Elena Thread

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Lynx Tail(EX)
Needs to be blocked Low
Any version not safe on block
:hk:Version isn’t a true bock string, similar to how guile’s sweep work
Ex version hits 4x and launches foe sky high,very fast start up(might be able to follow up in SFxT?)
Scratch Wheel(EX)
:lk:hits once, god like recovery might be better than ken’s :lp: dp
:mk: hits twice
Her DP, :hk: has the fastest Start up and hit’s 3x
Ex DP hit 4x, same start up as :hk: dp and lots of invisibility
Spin Sycthe(EX)
:qcb::k: after 2nd hit :qcb::k:
:lk: first rep is nonpunishable, 2nd rep very punishable
Ex version hits 4x and launching the foe sky high
Mallet Smash(EX)
Hits Overhead
Can Combo of ex version

Rhino Horn(EX)
Misses Crouching Opponent
button of Strength determines distance

Brave Dance

A bunch of spin Scythes

Command Normals

Round Arch
My Thoughts on how she will Transition to the sf4 engine.
Her dp is gonna have great recovery, Like Dudley’s & Ken :lp: dp. Ex version is the only one that will have invinsibility. Her :hk: dp in 3rd strike has invincible frames.
Might be able to follow up on EX Lynx Tail.
Receive the Ibuki treatment and might be able to loop her spin sycthe :lk: version:
Mallet Smash might have tons of +frames on hit to make it easier to link.
Might be able to use a non ex rhino horn to extend combos






Elena has some really great pokes in SF3, hopefully those carry over. Pokes lead to big damage in SFxT…

She’s going to be a juggling beast. MK Spin Scythe juggles in the corner all day erry day.

I just hope they actually fix some of the gripes I had with her in 3S. Either make c.MP hit low or c.MK cancellable, make normal Spin Scythe combo from normal cancels and don’t they dare make EX Spin Scythe whiff on small crouchers again.

I agree with 100% and add lk spin scythe loops, even though she has twwo over heads I hope they make :b::hk: and over head and be able to link afterwards

Nah, :b::hk: is already a really cool move to beat lows - specially because it did huge damage on 3S. Besides, she already has plenty overheads, and without parries Mallet Smash will be likely abusable as fuck. But being able to link after it is a really good idea.

Elena is kind of an odd choice, don’t you think? A fairly bland forgettable character, with a not very vocal fanbase (at least from what I can tell.) I wonder why Capcom decided to include her?

Either they feel that she plays perfectly in this engine (which makes sense, juggles for days), or they really wanted a black female cast member?

I would hardly call her forgettable. She might have a bland story/personality, but she’s the only SF Capo - and dat standing animation.

But she’s more popular than you’d think. She was supposed to be in SSF4 alongside Rolento but was cut, wasn’t she? And she’s probably in due to fan requests, almost being in SSF4 - which probably means they had some assets done - and yeah, she fits this game to a tee.

If her normals and hit boxes are anything like they where in 3s she will be amazing.

Oh yeah. I actually hope they keep her wobbling standing hitbox. Without parries that would probably be an advantage :rofl:

Err not to sound like a dick or anything and while I am hype for Elena and all that…
I think mods should lock the threads for the 12 characters yet to be revealed until they ARE announced and we see gameplay of them.

They’re officially confirmed, so I’d rather let them roll.

Besides, it saves us the trouble of multiple people creating threads at the same time when they get unveiled.

Ugh I think I worded that incorrectly ^_^;
I’m not saying deleting the threads, just locking them until we have actual gameplay to talk about.

…still if the mods are OK with it, then cool I guess. This forum’s been pretty err ‘tame’ with the thread and character threads so far.

Is Dudley her official partner? I’ll be interested to know how those two got together

Third Strike characters gotta stick together! They’re a fine pairing. Elena is eternally sweet and optimistic and Dudley is a kind gentleman. I’d love to see their story.

Honestly I’d have thought Elena would be paired with Makoto due to their rival battle in 3rd Strike (and to a lesser extent their relationship in the SF Legends Ibuki comic by Udon). In any case I can’t wait to see our caramel princess in 3D. That makes four characters I’m gonna cycle between! (Hugo/Poison/Bob/Elena). So excited!

I’ve never picked up Elena before but 3s vids with her looked pretty cool and I love her standing animation. I will definitely try her out.

My dream was for Elena/Urien to make more sense, but I can easily see Dudley filling that position much better - especially in a system that is all about juggling. Really hope they give her some sick juggles and more ways to cancel. Can’t wait to see her outside of a game with parrying, since that was the only thing really holding back her potential.

Also crossing my fingers for the win pose to be the same.

Urien?! Dude’s an asshole! Why would Elena ever mingle with the likes of him. Just because they’re both dark-skinned and walking around in their underwear…

Also, I really don’t get these fools saying that Elena is “bland and forgettable”, she has one of the most memorable and lovable personalities in the entire SF pantheon, in addition to having the distinction of being the only African girl.