Eternal Fighter Zero

Well, some discussion about this game was started on the Melty Blood ReACT thread, so I created this thread to prevent the other thread to go off-topic.

So I guess this thread is all about EFZ. Hope this thread also helps to increase the awareness of doujinshi fighting games in the SRK community.

they have that and melty blood as arcade games in japan… they are fun lol

I know that Melty Blood is being ported to arcade, but no EFZ. Mind to elaborate?

So to make sure that newcomers get all the basic information they need, I will copy/paste/modify the EFZ relevant parts of my pseudo EFZ/MB FAQ. I will edit this post as more relevant info is available.

VMan’s EFZ 101 (v 2.1)


First of all, don’t ask me for a copy of the game. I will report any requests of information of where to download the game to the moderators. The game is not free. Although it is made by fans, manufacturing and distribution costs still have to be covered. But in the end you get a cheap game that can be better than several commercial games. Go to section 3 to see how to get the game.

EFZ is made by Tasogare Frontier (Twilight Frontier). You can find the developer’s site at

Eternal Fighter Zero is a doujin fighting game. Doujin can be interpreted as “self-published”, often taken as “amateur” or “fan-made”. In the case of EFZ, both terms can be applied. EFZ is an amateur game because Tasogare Frontier is not a stablished company, and it is a fan game since the characters are borrowed from other games.

The characters of EFZ are taken from the characters of four games: MOON, ONE, Kanon, and AIR (those who read Megatokyo might recognize some of these names). Although these games have been released by different companies (Tactics and Key/VisualArts), they are made by the same team of people. As you might guess, these are adult bishoujo games (the type of games that Otaku no Densetsu makes), but are famous for having great storylines to the point that non-adult versions still sold like pancakes. Another sign of the popularity of these games is that you can see their characters (especially Kanon and AIR) in a lot of other doujinshi games.

The people who did MOON, ONE, Kanon and AIR just released a new game: Clannad, so (at least I) can hope that there will be EFZ 4.x. Meanwhile, Tasogare Frontier is working with Team Shanghai Alice, another doujinshi team, with a new fighter using Shanghai Alice’s original shooting game characters: Touhou Suimusou. A demo of Touhou Suimusou was released on Comiket 66.



There are three versions of Eternal Fighter Zero. The following is a brief summary of each version:

Eternal Fighter Zero Renewal (EFZ): Plain Vanilla EFZ. The reason why it is called Renewal is because it is a re-release of EFZ. This re-release was released together with Bad Moon Edition. This version only includes characters from ONE and Kanon. This is version 1.x. The latest patch is 1.20. The demo version of EFZ available at Tasogare Frontier’s page is based either on 1.13 or 1.20.

Eternal Fighter Zero Blue Sky Edition (BSE): first upgrade. Adds the AIR characters (Misuzu, Minagi and Kano) and balance tweaks. The engine feels different, but not that much. Think of this as the #R of EFZ. This is version 2.x. The latest patch is 2.13.

Eternal Fighter Zero Bad Moon Edition (BME): You can think of this like the #RR of EFZ. Adds four characters (Ikumi from MOON, Doppel Nanase from ONE, Mishio and Kaori from Kanon). This version also has bigger changes: the interface get a darker mood, there are additions to the engine such as air grabs, juggles are more limited, and more than one old character got redesigned or altered (especially Mai). This is version 3.x. Last patch (current) is 3.10

The changes between versions can be described as minor tweaks intended to balance the game, but they build up enough to make BME too different to vanilla EFZ. Therefore, if you get the demo, don’t get too used to it if you plan to get the full version.

Each version is an expansion packs that is installed over an existing Eternal Fighter Zero installation. Since EFZ has three versions, you need to get three different CDs (plus apply the latest patch) to play the latest version version of EFZ. You can find about where to get the CDs in section 3.


The EFZ engine evolved from being a Marvel like game into something more like Guilty Gear mixed with other fighting games. Engine elements include chains, air dash, double jump, a 3-level super bar, Recoil Guard (Just Defense with Parry properties), moves with autoguard or super armor, Instant Charge (Roman Cancel with a twist), Reinforce Moves (EX moves), air grab, grab chains, etc. The chain system is a Marvel/GG hybrid: chains follow the Marvel sequence of jab> strong > fierce > command/super, and jab chains into jab like in Guilty Gear. There are some exceptions as well.

The characters have a lot of variety. No character plays similar to anothers, and there is a character for all styles. Some rushdown, some zone, some rely on pokes, some are totally keepaway, some rely on grabs, some play just weird, and most characters can use more than one style. Despite variety, the game is very well balanced. There is no such thing as a broken character that I know of. The game is also-infinite proof despite having a flexible combo system. There are 100% combos, but you need very special requirents and BAS’s execution to pull them off.


The only place in English that I know that has all versions of EFZ is Himeya ( The problem is that they have high shipping and handling fees. On the positive side, Himeya is a good resource to see what doujinshi games are relatively easy to find.

The other place you can try (and I recommend) is Akibado ( Their system is nice: you tell them what you want, they look the item for you, they give you an estimate, you send your payment via PayPal/CC/whatever, they order the item, they let you know when it arrives to their office, you pay shipping, and they ship to you. The only requirement is that you have to give them as much information as possible, such as ISBN numbers, photos, full name, or pictures. In the case of doujinshi games, Himeya is a good place to find pictures. You can also provide the developer’s site as reference.

You can think of Akibado of a proxy, and assuming that they can find what you ask them, you can order whatever you want from them. Akibado’s handling rate is a lot better than Himeya’s, since it is charged over your total purchase instead of every item. Therefore, if you order multiple items you pay less in extra fees.

Another alterntive is Japanese auctions (Yahoo Japan, Bidders, etc), as they often carry doujinshi games. To be able to bid on them, you need a service. The three I know of are Celga, Rinkya and Akibado. Again, I recommend Akibado since they have a better comission price.

In summary: if you want speed, go with Himeya. If you want a better deal or want to get other items, go with Akibado.

  1. Resources

Tasogare Frontier
EFZ creators, you can get the demo and patches here

Team Shanghai Alice
Creators of the Tohou shooter series. Currently working with Tasofro in a new fighter

EFZ FAQ by Yunari
Movelists, basic combos, engine explanation

EFZ match tables, character discussion, and combo replays

Tales of Twilight Tactics vol. 2
An EFZ BME match video compilation released at Comiket 66. You can download a trailer in the download section (second to last link)
A BBS with EFZ combo and match video replays. First link is combos, second link is replays. Link thanks to bonta.

Warning: some sections of the following sites are not work safe.

Publishers of Kanon, AIR and Clannad

Publishers of MOON and ONE

So far I’m playing as Dopple Nanase, she seems simple yet effective. One thing I haven’t gotten down yet is the timing for her command grab. As I understand there are tons of follow ups but I don’t know the timing to input the commands. Also what is the standard air combo setup for her? Flame breath doesn’t seem to be ICable, tornado doesn’t seem to have enough juggle time, and she has no sweep type move.

Doppel Nanase has no effective air combos that I know of, since her j. C sends the opponent down. I just do the standard j.A > j.B > air jump > j.B > j.C

As of her grabs, you have the following options

Maiden Capture > do nothing
Maiden Capture > Maiden Fujiyama (236B) > whatever
Maiden Capture > Maiden Crash (236A) > do nothing
Maiden Capture > Maiden Crash (236A) > [many punches] (236A) > do nothing
Maiden Capture > Maiden Crash (236A) > [many punches] (236A) > Maiden Finger (236236A)
Maiden Capture > Maiden Crash (236A) > [many punches] (236A) > Falling Maiden (236236B)
Maiden Capture > Maiden Crash (236A) > [big punch] (236B) > do nothing
Maiden Capture > Maiden Crash (236A) > [big punch] (236B) > [rush] (236236A)
Maiden Capture > Maiden Crash (236A) > [big punch] (236B) > Maiden Volcano(?) (236236B)

First followup is when Doppel grabs the opponent by the neck.
Maiden Crash followup is right after the slam
[many punches] followup is before hit 26
[big punch] followup is right after the punch

The throws are escapable. I’ll check how.

I put do nothing as an option since it won’t send your opponent away so you have the option of staying at the offensive.

I haven’t gotten everyone’s names down yet, but honestly I practically love playing with every character in the game. Again, I’m no expert in the game, but here are some match replays for you to whatever you want to. I’m always on the right.

Say whatever you want of them, I’m open for anything.

If it’s the wrong verision or I’m missing a patch, do tell me.


They are the wrong version. What version is displayed in the title screen? It should say 3.10.

You can get the patch at Tasofro’s page.

Here is a replay that shows several grab chains. Hope it helps with the timing.

Rename to .rep

I got the demo pretty cool. Which add on should I buy Blue Sky or Bad Moon?

Both. Bad Moon needs Blue Sky.

I have v 1.20, which patch do I download?

I’m clueless.


You have the most updated version…for the original Eternal Fighter Zero. You’ll have to get the updates, Blue Sky Edition and Bad Moon edition to be at the latest version, 3.10.

I have blue sky, and I have no clue what any of those chicks’ names are.


Thanks for clearing that up ken.


The name of the characters are displayed in English in the character selection screen.

This game is fucking incredible. And I thought Arc Systems was the ONLY devoted fighting game programmers. Arcade port plz!!1

I only have one personal gripe tho. I kinda hate the cast - they all damn look the same. At first, I couldn’t distinguish most of them from each other - I can’t even remember their names!

Anyway, I’m currently using Ikumi (lower right, the ‘vampire’). What happens when you are in genocide mode?

Bishoujo games aren’t known for their highly diverse selection of character types. I have a hard time telling any of the One or Moon girls apart, but being a big Kanon and Air fan, it’s easy to tell Nayuki from Mai. :stuck_out_tongue:

ShinobiSetsuna: I think Ikumi gets a power boost and some of her move properties change (the tornado at least). Oh and she can’t use her overdrive.

Thanks for the help on Dopple Nanase’s timing Vman. I see why she has no air combos now. Doing 6k on the ground only using 2 bars of super? Ouch. But god how I hate the timing for the command throw, and it’s escaplable if the opponent guesses right? Dopple Nanase is how Satsuki should’ve been =p.

Next character I’m trying to use is Mizuka/Violin Girl. Anyway to safely set up her overdrive? Also what’s the best combo to do during the time freeze? I either do B,B,C or just C the whole time and air combo at the end but it only does about 2k damage which is pathetic for an overdrive super. Finally air combo setups, currently I’m ICing her EX uppercut and her sweep but is there a better way to launch?

ShinobuSetsuna: I am not sure about Ikumi’s Genocide mode, but what I do know is that you get mega armor, free powered up moves (you got full blood afterall), and you can do 641236 without setting up on the floor.

linalys: I have no idea on how to use her lv. 3 super. It’s useless to me, unless there is a new thing you can do that can help out. Startup time doesn’t help either. As of air combo, what I do is 623B x 2 (you can combo the move into itself if there is no hits before the before the first 623B), IC after second hit, j. C, air jump, j. C, air dash, j. B, j. C, 623A. If in corner, do 236236A, and chip using the tunes by cancelling 2C with 236A, and do many chained explosions.

My Mizuka sucks, though.

The best thing of Doppel is that you can setup the grabs from anywhere. If you ever get to land a tornado (623), you can IC the last hit, Maiden Capture (41236) with B, grab chain. In the corner you can do 8000+ since you can do a couple ground to air juggles between the IC and the Maiden Capture.