EL Fuerte's Revenge! ala improvement thread

since T.Hawk is tossing him around like a toy im not down with that:annoy::annoy:

  • give him some new normals…so he can hold his own when pressured or make his current pokes faster

  • take away gordita sobat…even though it can lead to super

-regardless of trade, he should not be knocked down out of guac throw

-150 more points of stamina

  • needs new Fierce Kick badly

-wonder what new ultra is…

"I agree that Fuerte sounds a lot stronger on paper than in practice right now. Yes he is fast but he lacks in both health and damage. A few key changes could make a lot of difference as suggested by many, I would personally pick the following:

  1. fajita buster damage increase (Its extremely risky and it should have a lot more damage to really make the opponent think twice before overusing thier FA)
  2. Qbomb input command change (no charge please)
  3. fix the negative edge for the run so that it can be stopped as it should. (This is the most obvious flaw that NEEDS to be fixed as it doesn’'t really make sense at all)
  4. Optional: health increase to 950 (I used to think this is key, but not anymore, as there are other characters with low health that can make it up through thier tools).

They might seem like minor changes, but I think those are enough to make Fuerte a lot better than he is right now, I don’t want him to suddenly be top tier or anything like that, it would ruin his underdog charm. "

all I can think of for now, any great idea’s I can update thread


Elf is an underrated character. He’s seen as a joke character for many of the same reasons that Rufus is seen as one (e.g. looks ridiculous, flashy, etc.), but far more people use the latter character than Fuerte because Ru is tougher and can deal somewhat more damage quicker than Elf. The only thing that Fuerte really has going for him is his speed, to which he doesn’t have many rivals.

As for improvements, El Fuerte needs to have…
-More specials for reverse Habanero Dash
-Tostada Press is Armor-breaking
-Better Guacamole Leg Throw hit detection
-Safer forward roundhouse
-Incorporate more cooking elements into his fights (frying pan strike? Eating to regain health?)
-Make better use of the walls that ties into Lucha-Libre related attacks (not just jumping off of them)
-Something with R. Mika :love:
-Zangief has a lariat, Elf has the EYE OF THE HURRICANE! Some kind of counter to match up with his whole “Hurricane of the Gulf” thing like 'gief has with the “Red Cyclone”.

I don’t play with him as often as I should, but I might look more into it once I learn his strats.

i dont like many of these suggestions at all…

anyway guys, i dont thinks these “improvement” threads are going to do any good. im pretty sure all the suggestions they’re going to use were already submitted to capcom a while ago, and by now, most of the balance changes were probably already implimented into ssf4.
the balance changes could already be done for all we know. i dont think capcom japan was going to wait till after they announced the game to look at balance suggestions on shoryuken.com

besides, i dont think suggesting anything wildly new is going to ever make it into ssf4. eating to regain health? wtf…

these threads are just made for people to blab on and on about their fantasies and wishlists. waste of space…

one thing I hope capcom does is fix him so he doesn’t need RSF. I remember in the early days seth killian saying that fuerte wasn’t as weak as we think and he has something to balance things out. that something ended up being the RSF loop but it obviously didn’t get him out of lower tier and I think the idea of giving a character an infinite to balance them is bad game design.

agreed…and I could have just asked in the general fuerte discussion however more eyes are on the section of the forum

working twice as hard to win is uncalled for…

lets look at other characters with low health who have a greater chance of advancing through a tournament

Chun,Cammy, Viper, and even Seth

New ultra pops up a wrestling ring and he does a 619. That’d be awesome.

When I saw that comic, I immediately fell in love with the idea of R. Mika being in just so El Fuerte can have a fanboy fight with Mika.

I think we’ll see something hurricane-esque in his second Ultra. I don’t what would work though.

In general, I want to see:

  1. A replacement for Gordita Sorbat
  2. More HP or more attack power.
  3. Faster normals
  4. A safer poke.
  5. A better Quesadilla Bomb input
  6. Playing Good not involving RSF.

Play a different character.

agreed. you don’t need rsf to win. you rarely get an opportunity to use it anyway, unless you’re psychic with focus attacks.

just give him a better cr. jab. and tweak that run mk business.


Why not make Ryu’s hadoken armor breaking, that would be fun wouldn’t it?

Elf is a complete pressure character, and cant turtle for shit. Only thing I would do to him, is make him ever so stronger in the pressure area, not sure how, but yeah.

I will make sure I take my vengence once the game is out, T.Hawk is my #1 enemy now :devil:

I would die to have R.Mika in the game, just so that Fuerte goes crazy over her and more hilarity will come from that for sure. I would love to see a new alt. costume for fuerte with him wearing the R.Mika apron in the comics :lovin:

I mentioned the stuff I wanted in the Fuerte sub-forum, here is a quick recap:

  1. hp to 950
  2. change gordita sorbat to something more useful
  3. qbomb input command should be easier, and it should link with more combos and can be FADC into the new ultra
  4. slightly faster normals
  5. this one i got a lot of hate for, but I demand MORE damage for the gigabuster ultra, simply because it isn’t linked to any combo and is not very easy to land on pros.

Some great ideas in here in case anyone is interested:


Give him a reliable way to do some decent damage outside of RSF.

Other than that I don’t think Elf needs that much help; his high speed and mixups are already pretty strong. He just tends to lose the damage race badly because he does most of his damage in bits and pieces unless he gets an RSF going, and all it takes is one fuckup/bad guess to put him way behind.

I’m no Elf expert, but maybe he could be given something like a rekka-esque extension to certain of his run moves, like his HK slide or the super-cancellable MK kick? Like maybe a flipkick/uppercut ender or something that combos cleanly and adds a decent knockdown, possibly with FADC option for a Guacamole juggle/safety backdash or something? Something a bit less arcane/cheesy than RSF but with enough damage/positional reward to make it worth using.

Other than that I think Elf’s design is fine; he’s fast enough to make having to play hit-and-run worth the risk and the tension, and all of his basics and specials are more or less functional; nothing of Elf’s really stands out as completely useless.

Of course, a lot will also depend on what his new Ultra is like; Flying Giga Buster isn’t bad but it requires way too serious a fuckup on the opponent’s part to be a reliable tide-turner.

Fuerte’s moves are fine. He needs a little bit more stamina and a little bit more damage.

The only changes that i think need to be made or statistical ones. However, fuerte isn’t my main so i’m sure there are many others who use him more than i do that would have better insight on changes that he needs.

Fuerte just needs damage buffs. It becomes stupid when you’ve got momentum, but there’s so little damage being done, then BOP you take enough damage to even ALL that out.

make RSF universal so it’s easier on shotos.


Just give me some more hp please, that is all.

buff hp and damage a little bit. make RSF timing universal. not a fuerte main, but that’s my take.