Electronic Arts CEO Gets Fired


He says he resigned, but that’s a fancy way of saying he got fired by the board of directors. Trying to save face after watching their stock plummet by 1/2 since he took control of the company, and after the absolute clusterfuck that was the Simcity launch. And it looks better than announcing to shareholders you just fired the CEO for being a fucking failure.

That makes 2 failed PC game launches that cost somebody big their job. I have an erection.

Up your ass, with the words “challenge everything” tattooed on it.


Usually I don’t take pleasure in someone losing their job, but considering its EA, I felt it was okay. Could be a signal that the industry is realizing how much their shitty practices are costing them in the long run… or not.

Have you ever taken a look at EA’s board of directors? None of them have any video game knowledge.


Paul Vivek – from GE
Leonard Coleman – from Heinz and baseball team owner (probably helps on sports licensing)
Jay Hoag – finance guy
Jeffrey Huber – advertising
Maffei – media
Ubinas – Ford
Simonsian – mobile expert

I think there are a few guys from old school EA on there, but they matter not. If you think EA is a video game company, you’re sadly mistaken :frowning: This will change nothing, this is just to save face, and calm the shareholders down when their quarterly comes out soon, and they have to explain why they shit the bed tremendously.

This doesn’t change much, some shitty CEO gets canned so a new one can fill his shoes.

This is the same guy who suggested charging a dollar for every reload when you’re playing Battlefield for hours.

I have no sympathy.

^Dat background music in the video… lmao.

I implore you all as someone who cares about the games still. Stop buying EA(along with Capcom and other shitty publishers) products. You’re only hurting us all…

I dig it. It’s a vote by the people with money and authority (instead of customers that other game fans try to discredit) that EA’s way isn’t working.

You’re as bad as all the gossipy bitches who have nothing better to do then talk about how retarded Rihanna is for getting back with Chris Brown. I do agree it’s fucking silly as hell when you have SRK’ers buying Sim City and then bitching about it when it’s issues have been well documented since before launch, straightup battered gamer syndrome. However, no matter how much you disapprove of someone’s choice you must acknowledge it’s their choice to make for themselves not yours. You’re absolutely right about gamers supporting shitty companies hurting us all, but that still makes you a hypocrite. Correct me on the off chance I’m wrong but I’m 99% certain your clothes come from a third world sweatshop and that doesn’t stop you from buying them and being part of the problem, yet you think you can tell other people how to spend their money. Hypothetically speaking if Bayonetta 2 was being published by EA and was just as GDLK if not better than 1 and didn’t have all the EA bullshit would you buy it? I’m guessing hell yes.

As for that video, I’ve never heard it before so when I first listened I seriously thought it was a parody vid of someone aping his voice. Holy shit this guy makes Bobby Kotick look like Ghandi.

This was the guy was wanted to inject multiplayer and social aspects in every EA game, right? Fuck him.

^ Oh dear…that’s quite the grim dark future you’re painting isn’t it?

EA was ready to buy Valve at one point…that would’ve been a tragedy if that happened.
Their Origin is already a joke compared to Steam.

Years ago I remember one of my business teachers in college pretty much stated that he thought EA could be the next Disney.

It’s kinda like restaurants. So many franchises all owned by a small handful of conglomerates. People only think that they have an opinion.

Man that ME3 really fucked over EA.

Don’t even joke about that!

This would be cool if what OZ isn’t true. Some other schmuck will step up and fill his shoes.
HUGE CHANGES! Madden doesn’t suck eggs any more! EA doesn’t make a bunch of huge budgeted piles of hot garbage. Probably not though.

Madden will never be as good as it used to be until it can actually get some competition. Supposedly this year is the last year for exclusivity rights unless EA drops that money to extend it. 2K sports didn’t have to buy exclusivity for Basketball, they just did good work with their franchise and look where Live is.

A lot of people brought up the lack of an EA basketball game and Nascar as potential reasons this clown got the ax (He changed NASCAR from an annual game, to a random release…and no NBA game in like 4 years or something???). Madden has sucked since they got exclusive rights and pretty much released shitty sequels every year where you get nothing but a roster update and a new juke.

To his credit though, If I was in his position to release Jesus Bynum or not to release Jesus Bynum vs. Michael Jordan then I’d pick not to release the game either.

Does driving cars in circles really need an annual release?