Eternal Fighter Zero

I like the trailer from your links

man I want to play the real thing.

How is shiori in bme 3.10?

Shiori got toned down from 1.20. For being a character with keepaway tools her combos were too good.

Her lv. 3 super changed. She no longer has the snowball, but she gained some sort of storm that makes insane chip damage. She got more recovery on the air ice spikes, her non EX scarf has more startup, and overall she is a little slower. She plays pretty much the same, but she cannot mindlessly do things safely anymore because of more recovery.

Whoa, it really is mega armor. GFG she is soo broken! :tup:

I’m not sure if you guys have this replay. It’s ‘music girl’ (omfg, it’s Sofia from Psychic Force 2) vs ‘hibiki’ (omfg, snk sold her to a Jojo’s BA game).

Oh yeah, this is not a zip file - just simply rename the file extension back to .rep. I dun have winzip.

Er… it was music girl/Misuka but it wasn’t v.s. hibiki/Mai but rather ice girl/Shiroi. Cool match though. That 6k “I’ll just keep hitting you forever with jump C in the corner” was pretty sick. Anyone got match replays of good Dopple Nanases? Mine is still scrubby but I managed to do that 8k in the corner VMan was talking about. Easy combo, it’s sad how much damage it does.

The problem with Doppel’s corner combo is that if the opponent escapes the grab chain its a free counter. So it is not a completely safe thing to do.

I used to have plenty of match replays, but all of them for 1.20, so most of the stuff in those vids is useless now. Those vids did help me in creating a foundation on how I play now, though. Dunno where I have them now, if anywhere.

I already asked Akibado to ship me Tales of Twilight Tactics vol. 2. I’ll let you know once I get it.

Dunno if this was posted before but here’s a site with replays of EFZ and React.

First link is combos,second are matches.

Thanks for the link! I will add it to the long post in page 1.

Kano is a beast. If she can keep you at the right distance there is no way to beat her.

Is it just me or does Ikumi has lower combo ability compared to others? Aside from the fact my combos for her are very basic, the replays that I’ve watched don’t show too many advanced combos for her.

Against Kano, you really have to do a lot of multi hit RG to get in. Personally I can’t RG anything more than 3 hits consistently.

Does anyone know when lv 4 Kanna has an opening so I can actually attack? I dunno when I can counter attack even when I RG some of her moves.

Ikumi’s combo ability is somewhat limited, but she got a good rushdown to make up for it. She has 80%+ combos, by the way.

The best thing that I can think of to get into Kano’s defense is to instant air dash and RG any defensive moves you get. The best move that I think Kana has for this situation sis 2C, which hits 3 times. It’s not that hard to RG all of it.

Kanna’s attacks are just too god. The only reliable way I have to beat her is to bait her moves, as she will assume hers will stuff yours. To do it, look for those EX moves with high invincibility or autoguard in the beginning, and abuse those. The characters I can beat her with the most are Sayuri (EX Slam into combo) and Mai (IC low teleport -it has autoguard- into combo).

Vman:Sure,glad I could contribute :smiley:

Believe me Ikumi doesn’t lack combos,still can’t combo her grab after a wall bounce like I saw in one of the replays I got from the link I posted.

Who’s the chick that does the Rugal Godpress? Cuz she’s hella bomb, and I need strats for her.

That would be Sayuri.

As Bonta said, that would be Kurata Sayuri.

She got good pokes like 2B and 623A, so make sure to use them. Magical Press (41236) is a very good move. You can use it after a small combo to corner your opponent for free, you can setup Magic on the Stage (22AB) after an A Magical Press, and the EX version is pretty abusable. It has a good amount of startup invincibility and wallslams, so you can follow it with a combo.

A juggle loop of hers is A, 2C, jump, C, air dash, A, C, land, A, 2C > air combo. It can be done fullscreen. You will need a full Instant Charge to repeat the loop after some combo, or to make more than one iteration. You can do this loop after an EX Magical Press, a Magical Smash (air 412), or an IC’ed C or A Magical Sword.

Try to find out as soon as possible what move your opponent relies on the most and counter it. Magical Blade can really make a player’s main moves become useless.

Grab then M,M,H. Dunno if it’s the best one but it’s what I’m using for now.

She even has rugal’s spinning stomp super for an OV lolz. I’ll find us some Sayuri vids and post them tom.

Oops, not the replay intended… luckily it’s Misuka. Yeah, sick. It reminded me of Sol’s dust loop. There’s gotta be an easier way to manage these replays. Renaming-renaming is really tedious. I’ll get the d nanase’s up tom.

I really should patch up to the lastest version hahaha.

Does anyone have links to the Lastest blue sky patch?

It’s on Tasofro’s page. Download section of EFZ area. It’s the one that says Blue Sky Edition.

I mean her grab super,the Goenitz spoof.

Sayuri’s best asset is FIC Magical shot after a knockdown then crossup/hi-low. Anything else is secondary. Jumping B or jumping C has some weird properties when you use it in a air-dash cross-up (she turns around midair and does the move). Her dash isn’t so hot anymore. You’re better off IADing, which is lame because everyone else can do that too.

I had some replays of mine posted in the old EFZ thread but those were for some short lived version of Blue Sky. To think that she used to be worst character in the game before FICs. No sword? I’ll just knock them down with… uhm… random wallpress!

Random Wallpress to win. And does she have some move that 22+A/B? Cuz I can’t do it… maybe my version doesn’t have it and it’s hella archaic (sp?).

I dunno if the Sayuri players in the replays I have aren’t good or Sayuri herself isn’t that great. I more often see her get beasted left and right. The only Sayuri replay I have that’s worth seeing is the 5-5 down there. Remember, this is not a zip file. Just rename the file back to .rep!

Yeah, I also think that FRC starball is the only good trait she has. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen her make it work. I could imagine her doing it I-no style, tho.