Elemental Beauty: The Ultimate Amaterasu Video thread

So yea Im gonna make the ultimate ammy video thread and try my absolute best to keep it consistently updated. Im watch a lot of streams so ill find most of the footage myself but if y’all see any vid with good ammy play please don’t hesitate to post it. Oh and do y’all want me to transfer some of the vanilla footage? Since ammy didn’t change much during the transition and all?

Combos & Resets


Ammy NeoRussel Combo
UMVC 3: Amaterasu Mission Mode
UMVC 3: Elemental Beauty Amaterasu Combo Video
Amaterasu Spencer Team Combos Day 1


[details=Spoiler]UCI Fight Nights: BT|Clockw0rk Vs. BT|IFC Yipes FT5
Comboratory matches, ill post time stamps
Part 2 58:00, 1:11:00 part 3 30:00
http://www.twitch.tv/live_oratory/b/301480605 [Marline vs Clock so TONS of ammy anchor play]





Dedicated Youtube Pages


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Reserved just in case

Something here looks very… familiar… Can’t put my paw on it… But I know it’s something. Oh how I wonder what it could have been.

lol, I hope you don’t mind me jacking your title but it was just perfect.

From the front page of SRK:


I like these a lot. Simple and decent. The mixup in the video is not the most invisible high/low but it looks confusing and ambiguous enough. Obviously amplified in strength and ambiguity with assists or XF. The reset is pretty cute as well.

http://el.twitch.tv/comboratorylive/b/300306707 FT 10 between clock and combo, he uses his doom/strider/ammy team for most of the set and he has some solid ammy play. Ill look through when I have time to see if he plays any other sets later on and post the time stamps for you ladies.

Combo video I made for my team (Amaterasu/Spencer/Taskmaster). Quite a bit of Ammy stuff.


Good stuff, I particularly love your choice of music.

@around 18:00. Ammy vs. Ammy mirror match. I have never seen one so intricate in my life but this was hilarious to watch. Also, high-level mind-games with counters and cold star. This is what I imagined an Ammy mirror would look like.


After spending a few hrs in the lab I came out with some stuff. Also see if you can spot the new ammy tech I discovered. Don’t know if many people know about it or not :slight_smile:


That video… I mean…

Heh. It’s hard to give constructive criticism here. The video isn’t…
I mean, nothing is optimized, for one. These combos all do bad damage that you could surpass if you just did real combos. I dn’t think it’s at all cool or novel to post up a bunch of assist combos that are in no way ever worth going for. I mean, I don’t know Phoenix. But I do know Ammy and Zero. And these combos… Aren’t… Good. You also fill space with a bunch of unbelievably transparent resets that no one has any reason to fall for more than once (and 1 (one) legit one, admittedly), and correct my if I’ wrong there were also some times where you to just entirely dropped your combo and then kept it in?

I guess I just don’t see what the point is. I mean, this isn’t exclusive to you, I quite dislike seeing inefficient stuff that isn’t useful or notable filling space in combo videos. It just seems like a betrayal of the concept to be saying, hey, here’s a bunch of cool stuff you could do, but shouldn’t. This video may not give NO information to someone who plays your team but it certainly doesn’t give ten minutes of information to them, right? There’s just no substance to it.

It’s not pretty, since I haven’t played in a few weeks, but yeah.


Sorry guys been MIA for a bit. Ill update with the kreative and vaxtin vids, plus I found a couple of nice matches [media=youtube]-cCVpg2ze7E[/media], [media=youtube]0P2MNQeGGxE[/media] . Ill post more as I find, but that 2nd match with moons had some real impressive ammy play, might switch up my team and run ammy in the middle as opposed to on anchor.

EDIT: One more http://www.twitch.tv/srklive/b/305519553 about 30 minutes in, x-ray vs honzogonzo, gonzo brings out the ammy again to hilarious effect.

Yeah, I’m not as amazing as a tournament player, but I did get some more matches. It’s split in 6 parts.

Also, trust me. My overall playing got better as the matches went on, till my hand started getting tired.



This made it to the front page. Decent Ammy combos; some use the TAC glitch. He dedicated it to his dog. If you read this ZeoHawk, Ammy’s taking care of your friend on the Celestial Plains.

New set of videos, better than the last. Wish Amaterasu had a little more life. It’s like I have no chance to adjust when she comes out before she’s downed.


Thanks guys, ill update the OP. But vaxtin, you should also post your vids in the general discussion thread so people can give you tips on how to improve and shit. Id do it myself, but Im not very good with ammy.

Well, I suppose I can. I was just naturally sticking to the thread themes.

But of course, and I appreciate you givnig this thread traffic, its just barely anyone comes to this thread, so if you want some of that constructive criticism you should prolly post it in the general discussion as well.