Eugene Area Tournaments Thread!

Next Tournament:** SSF4/MvC3 Deluxe Throwdown 2**
When: TBA
Where: Mohawk Tavern, Springfield (1501 Mohawk Blvd)
Entry: $3 Door/$5 to the pot per event
Warning: 21 and over only

Deluxe Throwdown 1 Results! (3/6/11)

MvC31: Yzae B
2: Red Menace
3: SamB
4: Kwyjibo
5: Lawrence
5: Magyver
7: Zen
7: 141
9: Sorrow Hurricane
9: Gambit
9: Dime
9: Krow
13: Gwarthman
13: Corey
13: Joshua
13: What

1: SamB
2: Kwyjibo
3: Seth
4: Dime
5: Magyver
5: Zen
7: Lawrence
7: Corey
9: Yzae B
9: Joshua
9: Nate
9: What
13: Gwarthman

Congrats to our winners and to everyone who participated!

Just popping in. Good luck with the event, hopefully you guys will find something that allows us younger kids to participate. I’ve got a capture device, so I could record tournament matches as well as casuals/whatever if this ever happens.

:tup: Get in here y’all

Re: All ages, we’re definitely working on it. We just want to make sure whatever spot we pick will be good times.

When we get a place/time confirmed, we’ll definitely make a lot of noise about it, so stay tuned!

Speaking of streaming/capturing, we’ve got a league HD capture setup that will make an appearance at Fight Night #3. We’ve spoken to the manager of the Mohawk again re:bandwidth so we can stream, so hopefully it’s going to be on tap this time!

added a link to the sweet flyer in OP. if you’ve got a spot where you can get our flyer up in front of a ton of people, let us know!

Just an FYI, It’ll be A LOT easier for people to keep up if you just make this thread a one stop source for tournaments/information then edit the thread title accordingly

Good advice, I hereby dub this thread “Sir FightNight”! May it reign forever in Valhalla!

no one in valhalla plays street fighter, that’s actually the only place outside of japan to play virtua fighter

so they play the better game in valhalla

thats where i was going yes.

then may it rain forever in Valhalla

I thought you were supposed to be chained to a rock, Loki.

Six days!

I hear we’ve got a whole bunch of confirmed fighters this time, lets push for that 32-fighter bracket!

We’re on SRK’s Upcoming Tournaments List!

Get Hype!

Yo Salem, you coming down to lose some money this weekend?

<--------------- Always accepting donations to stream :slight_smile:

We’ve actually got a stream setup, but the venue has been promising to get us some bandwidth over and over and providing nada. This week we’ll at least get some hype matches captured for everyone to check out afterwards!


I hear hype things about attendance! We’re looking at another awesome battle this time, Fighters!

is there going to be bomberman there??

To be honest no one I know that can can drive thinks it would be worth the time or 1st place prize money.

Washington has that playsmart ‘south’ scene… I guess you’re Oregon’s version of that…

Sour grapes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :rofl: