El Paso Texas Blood Sweat Cheers!

ALEXANDER server is better biatch! I can get you a world pass.

Here’s an easier way to get on a server in any case.

Create the character, when it asks you to link it to your profile, say no. It’ll kick you back to the main menu. Go to the select character menu and it’ll show you what server your character is on.

That way you don’t have to watch through the long ass intro every time.

Man I got detained last nigth!!! Stupid cops thought we where some stabbing suspects, so they detained questioned us and frisked us, and all that good stuff X_X sorry couldnt make it


HA HA HA HA HA!!! Greatest thing I have ever heard in my life!


Marcus with pad = greatness and quickness

Marcus with stick = “scrubbish” snd stiffiness(slow shit)

Result = Marcus is better with the pad, but gotta learn the moves in the stick if he wants to go to tourneys:(

I have heard that ALEXANDER was pretty good, but Ragnarok still owns you. It would be great if you could get me a world pass, but before you do, answer me this:
Would I have to start from 0 all over again?
Will my mog house be empty?
Whta lv are you?
When can you get me a world pass?

Answer this first before I change, so let me know Ian:cool:

I love cheescake:lol:


Marcus rules all of El Paso. But Marcus A, it’s all about MastaMarcus cuz! I own El Paso.

Jabel + keyboard = Viewtiful

Jabel + keyboard > Marcus + pad


You will have to start completely over if you switch to Alexander. All a world pass does is let you create a character on that server.

I already started over once. I had a 25ish Elvaan character and changed to a Mithra because I want to be a ranger later on.

My new character is level 18 thief/10 war/15 mnk.

I could get you a world pass today.

Cheesecake is nasty.

I got some beefcake for who ever wants some. Man im really beggining to doubt my attendance at showdown :(. Need a job!!! ARGH! anyways lates!

Marcus just learn the stick…btw what are you doing friday? maybe we can get together and play some KOF2k0,1,2

yeah its great leaving el paso…i hate this place…but heck its better than chi.chi lol… their stick are always broken or either the button fucks up and those lazy assholes wont fix them…curses…

im soo glad to be back to my stick and home…:smiley:

i also heard some fucked up stories about CHI.CHI … fucken murderous losers i tell you… since the murders in Juarez have stopped…they have started in Chihuahua. what i heard is some “Satanists” have been organ snatching…killing ppl, and snatching there organs for who knows what and dumping their bodies in the outskirts…also, these guys got some teen to go drinking with them and told him there was women, etc…well they drugged him and made him fall asleep…well while he was asleep they cut out his spleen…some how the guy woke up and saw himself …well spleenless… sick i tell you… sick.:frowning:

well enough of the sadness… im back and ready to practice… and lando…ill go with you to find a jobby job…im gonna quit that shithole tilt…im cant work like a fucken loser anylonger… mofos havent even given me a raise…but yeah ill go searching with you if you like… and i serious…no more tilt for me…

well tata for now my fair ladies,


Cylus.: Are you out of your mind? There is no way I’m startingover in FFXI. I mean, I’m a Paladin now with shits of quest and missions already done. Sorry dude, but since switching doesnt bother you, i can get You a world pass and buy all you need :armor,items, anything. Just tell me.:smiley:

Demitrio: Dude, I think “WE” are goingto Cesar’s on Friday(todo acoplado:cool: ) If we are not, sure I’ll go and tale a beating, but have a pad ready:lol: Btw, ppl are sick, and people should be more concious about their decisions.

Cesar: Dude, I left my JAVA book at your house the other time.(shit this keyboards at Utep really suck, getting stuck in every struck and shit:mad: ),so can you have it ready for when I go dude, unless your cat already ate it:lol: .

Lando: Do you think you have it bad? Dude, I can only get a job at UTEP and related areas, notlike you that can you and serch for a jod almost anywhere.

Ok laters

Marcus: I’m fine. I started over to join some friends, so no point in me leaving that world. I never said I wanted a world pass anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

fuck taht im not going to cesars…im just gonna chill here then and work on execution for ggxx…

also im looking for buyers for FFx1 its just sitting there and id rather sell it…price im giving is 40

Dude, you shouldnt sell that game. Even Ian, a FFXI hater, is playing that game, meaning that is good. Just try the first month free and see how it goes:D

PS To all my American friends:
Can you explain to me why is people in TV allowed to say “bitch” but not “shit”?:confused:

I heard that the FCC changed the rules for TV recently. Apparently just about anything goes as long as you don’t say “shit” in reference to crap and “fuck” in reference to having sex. I don’t think you can use cute, creative names for the swimsuit area yet either. (dick, cunt, etc.) Not sure what the exact rules are, but this is what I heard from the rumor mill.

Now, why one swear word is worse than another is a mystery to me. I think they’re all good. :cool:

marcus i dont care if its a good game…i need the money and i wont ever play it…

yeah i fucken hate the bullshit…i love those words…:lol: its my bread and butter to lifes vocabulary…hehe

oh yeah… when are you guys (LC) gonna wanna play… cus i wanna play some more 3s…that way we both get better (tsc & bkd (LC))…plus ask jagi when he can play… and do you guys like GGXX? cus id really like if we had more players for that…maybe throw a tourney in LC tilt…:cool:

I challenge anyone in El Paso to Marvel v Capcom 2 for money!

taht game sucks…cus we suck at it… i challenge you at GGXX for tilt tickets:lol:

ok guys those who havent seen this…go there and please participate


lolz i challenge you for a penny…you up for that?!!

here wirte to this guy and tell him you want Guity Gear XX and Street Fighter 3 (spell it out) be polite and he will get it for you.


the more people write to him the better and do it NOW