (SE very soon)

Thank you, costing will probably be identical to Art’s prices, with shipping. Certainly wont be anymore. Thanks for interest!

IE around 12 and maybe cheaper for bulk orders.

I’m in for a TE plexi.


put me down for 2 doomy, also will you be able to do any advanced things like the hologram thing art does or even differnt washer designs?

washers would be really nice as well.

If you can make a 1/16th plexi cutout for a hori Ex2 ill order one (from the states even).

Just incase you missed this…

Fantastic to see somebody offering a service like this in the UK.

Are you planning to expand to different stick layouts? I’d love a saturn japanese-style virtua stick plexi top along with another custom panel if you’re interested (will PM once I have the required number of posts!).

Eventually yeah, Its fairly easy to measure up, only problem with this is that I dont have measurements for these. If you can provide me with exact measurements I don’t see why not. I went out and bought a TE stick as I knew they were popular so I have measurements for this one, also the VSHG can be done as I have a few of these too.

I haven’t :smokin:

Washers are doable - though I have not looked into doing them yet. As far as artwork reversed on the back, our CNC is a lot different to arts laser cutter, its not as accurate (I think the tip CAN go to 1/4mm) so things like fonts and graphics can be done though quite time consuming. Ill give it a go when I can, see how well it goes, in fact my stick may fall victim :cool:

yea doomy give it a try, the washers should be a nice bonus for us modders , post some results as i think you will be able to get good custom from us UK srk guys.


Will know wednesday or so about everything, logistics etc involved with the plexi’s. Bear with me please - It’s all go though.

Update 2!

Mounted the stick.

To fit the stick flush I’ve reversed it for the screws to come down from the top, countersunk the screw so it sits totally flush underneath the plexi. This overcame the problem of the 12mm (15mm non rebated) MDF sitting too low to have the stick at the right height. I’ve tapped the 4 holes on top of the JLF that are spaced 45mm apart and sits very solid. Picture of initial plates.

Same plate with lugs and plate welded onto it to push it up to underside of acrylic.

Same again and both screwed onto the stick into tapped holes.

The 4 holes on the underside of top panel, drilled and fitted with 5mm threaded inserts. Ignore the jigsawn square hole, this will be CNC’d in the future out as my plans changed midway through.

Thumbscrews in place for easy removal.

Entire underside of panel. The black bits of metal slot into the channel of the aluminium very tightly, again easy to dismantle.

As it looks now. Coming up to wiring and fixing plates for PCB’s etc. Hope this wasnt too boring :pleased:

Nice thread and sticks. I would recommend giving it a better title if you’re looking for exposure. If you edit the original post and click the Advanced button you can change the title.

Probably an amazing idea :slight_smile: Did not want to annoy/upset anyone with another plexi page. Ill do it now.

doomy, wicked stuff!

Thanks again.

Just had an idea. If I could have a list of people whod like a plexi (or two) I’ll get them made at work. Im going to say 12 each or two for 21 (+p&p). Ill update the first post with this list over the next few days with view to sending everything out on monday (by then i WILL have 50 posts). Let me know if you’d just like a standard plexi or 6 button setup, how many youd like.

As far as payment methods go, I despise Paypal with a vengeance, I do have an account and understand the cough security they provide (trying not to laugh here) but a bank transfer is much prefered, even cheque. I intend to do this for as long as possible and a certain amout of trust is required anyway so please consider this. Also I have lots of feedback from AVForums and eBay.

If you require full face plexi I can do this but I have a template for standard fit and wish to gain some trust within the community and will start with these for the first week, its an easy template to do but bear with me, im already taking the piss at work. :wink:

Thats looking superb Doomy. Really clean. I wasnt too sure about the round corners at first but seeing a mounted JLF and a full set of Dark Hai slotted in the outside looks amazing. Great work.

May be in touch for plexi in the next few weeks if all goes to plan and I end up with a TE. Fingers crossed.


I’ll add you to my ‘harrass at a later day list.’

1 standard fit for me, let me know postage price and I’ll hook you up with the money. I’m going t sound like a douche but i’ve never done a bank transfer, and dont actually have a cheque book. but if you can PM me some details for your bank account/address I’ll sort something out.
not trying to rush you, being honest i rather pay you before i spend the money…
id be after special delivery aswell if you can hook it up…

Sure we can discuss whatever tomorrow, bed for me.