Is there a reason this server has disappeared off the face of the planet as far as downloads are concerned, but yet it still remains prominent in Kaillera server listings?

If you go to the God-Weapons download page it’s greyed out: http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads.php

Do you have to donate somewhere for access? I’m confused. :looney:

He must have changed his mind or something (or we all just misunderstood him?), if you e-mail SupraFast he’ll give you the server. He’s only charging for the Admin Client now.

I haven’t tried it too much yet: does anyone think it’s better than the Unofficial Kaillera Server?

wtf get on 2df and ggpo

or if u like playing on kaillera that much then support them

but 2df and ggpo have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less lag

2df/ggpo aside…I had a really funny feeling when I saw this thread here last month. mugenmidget and gamefreak01 are supra’s second accounts? This is the only thread those two ever made a post in. No offense to anybody but I can’t imagine anyone here giving a fuck about any of that garbage at this point of time. And above all if money is being charged and someone still buys it…they should really be saving up their money for that operation to upgrade intelligence if it exists.

hahaha 0746

btw a mod should unsticky these threads: OFFICIAL Kaillera handles, The Beginners Guide to MAME. they’re pretty anachronic.

EmulinkerSF Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=83RUP5TI
SupraClient Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TC9D2TBH

Actually, those are not my aliases. Good educated guess though.

I have not been active in any type of gaming for some time now, but I still read this forum every now and again. As for GW’s forums, gamefreak01 just has issues or can’t handle the fact that I want people to pay for my software [even though Kaillera is becoming obsolete]: http://www.god-weapon.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=316&st=0&sk=t&sd=a As stated many times, EmulinkerSF server is free. Contact me via email and anyone can have it.

Unfortunately, that version of Supraclient will be pretty useless with that EmulinkerSF server I gave you, with respect to administrative commands.

Can I recommend for Fatherbrain to remove/lock all the recent Kaillera/Emulinker threads?

As for KC and CS, I understand your complaints regarding Kaillera. I also understand your motivation behind trying to get people to move on and etc. You also need to understand that there will always be an old school group of people out there (this generally goes for any aspect of life). There are people who refuse to purchase a computer and there are people who will never move on from 60’s and 70’s classic rock. It’s just how life is.

I don’t know if it’s intended or not, but whenever I read posts posted by both of you guys, it seems like you have this very nasty/sarcastic attitude. Why so hostile?

Kaillera will never die, because you can play every game with it.

2df and GGPO can’t do that.

Sup Supra :tup:

I for one will always be greatfull because I spent plenty of time on GW and made a bunch of online buddys there. You guys should quit being so hostile to someone that gave up their free time to make the community grow.

i’m not hostile, i’m fair.

Many people have paid him, because his EmulinkerSF software (not the admin clients).
he knows it.

And you have to realize that he is not obligated to give his EmulinkerSF.
but you have to realize that the original emulinker is open source.
he can’t sell a part of his own code and a part of mooseheads code.

-> he removed the download “EmulinkerSF” on his homepage.
and everybody asked: Where?
Donate and i will give you the EmulinkerSF with the Admin Clients.
Price: 50$

i’m not hostile, i’m fair.

There was never a link to EmulinkerSF Server on my website. It was always grayed out on www.God-Weapon.com and even it’s predecessor www.Supraclient.com. The only time I may have hosted it was probably close to 2 years ago when www.StrussersList.com was hosting the site…and that was like v39.x and it’s obsolete.

Yes, at one point the Admin Clients were free, but I changed my mind.

EmulinkerSF server was ALWAYS free. Why would I out of the blue just hand it out to people if I was charging to begin with??? It’s not a big secret that people were paying for something. Whoever is running the latest EmulinkerSF server will find it very hard to administrate without some menu driven client…hence paying for mine.

Just because I decided not to host EmulinkerSF server does not mean it’s not for free. When you emailed me asking me for the server [like I told you and everyone else to], did I deny you? You had an email back within the same day including the server. You can now host it yourself and stop bitching about something nobody cares about =)

I don’t know how many times or places I need to say it before your tiny little head comprehends it…but for the last time:

EmulinkerSF server IS FREE.
EmulinkerSF Admin Client(s) are NOT FREE.

On that note, this is the last time I’m posting in this thread. I said what I needed to say for clarity purposes.

“Live Free or Die Hard”

Hey, I’m not SupraFast (although registering an alt. before your join date would be a stroke of genius)! :mad:

I’m still big on Kaillera because it gives me ways to play 3-4 player arcade stuff (Sunset Riders, Captain America, Saturday Night Slammasters, etc.) as well as all those old emulators that support it so I can play NES/SNES/Genesis and other classics online with my friends. :woot:

But it was obviously not the best developed solution (not a surprise considering its age), ESPECIALLY for fighting games. There’s just no other alternative and it’s not like I have the intelligence or resources available to me to make something better in a little amount of time. Thank god GGPO and 2DF are starting to include other games besides fighters, I hope they’ll have 3+ player support soon (or do they already?). Since they both use FBA I guess they’ll always be limited in their selection, but FBA still supports an amazing array of games.

And 0746 I think I e-mailed you before about swapping controls in Kaillera (for single player NES games), so it hurts that you’d slap me with an alt. label. :rofl: But thank you for recommending the Unofficial Kaillera Server it worked great!

P.S. if anyone does know alternatives to Kaillera that will let me branch out a bit more with my classic online gaming that would be great. I’ve just never found them. :frowning:

the Kaillera server has more security vulnerabilities and crashes easier.

Does this apply to the Unofficial Kaillera Server as well? We’ve been running one (with admittedly a small capacity) constantly and haven’t run into issues. And from the changelog alone it looks like a majority of exploits have been patched up.

i dont know.

but emulinker is more up-to-date.

Unofficial Kaillera Server v0.92 (20 June 2005)
New development © 2005 Charles Bilyu
Based on decompilation of 'Kaillera Server 0.86 for Win32

Emulinker 1.0.2 (05/22/2006)

EmulinkerSF 2006+

Just because something was released later doesn’t mean its better. Counter example: Multiple connection setting support in the same game of original kaillera server released in 2001 vs 2005/2006+ Emulinker/emulinkerSF. UOKS is still the best kaillera server in my book.

You’ll have to pardon my ignorance. I tend to not remember boring and/or irrelevant matters :wgrin: iirc…you’re the guy who offered me money to take on one of your projects? If it was related to my academics…I’d probably have taken it. For things like hobby projects, I prefer not to have any obligations.

edit: Supra: I really don’t like trolling with grown up kids. You still don’t get why I asked you to not put my name into your work. You put my name in anyway. All I ever expected from you like I expect from anyone else I helped is some competition. Which for me…always translates to motivation. All I’ve seen from you so far is your “me knowz all” attitude and a really gay kaillera client. Never listened to me and always had that bureaucratic mindset. If there is anything I have behind being hostile or irrationally irritating to you…it’d be for getting you to stop wearing dipers.

Lol well, obviously I can’t let this one go, so I’m going to have to chime in.

Let me first say, I don’t appreciate the name calling. I did not attack you in that way and I only asked a simple question. Remember, you’re the one who brought my name up…otherwise, I would not have even responded to this thread.

I do understand why, after you brought it to my attention for a second time. It’s been removed for about 2 years now and I apologized to you [what more do you want?]. At first, I felt people needed to know who assisted me in my work, even if you do thing it’s a “really gay kaillera client”. That aside, I think you’re doing a pretty good job announcing that you did assist me, right now.

I always listened to you. Just because I did not agree with everything you said does not make me a bad person.

We did have our up times in the past and I cherish the late nights. But somewhere down the line things changed, unfortunately. I think we worked well when we were starting to figure out that one part of the protocol. I’ll admit I may have became too anxious and etc. But when we started to make our own protocol, we had some conflicts. Even if you thought I had a really stupid idea…that’s good. We’re suppose to learn from each other, but it’s like we never really talked or moved on from that point. If I disagreed with you or vice versa, we could have put that part aside and moved onto other stuff in the mean time.

All I ask from you is to not start up with me and stop with the name calling. If you want to continue keeping an enemy then that’s your call. I’m more than willing to put the past aside.