Anyone who ordered from Electric Trouble Arcade Sticks get their arcade sticks? It’s inside that 4-5 week mark for the first orders here and I want to see what people sticks look like and hear impressions

i don’t even now how the title relates to your post?!?!


BJ’s business is called Electric Trouble…


yeah I was alil wtf at first too… thanks for clearing that up

According to his website, he’s waiting on the parts to come in so I don’t think he has any finished.

there is a costco like store called BJ in the boston area… that’s why i was “WTF?” for a second there


Well, there’s also a restaurant and brewery called BJ’s… some good stuff there. :woot:

lol, sorry, should’ve been a bit more clear.



I ordered from him around the middle of March… Tried to e-mail him a couple times about my artwork, but no reply. He is probably just ridiculously busy. Just gotta be patient.

I’ve sent BJ two emails inquiring about my order status. The first was sent on March 29th; it received no response. It reads as follows:

I then sent a follow-up on April 3rd, which reads as follows:

One week and two relatively polite emails later, I still have zero communication from Electric-Trouble. How patient does one need to be exactly? I don’t buy that a team of 5-6 people in a relatively small operation are so utterly busy that they cannot take the time to update their homepage or reply to emails.

I did not want to make this post but after a week’s worth of patience and no communication, I am beginning to get very worried about my order. A simple update explaining that orders are closed due to a parts shortage is not good enough for customers who have plunked down $171 (in my case) and are now in the dark.

When I placed my order, the ETA was listed at 3-4 weeks. It’s now the start of the 5th week. If anyone on this site has order number OL-007 or OL-008, please let us know if you’ve received your sticks.

Hopefully, everyone who placed an order with Electric Trouble will receive their sticks.

Yeah, mine was dual pcb stick that I ordered on 3/11/09. I would seriously like a more regularly updated home page, if only them saying that they are alive/waiting on parts/still working on shells/etc.

Gonna send an email & see if i get a response. I know the thread was closed for a “fair” reason, just wish it hadn’t been, or it had just been moved.

It does not help that SRK staff decided to close off the official thread as BJ did not meet the 6 month requirement, communication is definitely an issue in order to raise positive reputation to the general public. I assume the back orders from LL does have a major effect to the queue since there are links to LL for the arcade stick parts.

Would an SRK mod be so kind as to rename this thread into something that might be more readily identifiable?

For example: “Electric-Trouble Arcade Controls vendor issues”

Right now, one might see this as a thread in which someone is asking for wiring help.

People who know what Electric Trouble is know what the thread is about. People who don’t, well it’s capitalized and hyphenated, meaning it’s most likely the name of something. And people who still click on it and are mistaken, well you have a back button on your browser.

I did send an E-mail about the artwork like 2 weeks ago as well.
Didn’t get any response at all.
After that time you should at least have the time to make a response at least.

Need to find out if it isn’t some scam A.S.A.P. cause after 45 days you can’t ask your money back by paypal rules.

BJ just e-mailed me back! :smiley:

Took a while, but so glad to hear from him!

I also just received an email response from BJ. Effectively, he states that he should be receiving his parts order from his supplier within the next one and a half weeks. He then said that I should be receiving my stick within 2 to 3 weeks “from now.”

Rather unhappy about this (to put it mildly), but it’s hard to be angry with BJ for what he says is a parts delay issue. My ability to cancel the order via PayPal’s fraud protection expires in on April 25th’ish; I’m not sure what I’m going to do but as of now, I’m going to continue forward with the purchase.