El Paso Texas Blood Sweat Cheers!

Hey hey seems our old thread was too big, so time to start a new one wheee. First post! :lol:

How was the Survivor Series?


Survivor series? I cant believe you watch that crap. It is all so fake. Whta they should is just throw all of those mofos on the island for a whole year with no cameras, no orientation, no nothing and I bet none of them will survive. why? because they are all hard-core wannabs morons:lol:

When are you coming back skatter boy:confused:

Yeah… the Survivor Series was pretty fake. :wink: Definitely a lotta hard core wanna-be morans there… (grin Well, I was there :wink: ). :lol:

(Heh. Marcus, check out the Survivor Series threads on www.bustkaratedojo.net. The Survivor Series is also the name of the super 1337 BKD vs TSC tourney. :smiley: )

I had a lotta fun playing with all of you guys again. One of these days I’ll have some sort of a game to challenge yas with. :lol: There were some really good matches. It was fun to watch.

You guys are lucky that we didn’t have an BKD-TSC Kirby Quickdraw tourney. That game’s still giving me nightmares! :eek:

If any of BKD wants some 3s tips, now that I’ve seen you guys play, I could probably give some tips and advice to improve your 3s game. Only if you want the advice, of course. I’m not one to teach those who don’t want to learn.


:lol: its ok marcus…we know you suck at SF3:3S …it’s ok, i had subway today:p

yeah hellbound it was fun playing you guys again…maybe when ever lando goes up there ill join yahs for some 3s get toget

crap now i have to restart my vote counts on this thread

hey guys im down for some games, i wanna see how marcus plays cvs2 now, and i hear cesar is a K groove masta…BATER!!

what? what?, thats right bitch, BAITED!!!

Freddie: I think Cesar has done more than just baiting your K groove. I mean, I don’t recall you JDing all hits of Blanka’s electricity one after the other =)

Plans for Friday?

Cesar: yet another EFZ patch. Will help you out next time I go to your place, but be sure to have a Windows XP CD handy.

alright guys ill talk to you next week…


you guy’s are pretty good, just keep practce.

LANDO! WHERE ARE YOU!!! You should come back soon, Man. Well, I’ve gotta go.


Sounds good to me. :slight_smile: I know I need the practice. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to play without cracking under the pressure. :smiley:

Oh yeah… speaking of Subway, don’t get the new little wrap dealio. It’s all expensive and about the size of a Taco Bell taco. So disappointing… :frowning:

im back fags may get some playing in tonight if you want play.

I may suck at 3s because I have never played the dam game before (maybe like 3 times), but i bet I can still your ass . If there is an Akuma or ryu, i can do it (ask Lando what happened to his ass when he played me for first time at Cesar’s house for taking me so lightly:lol: )

My K groove is really good, I only use it in real real matches though, on the rest, i just go random or A for fun :D. I haven’t seen Cesar with K, so I cant tell how good he is, so well see.

So you were referring to those survivor series? I guess I got baited once again:(

Lando!!! Did you ever know that you’re my… no, not really. Well, we’ll see what is in store for me this evening. 'Cause my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and whatnot. Oh no… I’ve said too much. They only had yellow.


hey cesar, here is the link i was talking about!!!

its the first post!!!


Lando: check your PM

I like spankin El Paso’s ass in games.

Wanna know whats better than driving in El Paso?
Driving out of El Paso!

I heart El Paso Peepz.

Dude, El Paso peepz your ass in such a way that is better than driving there.

Yestarday it was cool guys, until I had to use that stupid stick, then I became just a lower class fighter. Cesar, Jabel, and I were having real cool matches with me using the pad, and I mean good ones, ask Cesar the difference if you dont believe me.:smiley:

If you meet again, meet on Saturday and not Friday because I have the final on Saturday and I really need to study all day on Friday for this one.

SF3s is cool, the only thing I disliked was the stupid grabbing system.:frowning:

Yeah, too bad that when you were on the pad I had a horrid stick and when I finally played on Lando’s stick you used the horrid stick :stuck_out_tongue:

Not playing on each other’s best controller = lame.

just stopping by to say hi to all the el paso ppl.
i miss el paso.:frowning: …dunno when my parents will move back, but it should be soon cuz my step dad is gonna retire after this or next year, not sure. :slight_smile:

This post is fo Cesar and any one of you who got FFXI. Please make sure that your server is “RAGNAROK” and not any other. To do this, you have to keep creating and canceling your characters until the program assigns you the server. If you do this, youll receive money and items from me at the beginning of the game, so you wont waste time in farming gil and buying items. Also, we can team up if we are on the same server:D Laters.