Eurogamer: Daisuke Ishiwatari thinks 3rd Strike is the best 2d fighter ever made

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*Eurogamer: Some fighting game fans consider Guilty Gear to be the greatest fighting game ever made. But which one do you consider to be the greatest?

Daisuke Ishiwatari: Street Fighter III: Third Strike. It’s the nervousness between you and your opponent that gives me joy. You have to guess what the next move is by your opponent. That was the most fun thing about the game. It was so enjoyable.*

Not trying to start anything, but that reason as to why he enjoys 3rd strike could be applied to almost any fighter.

Should ask him what he thinks about DOA since that game is all about what the next move will be.

it’s a good choice. <3 the parry system! XD

ahah yea here comes 1 million ppl talking about how yooooo in 3s you cant just do the same shit a million times youll get punished like it is a 3s exclusive thing and not something that exists in almost literally every game you can play aagainst another human

Smart guy

It’s not rare for a good game developer to have a really wacky taste in games themselves.
Wasn’t Yu Suzuki a huge FPS fan although he was one of the best at creating fighting games?

shit like that makes me wonder how much john carmacks hand hadda do with how quake turned less and less hyphy

While it does apply to every fighter, it is still different between each fighter. SF4 and SF3:3S may play similar but parries and focus and ultras diversify it and add different elements, baits, etc.


I mean if it’s his favorite game it’s his favorite game, but that was a fuckin bullshit reason to give for why it’s his favorite. That statement is true for GG, BB, the entire SF series, Tekken, etc, etc, etc, please forgive me for not listing off every worthwhile fighting game ever made and most non-worthwhile ones.


I don’t see much good coming from this thread.

Either people will use this as a way to validate their opinion that 3rd Strike was amazing and Daisuke is the best designer ever for thinking so, or people will use this as a way to validate their opinion that Daisuke doesn’t know what he’s talking about and claim that only retards like him like 3rd Strike. All I see coming from this is a flame war.

I mean, here we have a nice article that mentions a breadth of things like the comparison of the Japanese fighting game community to the Western one, the development ideas that go into BB and GG, and all people focus on is a small sentence at the end?

much appreciated very much userid142682 but we’re tryin to discuss here

That’s the internet in a nutshell. Welcome!

My favorite part about the internet is when they take some guys opinion and try and establish some kind of hard fact through it. In this case, people will take this gentlemans PERSONAL favorite fighting game and use it to prove that he’s either a total genius and third strike is best ever and therefore he’s right, or he’s a retard and third strike is horrible and therefore he’s wrong.

The truth of course is that his favorite fighting game is third strike, which affects no one at all. But, you know. It’s the internet.

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daisuke its a great game designer but he has a terrible taste on games :looney:

joking aside i think that its not so uncommon for the japanese to prise the work of other developers that inspired them over their own work (unleast you are Itagaki who really believes that his work is the ultimate fighting game :rofl:)

But aren’t those guessing games the same reason alot of folks dislike 3S.

Lol, lot’s of 17-page thread worthy quotes in there.

dope! makes me wanna learn GG even more

Ishiwatari knows what’s up. :bgrin:

Both 3S and GG are badass. But he prolly didn’t say “GG” out of humility or w/e

DOA dude would just say “DOA”